Food Ordering App – Food Ordering App. In this day and age, technology has made it easier for us to order food and drinks online using a smartphone.

There are already a lot of food and beverage delivery applications that we can use in Indonesia. In fact, many also offer purchase promos in the application.

Of course, the promo makes these online applications become more and more widely used. Even people are starting to abandon buying food at restaurants as usual.

On this occasion we will provide recommendations for food ordering apk options that can be used. Please see the full review in the review that we convey below.

Best Choice of Food Ordering Apps

Here are some choices of the best food ordering applications that can be used. Please refer to the direct reviews that we have compiled from various trusted reference sources.

1. Pizza Hut Delivery

The first application that we recommend to you to order Pizza Hut Delivery food online. Apk Pizza Hut Delivery is one of the fast food restaurants that offers an application to order food easily.

So that Pizza Hut Delivery customers can enjoy pizza at home. If you used to have to call a Pizza Hut restaurant to get a pizza plate, now you just have to order it through the very useful PHD app.

Pizza Hut Delivery customers can order Pizza Hut menus from your smartphone. Beyond simplicity, Pizza Hut offers a selection of set menus and attractive promotions through its app. Have you tried it before?

2. McDonald’s Delivery Indonesia

Next is the well-known McDonald’s Delivery Indonesia application. Who is not familiar with McDonald’s. Fast food from the United States can be said to be very famous in the country, especially in Indonesia.

This unique restaurant with the yellow “M” logo also has its own application to make it easier for customers to order. The food ordering application from McD Delivery can be downloaded for customers who want to eat burgers.

McDonald’s Delivery Indonesia also provides crispy chicken. Just like the Pizza Hut application, in the McD Delivery application you will also find various promotions that you can use to save on your orders. Very interesting isn’t it!

3. GoFood

GoFood is one of Gojek’s services, which offers a variety of food and beverages, from fast food restaurants to home-based food entrepreneurs. This application is integrated with the Gojek application so it is easy to find.

With the GoFood service, customers can choose their favorite food or drink from a wide selection of restaurants. In the GoFood feature, you can also find places to eat that are closest to your home or location.

All food served at certain restaurants on GoFood is of course fresh because it is made to order. So you don’t have to worry about your food getting cold or spoiling in the delivery process.

4. GrabFood‍

GrabFood‍ is the next name that must be familiar to our ears. Another food delivery application that we recommend is GrabFood, an online food ordering service that is almost identical to GoFood.

The GrabFood‍ application can also deliver food directly to customers’ homes by simply ordering from the smartphone application. Various restaurants are available in this GrabFood application service easily and practically.

Not only that, you will also get various interesting promos related to this GrabFood delivery service. You can use promotions or coupons when buying food. If you are lucky, you will get a discount coupon.

5. Sayurbox

Instead of buying everyday groceries at the market or supermarket, ingredients like vegetables and spices can now be purchased through the Sayurbox app!

Sayurbox offers a wide selection of food ingredients from vegetables, fruits, meat, fish to whole and fresh kitchen spices! Sayurbox works closely with local farmers to distribute a variety of high quality ingredients.

The Sayurbox application allows you to save time shopping because you just have to choose the ingredients you want to order online and wait for your order to be sent to your destination address quickly and securely.

6. ShopeeFood

Shopee Marketplace has now added an online food and beverage delivery service called ShopeeFood to its loyal customers. Similar to GoFood and GrabFood, ShopeeFood offers services to help customers order food.

Of course, the existence of ShopeeFood is highly anticipated by its customers who want to get food by ordering online. Not only that, customers can easily make payments through ShopeePay.

In addition, did you know that although it is relatively new, ShopeeFood is now increasingly known and popular. There are many promos available at certain times and they are very interesting. So, download and use this food ordering app right now.

7. KFC Delivery

KFC Delivery is the next application that we think deserves to be used easily and practically. Not only is McD Delivery famous for its chicken, KFC also has its own ordering app.

The number of food choices makes many people even more confused about which application to use. From chicken and burgers to popular KFC drinks, you can enjoy a variety of menus at the touch of a button.

KFC Delivery makes it easy for anyone who likes fast food restaurant menus to dine at home with family or friends. You only need to download the application on your smartphone and select the favorite menu.

The final word

Until here, first our discussion about the best food ordering application. Hopefully with our recommendations, you can order food and drinks easily and quickly.

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