Game Maker App – Game Maker App. We can not only play games, but also can make our own games. Starting from games for Android phones, iOS, or PCs, everything can be created.

Although sometimes Android and PC game maker applications require a little coding skill, they often offer convenience to developers. One of them is the drag and drop feature.

By using applications to create games or games for free, we can become a trusted developer. We can create applications for war games, worm games, adventure games, racing, and others for sale.

For those who want to know what free game maker apps are for Android, iPhone, and PC, here we will recommend them for you. Check out more information in the review below.

List of Free Game Maker Apps

Without further ado, let’s just take a look at the complete list of free game maker applications. Here is the complete information that we have compiled from various sources.

1. Game Maker Studio

Game Maker Studio lets you create entire games for variables and logic without using any more coding in the drag and drop interface. This application has advantages in the language of the game maker, which is a very flexible C-like scripting language.

Once your game is finished, you can export to multiple platforms and formats without having to configure your code: Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML5, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One, and more. Unfortunately, the free version can’t export yet.

2. Unity

Game builder application Unity was launched in 2005 for 3D engines, and finally added official 2D support in 2013. While it is quite capable of making 2D games, sometimes you may encounter bugs or crashes because Unity’s 2D system is actually tucked into its 3D system.

Unity is designed to make it easy for users to create mobile or PC games. Everything in the game is an object, you can attach different elements to each object, and each element controls certain aspects of the object’s behavior and logic.

3. Construct 3

Construct 3 is the best game development software if you’ve never lined up coding in your life. This game development tool is completely GUI driven, meaning it’s just drag and drop.

Game logic and variables are implemented using design features provided by the application itself. The advantage of Construct 3 is that it can be exported to a variety of different platforms and formats, including HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Microsoft Store and many more.

4. Godot Engine

Like Unity, Godot Engine supports both 2D and 3D game creation. The 2D side of this free game development software has been carefully designed from the start, which means better performance, fewer bugs and a cleaner overall workflow.

In Godot, each grame is a collection of elements such as sprites, sounds, and/or scripts. You can combine several frames into one large frame, and then those frames into a larger frame.

5. Unreal Engine

Of all the game building apps on this list, Unreal Engine is the most professional. This app was created by geniuses who know what is needed in an app created to create online or offline games.

Unreal Engine is allowing you to replicate and extend as quickly as possible. So you can get live debugging, hot reloading, an efficient asset pipeline, instant game previews, hundreds of included assets, artificial intelligence and cinematic tools, and post-processing.

6. GameSalad

GameSalad allows developers to create games with ease, thanks to its visual drag-and-drop interface, large asset library, fully integrated physics engine, and other fun features. All of them facilitate the development of your game for the better.

The free Cersi gives you the freedom to create and preview games and publish them on the web and iOS platforms. While the paid or premium versions allow you to monetize the game and publish it on the Google Play Store and Windows.

6. Stencyl

Stencyl is your own portable game studio that offers powerful tools and advanced platform support. Stencyl is one of the “No Coding” game creator apps that offers a great drag and drop interface.

This application program allows advanced game developers to write their own code, custom classes, and import libraries. With Nifty Scene Designer, developers can design visuals and create their game worlds with great ease.

7. Defold

Defold is one of the best free game game maker applications that allows export to various platforms. You can publish games to Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Steam, HTML5, and Facebook.

The Defold application supports many advanced features of the settings without the need for further configuration. Engine Defold has excellent 3D support, but is optimized for 2D rendering.

8. RPG Maker MZ

RPG Maker MZ is a great no coding free game maker for those who want to make games without learning any programming. Use the Map Editor, Character Generator, and Database to create any RPG that will excite your imagination.

If you want to enter a custom code, you can do so with a plugin. But you can run most of the logic with the system from RPG Maker MZ which doesn’t require RPG Maker MZ native code.

9. FlowLab

With FlowLab, users can create their own Flash and iOS games. This online game maker application is provided for game developers who are not familiar with programming.

Game creation in FlowLab allows users to connect behaviors to create complex game logic. The application has built-in animation and drawing tools that allow users to create characters, NPCs, and animations.

10. Spolder

Sploder is an online application for PC that allows new game developers to create web games using various devices. Developers can create their own arcade, platform, space adventure, or shooter games.

Each category has its own tools. There is a dedicated physics game maker for creating physics based games and a graphics editor for creating your own pixel characters. Sploder is a great platform for creating games of your choice, which does not support app monetization.

The final word

So many discussions and explanations from us regarding the recommendations for the best game maker applications. Although the applications above make it easy, you are also advised to keep learning coding so that you can deal with bugs.

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