Free Novels App – Free Novels App. Some people have a hobby of reading novels or free stories, in the past, novels might only be enjoyed by buying books at Gramedia or bookstores.

But now, novels can also be obtained easily just by reading them for free through the Android application. There are lots of free novel reading applications that can be used on smartphones.

Maybe you think that the application for reading novels is only Wattpad, even though there are many other options. And unlike the GBWhatsApp application, this free novel application can be found easily through the Play Store.

Maybe, you are also curious about what applications can be used to read novels for free. Instead of being confused, it is better for us to see together the full discussion in the following review.

List of Best Android Free Novel Apps

Immediately, you can listen to the following reviews about the best free novel applications on Android phones. You can choose one of the applications below to read novels and short stories for free anytime and anywhere.

1. Wattpad

The first recommended application is Wattpad. Everyone of course already knows that Wattpad has become one of the most popular reading and writing novel APKs for Android and iPhone smartphone users.

In fact, the Wattpad application has become the best-selling novel application in Indonesia. How could that be? The fact that more than 2 million people have downloaded the Wattpad app attests to this, and the ratings are also very high.

Then, this popular application provides various types of novels that you can enjoy. Starting from the genre of romance, horror, thriller, mystery, action, to science fiction that can also be used in this application.

2. GoodNovel

GoodNovel is an application for reading various types of free novels that are next and highly recommended. This application can also be downloaded for free and the novels in it can be read without coins or money.

There are many genres like fantasy, romance, mystery, science fiction (Sci-Fi), fan fiction (Fan-Fic), etc. In addition to reading novels, in the GoodNovel application, users can also fulfill their dreams of becoming a novelist.

On the Play Store, the GoodNovel app has been downloaded more than a million times. Then, this novel reading application also collects various popular novels and online books, with the best novel stories present in it.

3. Gramedia Digital

Gramedia Digital is a service provider where you can read, buy, and subscribe to special books published by Gramedia. Like the Al-Quran application, Gramedia Digital can be downloaded for free.

In the application there are various types of books that can be read online. The variety of reading materials it contains, such as general knowledge books, school or university textbooks, novels, short stories, magazines, and newspapers.

Gramedia Digital applications are like running libraries and bookstores. You can easily access it anytime, anywhere. If you want to read a book at Gramedia Digital, make sure you buy it first, okay? As the name suggests, the books you get here are of course e-books or e-books.

4. iPusnas

The iPusnas application is a book lending and reading application developed by Aksaramaya in collaboration with the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. Of course this is an official application from the Indonesian government.

This means that the books in the application are a collection of the National Library of Indonesia. So you don’t need to doubt its credibility anymore, but it is possible that the collection of novels at iPusnas is quite small.

But even so, you can read and borrow books through the iPusnas application without having to go to the National Library. And of course, you can register just by logging in via Google or Facebook which is very easy.

5. NovelToon

As the name implies from the NovelToon application, in this application users can get various novel titles with various genres. Starting from fantasy-themed novels, romance, comedy, to school life.

In addition to reading novels, users can also talk to novelists, provide suggestions, or even give them input regarding stories. And this is clearly not found in other novel applications besides NovelToon.

Until now, NovelToon apk has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Android Play Store. Using NovelToon, you can download the novels you love and read them later when you’re offline.

6. WebNovel

The next free novel application on android devices is WebNovel. It can be said that WebNovel is one type of application that provides various novel stories with a very complete variety of genres.

This WebNovel novel reading application will not make its users happy, the article always updates the latest novels from various authors. So, WebNovel will obviously be very suitable for those who like and like to read novels.

Not only that, WebNovel basically also has a very active reader community. In this community, Adna can gather and share ideas or opinions here, and discuss recommendations for novels that are currently hits.

7. NovelMe

NovelMe is also included in the list of applications for reading digital novels that have been downloaded more than one million times on the Play Store. This application became popular because it presents thousands of popular novels and best sellers.

For example, there is a novel called Married with Mr. Dev, Young Master Nanny, Love and Contract, My Introvert President, and many more. You can even become a writer, so NovelMe is also a money-making app.

You can publish novels and start earning money from the paid novel chapter features. Not only that, NovelMe also often holds giveaway events with quite amazing value, including for writers and readers.

8. Storial is also an application that is included in the free novel reading apk category from Indonesia. The Storial APK presents various genres of novels that users can read for free.

Various popular genres can be enjoyed by users just by logging in to the Storial application. Among them are novels with the genre of romance, fantasy, comedy, horror, fanfiction, and there is also a collection of poetry books.

By using the platform, users can connect with the author of the novel and talk directly. You can also make a quote or quote from one of the posts in the Storial application for free.

9. NovelPlus

NovelPlus apk application is a provider of stories, short stories, and novels from for free. Users can download this application or platform on various devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

In the NovelPlus free novel reading application, users can read various types of novels with various genres. Such as fantasy, hero, school, fiction, romance, crime, mystery, horror, and others.

Similar to some of the free novel apps above, with NovelPlus, users can write and publish their own stories. This way, your story can be read by many other people.

The final word

The discussion about the best free novel applications may be enough as explained at the beginning. You can download the apps above and then use them to read free novels on your Android phone.

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