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Stornowaybc.com – Headset App. Listening to music using a headset is a favorite of many people, especially music can be used to balance a dizzy brain due to work or study.

But if the headset port used is damaged, then when we plug in any headset our cellphone will only make sound from the speakers. And obviously, the port can only be repaired at the counter or cellphone service.

Another problem, the headset is connected and the sound is heard, but the pause, play, volume up, or volume down buttons on the headset don’t work normally. To solve this problem, you can use the control app and tweak the headset buttons.

No different from the cloner application, the apk to repair or tweak the damaged headset button on an Android phone has many choices on an Android phone. Here we will provide recommendations for you.

List of Best Android Headset Apps

Please just take a look at the full discussion of the list of the best, good, and of course free Android headset applications. Here are the recommended applications that you can use on smartphone devices.

1. Headset Button Controller

Headset Button controller is the best recommendation as an application to control and tweak headset buttons on Android. Headset Button Controller can easily work to control with 1-3 buttons on the headset.

The Headset Button Controller application can run in the background so it won’t disturb you when playing music. You can even manage this app when playing music on Spotify, YouTube, or offline music player and song finder apps.

In addition, users can also create Headset Button Controller profiles, default configuration settings, and control music applications. The Headset Button Controller also lets you tweak calling features, change headset in/out, and more.

2. Remote Control Headphone PRO

Apk named Remote Control Headphone PRO is a free headset controller that can be used on the Android platform. If your headset has a broken button, then you can use this app to control it.

With Headphone Remote Control PRO, users can also use click and long press buttons to perform different actions to control your headset. This application is compatible with several Android custom ROMs.

One interesting thing about Remote Control Headphone PRO, you can enable or disable Data and Wi-Fi using this app. This application can also be obtained for free on Google Play.

3. Remote Control fot Earphone

If you have a broken headset, but are reluctant to replace or are lazy to repair, then Remote Control for Earphones can be a solution. Moreover, this application can be directly downloaded for free.

Remote Control fot Earphone is a broken headset controller developed by Chobirich. This app is so easy and simple to use with the combination of keystrokes triggering the action.

In the Remote Control app for Earphones, you can use a 1 to 6 click button combination to control the headset you are wearing. Interestingly, Remote Control for Earphones can also control your phone calls.

4. Headset Droid

Headset Droid also makes another list of recommendations as a headset controller app to customize the way you use the buttons on your headset. This apk can run in the background so you don’t need a battery saver app.

You by using Headset Droid can configure button click combinations, button actions, and more. It aims to control the headset the way you want it.

Starting from controlling the volume buttons, fast forward, skip music tracks, next song, previous song, launcher apps, time song, to answer or reject calls. You can use Headset Droid for free.

5. EOps Headset

The EOps Headset app is the next best broken and malfunctioning headset controller app. Of course the EOps Headset allows you to change one button of the headset to control the music and volume.

But this application developed by EOps Technology LTD has limited features compared to other applications. It can only control play next, previous song, play, pause, volume up, and down.

Of course this application is useful for use when streaming YouTube, offline music, running online radio applications, and more. Moreover, you don’t have to spend money because this application can be obtained for free on the Play Store.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion about the Android headset application that we can convey on this occasion. We hope that the information we have conveyed can be useful for those of you who want to repair the headset.

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