Goods Credit Application – Goods Credit Application. Currently we can easily make purchases of goods with an installment or credit system, any goods can be purchased this way online.

Starting from electronic goods, household furniture, kitchen utensils, and much more. Even some application platforms offer users the advantage of not giving a down payment or interest.

But remember that when you want to use this kind of application, we must know which application is safe to use. The best indicator is an application that is officially under the OJK.

So what applications can you use? If you want to know, then we can listen to the full discussion and explanation in the review summary below.

The Best Goods Credit Application on Android Phones

Please just take a look at the full discussion about the best item credit application on Android phones. Here are some choices of applications that you can use directly, safely, and for free.

1. Cicil

Installments are the best goods credit application that you can use. If you are a student who has difficulty buying lecture programs, especially those that are very expensive, you can apply for credit without an installment credit card.

This installment application without a credit card helps students get items such as laptops or cellphones with easy terms and fast processes. So by using Cicil, you can buy various kinds of goods.

Installment payments do not use an interest system, but a margin fee system that is taken from the price of the goods purchased. The security deposit will then be paid in monthly installments based on the selected period.

2. Blibli PayLater

Blibli PayLater is a postpaid payment method in collaboration with Indodana that you can use to buy selected products at Blibli. This feature is only available to certain customers.

Later each user gets a different limit, which ranges from Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 10 million. The loan interest rate is 2% per transaction for a period of 1 month, and the loan interest is 3% per transaction per month.

Installments on Blibli PayLater are valid for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months. If you are late paying your installments, Blibli Paylater will charge a late fee of 2% (4-7 days), 4% (8-13 days), 6% (14-24 days) and 10% (>24 days).

3. Traveloka Paylater

Another recommended application for credit and installments is Traveloka Paylater. The Traveloka Paylater application is a financial platform from Traveloka that allows installment payments without a credit card.

It is also commonly known as an online credit card. This payment method that applies at Traveloka Paylater is valid for all products on Traveloka, except for some products that pay bills and top up credit.

Simply put, you can use this feature to buy tickets and other products without paying in advance. The fast and easy registration process is also an advantage of the Traveloka PayLater application.

4. Tokopedia PayLater

By using the Tokopedia PayLater product credit installment application, you can use the facilities provided by partners. Its purpose is to use the Tokopedia credit card payment method without installments.

Tokopedia PayLater partners who offer installments without a credit card through the Tokopedia website or application directly. Among others, using the Kredivo, Home Credit, BRI Ceria, and Ovo Paylater payment methods.

According to merchant regulations, users of the Tokopedia Paylater credit application will be charged a service fee. For example, installments without Kredivo credit for a period of 3 to 12 months will incur a 1.5% service fee per transaction.

5. ShopeePayLater

ShopeePayLater is a loan facility provided by loan providers PT Lentera Dana Nusantara and PT Commerce Finance. The application is of course officially registered and supervised by the OJK (Financial Services Authority).

The initial loan limit offered in the ShopeePayLater application is up to IDR 750,000, which can then be increased to IDR 10 million and above. The interest rate itself ranges from 0 to 2.95% per month.

If you only pay for one month using the ShopeePayLater service platform, it is interest free so it is profitable. You can choose your own due date, which is the 5th or 11th of each month.

6. OVO PayLater

OVO PayLater is an online credit platform that is useful for having a payment feature in the form of a line of credit provided by PT Indonusa Bara Sejahtera. With Ovo Paylater you can now buy items and pay at the end of the month.

The maximum credit limit for OVO PayLater is IDR 10 million and the term or maturity is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. Merchants will charge an administrative fee for using a credit limit of 5% of the transaction value.

The credit card interest rate on the OVO PayLater application is 2.2%-2.9% per month. If you make a late payment, you will be charged 0.1% arrears interest per day from the remaining balance due.

7. BRI Ceria

Another best item credit application that can be used is BRI Ceria. The BRI Ceria Apk is a digital loan that is used to finance transactions through e-commerce or online travel sites without having to go to a bank.

Not only that, the BRI Ceria application offers a limit of up to Rp. 20 million and a period of up to 12 months. BRI Ceria offers the lowest interest rate, which is flat at 1.42% per month. This interest is relatively low compared to similar loans.

BRI Ceria loans are also free of monthly fees. Interesting right? Currently, BRI savings customers can enjoy Ceria facilities at Tokopedia, Panorama JTB, Dinomarket. While other favorite merchants are in the process of integration.

8. Kredivo

Another great app name to use is Kredivo. The Kredivo platform is one of the pioneers of the PayLater payment system in the country. This application comes with the tagline “buy now, pay later”.

The Kredivo app also offers fast credit for purchases that don’t require a credit card or cash loan. Kredivo offers 30-day payment options or 3, 6, 12 monthly installments and is available at more than 350 online and offline merchants.

Another advantage, the Kredivo application offers an unlimited limit of 30 million. For this installment transaction, Kredivo will charge a monthly interest of 2.95% for each loan approved by Kredivo.

9. Awan Tunai

Another installment application that is recommended to you is Cloud Cash. The AwanTunai Apk offers installments without a credit card for entrepreneurs who need capital to increase their respective merchandise inventory.

This package in Cloud Cash charges a monthly administration fee of up to 4% with a maximum limit of IDR 200 million. In addition, there are loans for purchases at AwanTunai stores and partners up to a limit of IDR 3 million with an installment period of 9 months.

Customers who are late paying will be subject to a late payment penalty of IDR 50,000 per installment, calculated from the first day of late due date. The total late penalty does not exceed 20% of the total loan amount.

10. Dana Cita

Another platform, Dana Cita also deserves to be included in the list in this article. Because Dana Cita is another online loan platform that makes it easy to pay student installments or support lectures.

But you need to know something, online loans in the Dana Cita application are available for new students and active students in educational institutions that partner with Danacita. So you can choose according to your needs.

Dana Cita offers other waivers, such as being able to pay off early for free without penalty. The document required to apply for a loan at Dana Cita is the guardian’s ID card (if the student or student is under 21 years of age).

11. Julo

Julo is widely known as a credit and loan application platform that is very useful for you. By using the Julo application, later you can also use the installment application without a Julo credit card.

Julo has an unsecured money loan service product with a limit of IDR 1 million to 8 million. Loans in Julo can then be repaid with maturities ranging from 2 months to 6 months and an interest rate of 3-6% per month.

In essence, how to apply for an online loan to buy various kinds of goods in the Julo application is fast and easy. Just by visiting their app, you can already get the required amount of funds.

The final word

Until here first our explanation about the best goods credit application. We hope that the reviews we provide can be useful, especially for those of you who want to get an apk for the best item credit.

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