Free Fire Cheat App – Free Fire Cheat App. It can be said that at present Free Fire is experiencing the peak of its glory, because this game is downloaded by many users, especially among children and teenagers.

Because of the many users, of course the online FF tournaments that are held also bring many great players or gamers. Sometimes, there are those who think it is cheating to use an online game cheat application.

Especially for the Free Fire game, there are actually many cheat applications for auto headshot, adding diamonds, max level and others. Even a cheat for Android immunity is also available.

Of course we’ll share the app below, but remember to use it wisely. And remember, you will definitely lose the fun of playing FF games if you force using this FF cheat application.

List of Best Free Fire Android Cheat Apps

Like a mobile credit application, there are many choices for the application to cheat on the Free Fire game. You can install and take advantage of the following applications.

1. APK Cheat Lulubox FF

The most recommended Free Fire cheat application is the Lulubox FF Cheat APK. This application can even be said to be more often used to hack skins in FF games specifically for Android.

Although very often used for FF skin cheats, the Lulubox application is also often used to hack Free Fire diamonds. Of course, players who use this cheat will harm their opponents.

Of course the Lulubox FF Cheat APK is very detrimental to Garena as well as unfair to other players who have purchased FF diamonds. When you use it, be prepared to be criticized.

2. Bellara VIP

The next FF cheat APK that is no less dangerous is Bellara VIP. This is the most popular Android FF game cheat application among FF citers, especially very often used by sneaky boys.

This is not surprising, because in one Bellara VIP application, cheaters can hack many FF games. Starting from Speed ​​hack game characters, Aim hack, Auto headshot, ESP hack, to anti-banned.

Even though it has a feature for anti-banned cheats on FF, of course you won’t be free from Garena’s punishment in the future. So, think twice before using Bellara VIP as your FF cheat tool.

3. GFX Tool

The next FF cheat APK that is also powerful and reliable is the GFX Tool. The GFX Tool application is very often used to customize the FF game graphic settings so that it becomes clearer and smoother.

Basically this application is legal because Android itself is also an operating system based on open source. It can even be said that this GFX Tool can also be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store application.

However, the use of these third-party applications will still make you detected as cheaters in Garena’s anti-hack system. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the GFX Tool to cheat the Free Fire game.

4. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is also one of the categories of applications that have a function as a cheating act by Garena. The Lucky Patcher application is even reportedly often used by free player gamers to hack the system.

Starting from the hack to get access to all skins, diamonds, and various other items on Free Fire, everything is free like the FF config application. However, with the status of this application which is classified as an unofficial third-party application, you will be considered a cheater.

Using Lucky Patcher can indeed be used to access all items in the Free Fire game. However, it should be understood that it is an act of hacking, cheating, and of course illegal, and it is forbidden to use Lucky Patcher.

5. Brote Mod Free Fire

Another Free Fire game cheat application that you must also watch out for is an application called Brote Mod. With the Brote Mod Free Fire version of the mod, Citer FF can do many hacks at once in a short time.

Starting from a hack to get a white body, antenna, auto aim, auto headshot, no reload, no recoil, even damage plus. Everything can be obtained with just one click of a button in the Brote Mod Free Fire application.

But again, it is clear that the Brote Mod Free Fire application is a third party that is forbidden by Garena. So don’t use it if you want to be punished so that it results in closing or getting your Free Fire account banned.

6. Sensi Capa FF

The next cheat application that can be used on Android phones is Sensi Capa FF. This FF cheat APK is very often and commonly used to adjust the sensitivity of the Free Fire game, including such as the GFX Tool and Galaxy Macro.

Sensi Capa FF is an application that is used to adjust the sensitivity of the Free Fire game as desired. Both the sensitivity of the screen and the weapons in the game, everything can be adjusted very easily.

The FF game citer can also of course configure auto headshot, anti lag, and even adjust the RAM capabilities on the cellphone. Makes them able to play FF ​​games more smoothly and win easily.

7. Cheat Galaxy Macro FF

The next recommended Free Fire cheat application is an apk called Galaxy Macro FF. The Cheat Galaxy Macro FF application is basically similar to the GFX Tool which can be used to adjust the smartphone screen when playing games.

As the name implies, the Cheat Galaxy Macro FF application was originally used by FF game players using Samsung Galaxy cellphones. But now this application is more commonly used by Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and other Android users.

The way the Galaxy Macro FF cheat works is that it allows the player to click on a certain area continuously. After that, players can access Auto Clicker and Multi Target settings to defeat existing opponents.

The final word

Until here, first an explanation from us about the free fire android cheat application as described in the explanation above. Do not forget to be careful when using it, so that the desired thing does not happen.

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