Guitar Key App – Guitar Key App. A lot of guys want to be able to play the guitar fluently, because that would be considered cool especially when you could perfectly perform it in front of girls.

But many also have difficulty learning it, especially those who are self-taught. It should be noted that one of the self-taught ways to hone guitar skills is to directly play a song.

Well, here we recommend that you use the best, complete, and updated guitar chord application. Because with this application you just need to find guitar chords from local or western songs that are trending.

These applications are widely available on Android and can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. In addition, there are also many applications that can be used for free, lightweight, without ads, and of course you don’t have to pay anything.

Recommended Best Guitar Key Applications on Android Phones

Here are some recommendations for the best guitar chord applications on Android phones that users can use. Please see the recommendations and explanations that we have compiled from the following sources.

1. Guitar Songs

The first app that you can use to easily learn guitar chords is Guitar Songs. This application by Suslov Alexander has a brown tone and is of course very pleasing to the eye.

In addition, the Guitar Songs application also offers a large database of songs, lyrics, and complete guitar chords. Not only that, you can rate your favorite songs, work offline, change app theme if you want.

The app even has a feature to automatically scroll through the lyrics, and you can insert your own songs into the app. In addition, Guitar Songs can also be installed and used for free.

2. Indonesian Guitar Key Collection

There is another highly recommended guitar chord application next, namely the Indonesian Guitar Key Collection. There are also guitar playing tutorials, stages of playing the guitar, the benefits of playing the guitar, which are fully explained in this application.

The Indonesian Guitar Key Collection application also supports other features such as viewing guitar chords when lyrics are open, can be used offline, auto scrolling lyrics, and many other useful and useful features.

In the Indonesian Guitar Key Collection there is also a collection of guitar chords and lyrics from various Indonesian music genres such as dangdut, jazz, pop, rock, memorable songs, Malaysian songs as well as Western songs. Of course the collection is complete.

3. GuitarTab – Tabs and chords

Another alternative if you want to learn guitar from a smartphone can use the GuitarTab – Tabs and chords application. This application can be installed for free without having to pay a penny to the Play Store.

The next recommended guitar chord learning application is GuitarTab. This app is great because it offers more than 800,000 tabs and free keys, it can also open .gp3, .gp4, .gp5 and .gpx tab files.

GuitarTab can be used in full or full screen mode, making guitar learning easier and clearer. In addition, there is a download function to search for YouTube videos and songs contained within GuitarTab – Tabs and chords.

4. Chord! Free (Guitar Chords)

If you’re looking for a simple looking guitar learning app, Chord app! Free (Guitar Chords) can be a recommendation for you! This free application might be the right choice on Android.

This app, which has been downloaded by more than 13,000 users, not only offers a simple interface, but also complete chords for various instruments such as guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, and many more.

This application made by RabugenTom does not have a database diagram. So lock app! Work freely by analyzing all the fingers that are considered the most suitable. For novice users, it can be faster to learn guitar chords.

5. Smart Chords & Tools

Smart Chords & Tools is an app with up to 1 million key and fingering options for both beginners and pro guitarists. Smart Chords & Tools apk provides keys not only for left-handed players but also for left-handed or left-handed players.

This application made by Smart Music Lab has various advantages that are not found in other applications. Starting from the key features for guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, with three skill levels from beginner, intermediate and expert.

Even Smart Chords & Tools application with sorting, filtering, Search and much more. One more interesting thing about Smart Chords & Tools is that it can be installed for free directly from the Play Store.

6. Chord Guitar Full Offline

Chord Guitar Full Offline guitar chord application created by More Share Corp. How is it different from the previous one? Yes, this complete offline guitar chords offers more than just chords from Indonesian and Western bands.

To find songs more easily in the Chord Guitar Full Offline application, you can use the search function. After that, you can find a collection of hits from within and outside the country in various genres.

Like the genres of pop, rock, metal, classic, indie, and others. You can use the bookmark function or favorite chords in the Chord Guitar Full Offline app to save your selected songs for review at any time.

7. Song Lyrics & Guitar Key

This guitar chords app is the latest version of Guitar Mania. In design with a simple interface, but still quite functional. If you’re looking for western songs, you probably won’t find them here.

Because the application from BE OKE Media only focuses on Indonesian bands and musicians. Some of the fun features in this app include auto-scrolling song lyrics, chord tooltips, favorites, 100s of popular charts, and a search function.

In this Song Lyrics & Guitar chords you can enjoy more than 1000 musicians and bands with more than 5000 songs. Interestingly, the developers regularly update guitar chords in the Song Lyrics & Guitar Keys Book.

8. Guitar chords & A-Z Lyrics

As the name suggests, this apk made by IstanStudio offers a collection of guitar chords from A to Z consisting of top Indonesian bands and musicians. This app is designed for beginners to advanced guitar players.

Not only providing Indonesian song chords, in this latest update you can also find guitar chords from western songs such as Alesana, Adele, Owl City, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and others.

To search for songs in A-Z Guitar Key & Song Lyrics more easily, you can simply type the song you are looking for or select based on the genre you want, such as reggae guitar chord, dangdut, pop, and others.

9. Basic Guitar Chords

Basic Guitar Chords Apk is a web view of websites that collect Indonesian guitar chords. Basic Guitar Chords are also well known for providing thousands of guitar chords with complete lyrics.

The genres in the Basic Guitar Chord are also varied, ranging from pop, dangdut, rock, and others. The developers also update the latest guitar chords daily. For this you need an internet connection.

The goal is to update the collection of guitar chords released by the developer. After searching for the one you want, you can save the guitar chords and later if you want to access it again, you don’t need an internet connection (offline).

The final word

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