Gold Investment App – Gold Investment App. Investing is one of the important things that can be done to keep our economy stable from day to day, just like with gold investment.

Gold is an investment recommendation that can be used by anyone because the results are profitable. We know that the value of gold rarely goes down, and even continues to rise from year to year.

Investing in gold can also be done easily using an application on Android. True, there are tons of dedicated apps for investing on the existing Android platform.

Before using the investment application, it would be nice if we also know whether the application is safe and reliable to use or not. Therefore below we will recommend it for you.

Gold Investment App on Android

Here are some choices of trusted and proven gold investment applications on Android. This application is guaranteed safe because it has been officially supervised by the OJK.

1. BukaEmas

The first application that we recommend you use to invest in gold is BukaEmas. The BukaEmas application is a function of buying and selling gold electronically using custodial facilities.

This trading activity is the responsibility of PT Indogold Solusi Gadai. The BukaEmas application can be found on the BukaLapak platform which of course we already know that the application is very reliable.

The gold sold by Indogold in the BukaEmas application is certified 99.99% pure precious metal gold and PT Indogold Solusi Gadai is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) for its business activities.

2. Go Investasi

Another recommended application that you can use to easily invest in gold is GoInvest. The launch of the official Gojek website to invest in gold investment products, so it is very safe and reliable.

The Go Investment application is managed by PG Berjangka which is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA). Under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, investment in Go Invest has become safer.

In addition to the buy function, the Go Investasi application also offers a sell function with a very low bid-ask spread of only 3%. Buying gold at GoInvest is also cheap, starting from 0.01 grams with the GoPay payment method.

3. Tabungan Emas Shopee

Shopee Gold Savings in the Shopee application is also one of the best and most trusted gold investment places in Indonesia. With Shopee Gold Savings, users can save or sell gold for only IDR 500.

Shopee gold savings are safe and secure because Shopee has partnered with PT Pegadaian (Persero) Tbk under the auspices of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The Shopee Gold Savings application does not need to be doubted for its quality.

Buying and selling gold at the Shopee Gold Savings can also be done quickly and adjusted to the selling price of the Pegadaian gold when the transaction is complete. You can download Shopee on the Android Play Store or the iPhone App Store.

4. Tokopedia Emas

Another application that you can use to manage your gold investment is Tokopedia Emas. The Tokopedia Emas application collaborates with PT Pegadaian, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

This is to ensure that our online gold investments are properly recorded and stored. The gold that we invest in Tokopedia Emas will be converted into physical gold that has been stored at the Pegadaian.

In addition, we can save gold starting from IDR 5,000 and easily get it anytime, anywhere. The Tokopedia Emas application has also been widely used by various people in Indonesia.

5. Pegadaian Digital

Pegadaian Digital is another application that we can use to invest in a trusted and safe gold sector. The Digital Pegadaian application can be said to be a pioneer of online gold investment platforms.

Pegadaian also promotes its gold investment services as “Save Gold”. The Digital Pegadaian application can be easily downloaded from your smartphone. On the Google Play Store, this application has been downloaded by 1 million users.

The cost of opening an account at Pegadaian Digital is only 0 rupiah, and the cost of depositing gold in the first 1 year is also 0 rupiah. The minimum purchase of gold balance is IDR 50,000, so this is very easy for users.

6. E-Mas

E-Mas is the next application that we recommend to you to invest in gold. This E-Mas application is very trusted and was established in 2014 and is not only the best application.

But also the E-Mas application is a trusted investment platform because it has been registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Indonesian Fintech Association. In addition to investing, you also check the price of gold.

You can also make buying and selling transactions on E-Mas. One of the most interesting and unique things about this application is that you can invest in gold for only 100 rupiah. Very minimal capital right?

7. Indogold

Indogold is a very good and recommended next investment platform. Gold investment is also possible in the Indogold application. Indogold itself is an investment company that has been operating since 1978.

Indogold offers the option to store gold with a capital of only 10,000 rupiah. Indogold gold investment can be paid in cash (buyback) or printed in the form of pure gold bars produced by Antam or UBS.

Gold investments can be paid to KlikBCA through various digital wallets such as OVO, Gopay, Link Aja, Shopee Pay, Dana. The number of payment methods provided by Indogold makes it easy for us.

8. Lakuemas

Another recommended application is Lakuemas. Lakuemas is registered with the Indonesian Fintech Association, BAPPEBTI (Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Authority) and the Ministry of Communication and Information.

The Lakuemas application offers a way of buying and selling gold online starting from IDR 50,000 which does not burden the user. Interestingly, this Lakuemas application has three great features that users can enjoy.

Lakuemas, to sell, buy, store and print gold. Laku Titipan, to store gold and precious metals deposits. Laku Exchange, to exchange gold deposits for gold jewelry at partner shops.

9. Tamasia

Another best online gold investment application on Android smartphones is Tamasia. The Tamasia Apk is an application that can be used to buy and sell gold starting from Rp. 10,000, so it is very cheap.

This safe application for investing in Tamasia has been confirmed to be registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information and supervised by BAPPEBTI. Tamasia is also not much different from other gold investment applications.

This is because the stored gold can also be printed in physical form. In addition, the Tamasia application has also partnered with many other digital platforms such as GrabKios, OVO, Paytren, etc.

10. Pluang

Reporting from the official website, Pluang guarantees a competitive and affordable gold purchase price. You can also sell digital gold when needed and the funds will be transferred back to your bank account or GoPay account.

In addition, users of the Pluang application can physically extract the gold that we store in the Pluang application. The physical gold we got was Pure Antam Gold 999.9 in denominations ranging from 1-100 grams.

Then, PT PG Berjangka as the Investment Manager of Pluang Gold already has permission and supervision from BAPPEBTI, so this application can be trusted. So, the Pluang application does not need to be doubted for its security.


Hopefully our explanation of the gold investment application on cellphones can be used as a recommendation by you. So you are not confused about which application to use for gold investment.

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