Gallery App – Gallery App. Maybe the gallery application on your cellphone is having problems, so it can’t be used to view pictures, photos, or even videos stored on it.

Searching the File Manager is indeed an alternative solution, but to find it requires extra struggle. Because in the File Manager there are many folders and subfolders that are complicated to use.

Therefore, the gallery application can be another alternative for you, simply by installing it on your cellphone this application can be a substitute for your gallery. You can also go back to viewing videos or photos stored in it.

As with face merging apps, various recommended gallery apps can be found and downloaded for free on the Play Store. You can also see the complete information in the following review.

List of Best Gallery Apps on Android

Without talking about this again, let’s just look at the list of the best gallery apps on Android phones. The following information has been adapted from various reliable reference sources.

1. 1Gallery

1Gallery is the best gallery app for Android devices. This application is also a mix between the standard Gallery application and the Gallery Vault application which of course makes it have more value.

This app works like a standard gallery, you can view your photos in date and grid format. Even more interesting news, this application also allows Android users to hide photos and videos.

Not only that, this app also encrypts the files in the gallery for your privacy. There are also other minor features added including a super simple photo and video compress app function and light and dark themes.

2. A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery is a simple gallery app for Android devices. With A+ Gallery, you can do simple things like manage photos, create photo albums, and even share photos.

Plus, A+ Gallery has support for your photos and videos to connect to Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and Facebook. So, you can view those photos also in the cloud facility.

A+ Gallery also comes with a Vault feature where you can save private pictures. The design is simple and easy to use, including being able to combine material design and iOS style into one look.

3. F-Stop Gallery

The F-Stop Gallery app is one of the oldest gallery apks on this list. F-Stop Gallery presents an attractive and clean design through material design with several features that do not bother the eye.

You can search for your photos by metadata, title or otherwise. Even interesting and amazing, you can easily add tags to your photos for various important purposes.

It doesn’t stop there, F-Stop Gallery can also play GIFs! This is one of the best gallery apps for those who like structured stored photos and videos. Some features of F-Stop Gallery require the Pro version, but the free version is still very functional.

4. Focus Go

Focus Go is a new gallery app that you really want to try on Android. The Focus Go application is a lightweight application so it will not burden your smartphone’s RAM and internal memory.

It can be said that Focus Go is a light and simple gallery app. When you open it, Focus Go will display the file, then you can also share photos and videos to social media.

In addition, Focus Go has an optional 32-bit encoder for better image quality and several customization options. This application has the main focus being developed to give the user the best gallery processing experience.

5. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault does exactly what its name suggests. This application, which also features a simple photo editing application, creates a private vault so that the photos and videos in your gallery are not visible to anyone who does not have access or permission.

Using Gallery Vault, you can hide photos, videos and any other file types that this app supports. With Gallery Vault, users can also hide their shortcut icons, so that no one knows how to access them.

In addition you can get alerts if someone enters without your permission. Of course, using the Gallery Vault application only supports some fingerprint-enabled devices.

6. Google Photos

The Google Photos app is a cloud storage apk that lets you upload as many photos and videos as you want. The only drawback is that images and videos will be compressed.

The result of the compression will affect the quality of your photos to be low in this Google photo storage application. However, the Google Photos app can also look at your device’s folders to see anything you didn’t upload.

The latest update, unfortunately, Google officially ended the free section starting in June 2021. So Google Photos is not a recommended free gallery apk, but you can subscribe to use it.

7. Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery is one of the newest as well as best gallery apps on the list. This app also has great customization features, smooth performance, and some high security features.

You can change the display theme of Memoria Photo Gallery and lock photos and videos using fingerprint authentication. Not only that, by using Memoria Photo Gallery you can hide unwanted albums.

However, it is reported that the app still has occasional bugs here and there, such as ticking all the boxes when clicking on a photo. But of course in the near future this application will be perfected.

8. PhotoMap

PhotoMap is one of those gallery apps that is unique enough to be recommended on this list. Because this free application on Android allows you to take pictures and save based on the location you set yourself.

Not only that, you can also use the map to see where your photo was taken. So when you forget where a photo was taken, PhotoMap can track it according to the available metadata.

Of course is one of the best GPS based gallery apps that you can use. You can download it for free or pay for a premium subscription plan for the Pro version for $2.99.

9. Piktures

Piktures is one of the most simple and simple gallery apk to use for those who don’t want hassle. However, this does not mean that the Piktures app is devoid of useful features.

You can sort photos and videos on Vi Piktures by things like location and you can hide albums if people don’t want to see them. Piktures works best on large screens.

Piktures also supports playback of GIF format images for those who enjoy it. The Piktures apk also has gesture-based controls, which are fun to work with once you get used to it.

10. Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery Pro is a simple and simple gallery app for Android users to use. The Simple Gallery Pro app is completely offline and can be used without unnecessary permissions.

Not only on the site, you can also get features to open images, search videos, support for 32 languages. There is also a favorites menu for quick access and a trash can to recover lost photos.

In Simple Gallery Pro there is also a security feature with fingerprint unlock for extra privacy on photo and video collections. There is a free version of the app, but if you want more complete features you can buy the pro version.

11. Camera Roll – Gallery

Camera Roll – Gallery offers similar features to the other apps on this list, and comes with a straightforward interface. This application offers several advanced features to save and open photos or images on the cellphone.

Not only that, this application also has a faster EXIF ​​data editing feature. In addition, Camera Roll – Gallery also has a virtual album creation feature that combines several directories into one.

Even so this application is less reliable to hide folders that you do not want to be displayed. However, Camera Roll – Gallery can be considered as an alternative to replacing the gallery application on Android.

The final word

Until here first the discussion that we can convey in the article above about the android gallery application. The application can of course be an alternative to the default gallery that usually exists on Android phones.

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