Free Internet Apps – Free Internet Apps. All activities that are carried out now mostly require an internet connection, aka carried out in a virtual world network or online.

Starting from work, doing business, studying, shopping, and fulfilling other life needs, many are carried out online. Thus, people’s need for internet will also increase.

Inevitably for some people, spending on credit and internet quota has become bloated. But don’t worry, because there are various kinds of free internet applications that you can use.

By using the best free internet application on this Android phone, we can save costs or spending on your internet quota. Please see the application recommendations below.

The Best Free Internet Applications on Android Phones

Here are some recommendations for the best free internet applications on Android phones that can be used. Please see some of the application options in the reviews below.

1. Troid VPN Free

If you are a lover of free quota, you can use this free VPN Troid application, because Troid VPN Free can provide free and safe internet access. No need to worry about your network being hacked and more.

The internet speed provided is also good, so don’t worry about the slow internet speed. However, to use this app, you must first root your Android phone.

To get the Troid VPN Free application is also not too difficult, you just need to download the application directly from the Play Store. The installation process can be carried out as usual and of course without registration.

2. Hide me VPN

This Hide me VPN application has many benefits, especially for those who want to browse and stream. You can keep your internet network safe and stable. In addition, the app has access to a free VPN.

So by using the Hide me VPN application, you can open blocked sites or eliminate active internet. The Hide me VPN application can also be used without having to pay any subscription fees or it’s free.

You can also use this Hide me VPN application to surf the internet for free without quota. The hideme VPN application can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store specifically for Android users.

3. Ultrasurf

The next free internet application on Android is Ultrasurf which Android users can use. This application created by Ultratech will help you bypass ISP sensors quickly, accurately and practically.

The workings of the Ultrasurf application can also be said to be fairly simple. Because in Ultrasurf all you have to do is use an encrypted HTTP protocol and proxy, so you can keep your server private.

So websites that pass the review will be directly bypassed by the Ultrasurf application. You can download the free app on the official Ultrasurf website. The size is small, so it will not slow down the performance of your smartphone.

4. Openvpn Connect

This Openvpn Connect application is not only used to surf the internet for free. But another function of the Openvpn Connect application, it can also help you to be able to access blocked websites.

The way the Openvpn Connect application works is by connecting an encrypted PTP. This Openvpn Connect application will provide a private key and certificate so that you can access the internet for free.

To use Openvpn Connect, you need an existing username and password. The internet speed is also quite good, because you have successfully used the free internet application on OpenVPN, you no longer need to fill the quota.

5. Droid VPN

Another list of free internet apps that Android users can try is Droid VPN. By using this free quota application, you can access as much internet as possible without worrying about running out of quota.

Of course, you have to install this Droid VPN app on your phone first. The trick is to just download the Droid VPN application from the Play Store for free, then install it like in general applications.

Then configure the settings according to the provider you are using. You should know the settings of each provider. If the configuration is successful, the icon at the top will turn blue.

6. Simple Server

The Simple Server application will help you surf without time and quota limits. This means that you can freely surf the virtual world to download applications, stream your favorite movies, songs, and much more.

The workings of the Simple Server application are also simple. You should know, all internet provider cards support this free internet app. To use it is easy, you just need to set the configuration correctly.

Each card provider has different settings. You have to set APN, proxy and port correctly. Don’t forget to set the card configuration according to the carrier bug. So, this app will help take care of it.

7. Psiphon Pro

Plus, there are free internet apps like Anonytun’s equally powerful Psiphon Pro, which are also relatively easy to use. The Psiphon Pro application can also be used without having to pay a subscription fee or free as much as you like.

Psiphon Pro doesn’t require a lot of materials, just a little configuration. Oh yes, to use Psiphon Pro, make sure your internet quota is not actually 0MB. You can have unlimited internet with Psiphon Pro.

At least you need a minimum internet quota of 20MB as an inducement to be able to use a free internet connection. So, the Psiphon Pro application will also make it very helpful for us to save credit and quota expenses.

8. XP Psiphon

Apart from Psiphon Pro, there is the Psiphon XP application that ApkVenue uses itself, which is very easy to use and doesn’t require any SSH stuff. The way the XP Psiphon application works is also not much different from the applications above.

When setting up your Psiphon XP configuration, you only need to set the bug based on the provider card and the originating proxy used. You can also use the XP Psiphon application to surf the virtual world without a quota.

Although there is no guarantee of faster internet speeds on Android, XP Psiphon is arguably stable and quite fast. Of course, to use the Psiphon XP application, you must first download it through the Play Store.

9. HTTP Injector

If you’re looking for a free internet application without complicated configuration, HTTP Injector doesn’t seem like the right choice for beginners. It can be said that HTTP Injector is a very popular application.

Especially by gretongan, no one is not familiar with the name of this HTTP Injector. HTTP Injector does have a high success rate in accessing the internet for free without any FUP restrictions.

But you have to do a complicated configuration first. To configure on the HTTP Injector application, you need to bug the provider card, SSH, Squid proxy, or against the card’s native proxy.

10. KPN Tunnel

If you want to do more configurations, then you can use the KPN Tunnel. According to, the KPN Tunnel application is a bit difficult for beginners to understand. However, the KPN Tunnel is perfect for you to study.

Because you will learn a lot about how to make your own configuration to connect to high speed internet. But of course the quality provided by KPN Tunnel is comparable to its features.

So don’t be surprised if KPN Tunnel is also known as the best free internet application for Telkomsel, Indosat, AXIS and XL and the internet connection works very well. The KPN Tunnel application is also worth trying to use.

11. eProxy

The name of another free internet application that you deserve to try is eProxy. eProxy is similar to KPN tunnel, difficult to learn, but if you succeed, it will result in better internet speed than others.

You can use Tri internet quota (minimum quota of 20MB) as an incentive to try this free Tri internet application. The quota price is also quite cheap, so you can save your monthly expenses on internet quota.

After activation, your internet package becomes unlimited and you can use it freely. Start by watching and downloading YouTube for other purposes. You can directly download the eProxy application.

12. AnonyTun

When talking about the most widely used free package application today, of course the name AnonyTun on this list should not be missed. Using AnonyTun is also easy especially for beginners who are new to it.

Because you don’t need to create SSH account to use it. Even in some cases, AnonyTun can simultaneously increase your internet speed above the average speed you are used to.

For example, usually you only get 500kbps, but if you use AnonyTun it can go up to 2Mbps. So what are you waiting for? Immediately download the official AnonyTun application on the Play Store for free for unlimited internet.

The final word

That’s a little review from us about the best free internet applications on Android that you can use. So with this article, it is hoped that you will know what are the recommendations for free internet apks.

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