Hair Editing App – Hair Editing App. Editing photos before uploading them on social media is an activity that is not foreign to many people, especially the many supporting applications.

Photo editing applications are widespread on the internet and can be used for free on Android devices. Most provide features that are so comprehensive that they are complicated to use.

However, there are some special applications that can be used only to edit our hair. These applications can also be used for free so that we can change the hairstyle at will.

What applications are we referring to? Maybe you are also curious about the application recommendations. Don’t worry about it, we will recommend the following applications.

Hair Editing Apps on Android

Check out our full review directly about the recommended hair editing application on Android. Here we will present a selection of applications that can be installed on your Android device.

1. Smarty

The first app we recommend is Smarty, an apk launched by Appwallet Technologies. Since its first release until today, this app has 40,000 reviews and 3+ ratings from 10 million users.

Smarty explains that their app is an app that displays various hairstyles, beards and beard styles. You can also add various stickers and remove unwanted backgrounds.

Men can be even more helped with the Smarty app. Of course, the Smarty app has the amazing feature of men’s hairstyles as part of its women’s and men’s hairstyles app.

2. Hairstyle Changer

Hairstyle Changer app was created and released by Perfect Corp Photo Editor. Since its first release until today, this Hairstyle Changer app has 2000 reviews and 3+ ratings from 1 million users.

Hairstyle Changer describes itself as the best hair styling app that you can use while taking pictures. This Hairstyle Changer application is also suitable for men and women if you want to change your hair.

Hairstyle Changer app prioritizes unique hairstyles for its users. For women, there are various types of long and short haircuts to choose from, as well as for men in Hairstyle Changer.

3. Man Hairstyle

Man Hairstyle application was created and released by Daffdroid. From its first release to today, this Man Hairstyle hairstyle app has 1000+ reviews and 3+ ratings from more than 1 million users.

It is said that all the hairstyles you are looking for are in this Man Hairstyle app. Because not only women, men also have the right to protect and style their hair to keep it healthy, which makes Man Hairstyle applications widely downloaded.

If you already like a certain hairstyle in the Men’s Hairstyles app, you can immediately show your hairdresser at the barbershop or general barbershop. Ask them to follow your style.

4. Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles for Short Hair application is an application released by True Fun Apps. Since its first release till today, this app has 2000 reviews and 3+ ratings from more than 1 million users.

Hairstyles for short hair explains that this application is for women who want to do their favorite short haircut. Hairstyles for short hair will provide step-by-step steps that you can follow.

In this application Hairstyles for Short Hair will show 50 more detailed instructions on how to create beautiful short hairstyles for various activities. You can then customize as you wish.

5. Fabby Look

A hairstyle changing app called Fabby Look was developed by Google Research. Since its first release until today, this Fabby Look app has 27,000 reviews and a rating of 3+ from 1 million users.

Fabby Look explains that the hairstyle application is a hair color changer application that can be used by all female users. Fabby Look offers a variety of attractive hair colors to choose from.

Including blue, purple, pink, magenta platinum and 10 other popular colors. For your information, this Fabby Look application does not specifically change hairstyles or recommend women’s hairstyles.

6. Hair Color Dye

Hair Color Dye being another application that we recommend for you. If you don’t want to convert your hair color in one color, Hair Color Dye is the app for you that is highly recommended for Android users.

The Hair Color Dye app has a feature that allows you to apply different colors to different sections of your hair. So if you want to highlight gray just click on the thread you want to highlight.

Plus, this Hair Color Dye app delivers realistic results that transform your hair editing experiments. So, the result will be a photo that can be shared on Instagram and other sites.

7. ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-on

ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-on was created by Nora, a well-known Tokyo beauty salon chain. ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-on app offers various latest hairstyles and colors based on Japanese trends.

Experience a realistic 3D animated hair makeover simulation that not only lets you change hair color. But the features in ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-on also customize your overall hairstyle.

The ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-on app also provides you with various photo frames and decorations to add to your photos. To make yourself stunning which is sure to make your social media friends “kawaii”.


Hopefully our explanation of the hair editing application on your cellphone can be used as a recommendation by you. So you are not confused about which application to use for hair editing.

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