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Stornowaybc.com – Handwriting App. Sometimes typing is a tedious activity for some people, so many types of articles or online writing services have sprung up on the internet.

But if you don’t have money, and want to write on your Android phone without having to type, you can use a handwriting app. This application helps us write like on paper as usual.

Later, the handwriting will be converted or converted by the application into an editable text form. So, we can write without having to get tired of typing the keyboard one by one manually.

What handwriting apps do you recommend? If you want to use it, please see the full discussion and explanation in the review below.

Best Handwriting App on Android Phone

Here are some choices of the best handwriting applications on Android phones that can be used. Let’s watch and see together the application options in the review that we describe below.

1. Magic Slate

The first good app that is recommended as a handwritten pk written on an Android phone, the name of the app is Magic Slate. This application made by ng-labs can not only write notes.

But the Magic Slate app can also help you draw. In fact, you can also use this Magic Stone as a means of learning to write for children. The reason is, the Magic Slate comes in a number of attractive color variants.

You can change the color of the pen to be used. There is also a function to erase like an eraser. Therefore, this Magic Slate can be said to be a digital whiteboard. How, are you interested in downloading it?

2. JotterPad

This JotterPad application has a feature that users can write anything on the screen of your device. You can find ideas with the JotterPad tool. Not only writing, because you can also edit existing documents.

The JotterPad file storage consists of cloud storage or those already on your phone. Well, when you’ve finished writing your notes, you can save them as a PDF file quickly, easily, and of course.

However, if you don’t want to save it as a PDF, you can also save it in doc format. Interested in using the JotterPad app? If interested, you can download the application directly on the Play Store.

3. Simpleaf Free

The next very good app name to use is Simpleaf Free. Basically writing notes on Android screen feels like writing a book? You can do this with the free Simpleaf Free app.

As the name implies, Simpleaf Free is one of the best Android writing apps and can be your choice. The Simpleaf Free application will provide various colors for you to write important notes on your phone.

Apart from writing, you can even express your creativity by swiping your finger across the Android screen. Want to try the free simpleaf app? Go to your Play Store now to download the app directly.

4. Whiteboard

If the previous app featured a whiteboard shape, this time the app with a whiteboard shape presents an app that lives up to its name. The Whiteboard application can be used for free without paying for other applications.

Just like the other handwriting apps mentioned one by one before, you can feel like you’re writing on a whiteboard. But actually with Whiteboard you are writing on the Android screen.

You can also draw and even change colors like drawing on a whiteboard, Whiteboard. This application is also suitable for your child who likes doodles. No need to worry about getting dirty because this application is available on smartphones and tablets.

5. Blackboard for Toddlers

You can also use the Blackboard for Toddlers app to write and draw on your Android screen at the same time. Because of its full features, Blackboard for Toddlers is highly recommended for you to use.

As one of the top 10 writing apps for Android, Blackboard for Toddlers offers the same functionality as you’re writing on a whiteboard, except you’re writing on the screen of your own Android phone.

Blackboard for Toddlers app for kids who are learning to write or just love to draw. Don’t worry about running out of paper, carrying a heavy whiteboard, as long as you have an Android phone, you can write like on a whiteboard.

6. Write

Another very interesting application to use is Write which can be installed for free. Because in the Write application, later you as a user can use the Write application to doodle in digital books.

This Write application provides a feature where users can write and even doodle on the Android screen, especially for your digital book users. You can add tags or notes to any text you create.

In addition, by using this Write application you can even draw using only the Write application. The application carried by Stylus Labs also provides a neat and attractive writing feel on the Android screen.

7. FiiNote

The FiiNote app as a handwriting note-taker also doubles as an app for writing on the Android screen. It’s not even an exaggeration to say that FiiNote is one of the best.

FiiNote, provides a variety of features, including a note-taking application where users can write notes as if they were writing on paper. Feel the thrill of writing in your notebook with colored pens.

You can change any color for each letter you write. Of course, everything you write will display the result of writing just like handwriting. How did you get interested? Download the app on the Play Store.

8. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard is the last recommendation on this list, but it can still be your top choice. Have you ever wanted to take notes while chatting in the same menui app?

Well, that’s what the free LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard application provides. This is an application where you can take notes on the whiteboard with your friends or colleagues in real time.

Everything you write will appear in real-time in the custom forums you create. Therefore, only you and the people you invite to the forums on the LiveBoard interactive whiteboard can see what you write.

The final word

Until here first our explanation about the best handwriting application. We hope that the review we have provided can be useful, especially for those of you who want to get the best handwritten apk.

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