Free Overseas Number App – Free Overseas Number App. Have you ever wanted to register or register on a website, and had to enter a phone number but no +62?

After researching the website, it seems that it only accepts registrations from people in their own country or certain countries. We Indonesians and some other countries are not allowed to register.

Of course this is very difficult because we can’t get permission to register. But that was then, now we can use alternative free foreign number applications that can be used.

This application works by creating a fake phone number for SMS and receiving calls without the need for a SIM card. What applications can be used? Please see the explanation below.

Selection of the Best Free Overseas Number Apps

Immediately, we refer to the full discussion of some of the best and free foreign number applications that can be used. Please see the full review in the explanation below.

1. TextNow

The first one is TextNow because you can get US numbers very easily in this TextNow app. Not only that, the TextNow application can also be used for free by Android users in Indonesia.

Also keep in mind that it turns out that this TextNow application only provides virtual numbers for the US and Canada. You can not only get blank numbers from the TextNow app which is available on Play Store or Appstore.

In addition, another advantage of the TextNow application is that it can be used for free by users. So, they don’t have to pay any subscription fees charged to the TextNow application.

2. 2ndLine

The second recommended application is 2ndLine because this application is the same as TextNow. Easy to use, highly recommended. The advantage of 2ndLine is that 1 email can get 2 US or United States numbers.

This 2ndLine application only provides virtual numbers from 2 countries, namely the USA and Canada. Of course, the number you get will be able to be used for free and can receive calls or SMS virtually.

So with the 2ndLine application, you can register on various sites abroad. Please download the 2ndLine application directly through the Google Play Store for free.

3. TextPlus

Another app name that we recommend in the third list is textPlus because the app is very simple. It’s very easy to get random virtual numbers from this TextPlus app on Android.

Just like the 2 apps above, textPlus provides virtual numbers for the US and Canada. Of course, you can use all the features in the TextPlus application without capital or without paying.

This TextPlus application can also be obtained for free directly through the Play Store on Android smartphones. If you want to download the TextPlus application, you can get it directly through the Play Store.

4. Hushed

Fourth is Hushed, because by using the Hushed application you must have gotten some dummy numbers from the Hushed application. Unlike the three applications above, Hushed offers virtual numbers from 4 countries.

These include virtual phone numbers from Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK, and the US or the United States for free. At Hushed you can also get free virtual numbers, USA and Canada numbers.

You will have 3 days to use your virtual trial number. This best free foreign number application can be used for free and free of charge without the need to pay any subscription fees.

5. Phoner 2nd Phone Number

Another application that you can try is Phoner 2nd Phone Number. Phoner 2nd Phone Number app allows you to use the fake number feature for specific purposes like verification, calling or SMS.

Usually, most of the users take advantage of this feature of the app to create a virtual number and verify it. Especially on several platforms (social media, games, sosbook, and many others.)

By using this Phoner 2nd Phone Number application you can access services to get foreign numbers. You can directly download the Phoner 2nd Phone Number application through the Google Play Store.

6. Nextplus Free SMS Text

Another recommended application that we think deserves to be included in the list is Nextplus Free SMS Text. Similar to Phoner 2nd Phone Number, this app can also be used to make/receive calls and text messages.

Creating a virtual number in the Nextplus Free SMS Text application can also be used for various individual and business needs. Of course, the Nextplus Free SMS Text application also has a very good rating on the Play Store.

Many have proven the superiority of Nextplus as a fake number maker. This app can help you verify your account on the desired network like Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

7. Burned

The Burned application on Android is a premium version where you can access virtual numbers from 40 countries. The number you get from this application can be used for various verification needs.

The advantage you get is the freedom to use the virtual number completely and privately (because you pay for it). This means that only you who own the number can also protect your real number.

From the first time you install and run it, you will get 7 free sample numbers to use for the next 7 days. Furthermore, you can add access to virtual numbers via the subscription method.

The final word

Until here, let’s talk about the best free foreign number applications. Hopefully with our recommendations, you can use foreign numbers for free easily and quickly.

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