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Stornowaybc.com – Gorontalo Language Translate app. There are so many regional languages in Indonesia that have always been the hallmark of the local community, and this must always be preserved by young people.

Like the Gorontalo language which is the regional language of the people of North Sulawesi. This language is still widely used by the surrounding community, but its users can be said to be declining.

When we go to Gorontalo, maybe some local people can’t use it anymore because they are too often in the city or use Indonesian. As a result, the language may become extinct in the future.

Of course we don’t expect that to happen, and if we want we can learn the Gorontalo language. One way is to use an application that translates the Gorontalo language to Indonesia and vice versa.

List of Gorontalo Language Translate Applications on Android Phones

This is the recommended choice of Gorontalo language translation applications on the best, trusted, and free Android phones. These applications can be used by us to learn the local language of Gorontalo.

1. TransGi

The Gorontalo Text Translator application to Indonesian and vice versa called TransGi is a Natural Language Translator application. This application is a development of the previous Translator application, namely the Indonesian Translator Application – Gorontalo.

The application is a desktop-based two-way dictionary. The translation method adopted in this version of TransGi still adheres to the rule-based method, namely the translation is carried out according to the rules of the two languages.

This Android version 1.0 application is offline, so no internet connection is required to run it. Smartphone device prerequisites that must be met, namely Minimum OS Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and Data storage space: at least 4.85 MB.


This GORIDO dictionary application is developed under the GNU/GPL version 2.0 license. GORIDO developers hope that this dictionary application can be developed by all parties who want to develop or improve it.

The goal is that the GORIDO application can be useful and beneficial for all. This GORIDO Dictionary application was developed to introduce the Gorontalo language to all levels of Gorontalo society.

Because we know that in reality the Gorontalo language is no longer known by many people. In addition, with the development of this dictionary, it is hoped that Gorontalo can follow the development of information technology from time to time.

The final word

We have explained the review of the discussion of the best Gorontalo language translation application articles in full in the discussion above. In addition to the Gorontalo language dictionary apk, we also have many other interesting readings, don’t forget to read other articles on Stornowaybc.com.

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