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Stornowaybc.com – FF Config App. Currently, children really like the game Free Fire or what is more often abbreviated as FF. Even their style of play tends to be ‘bar bar’ and relies on unconventional tricks.

In order to be able to win in the Free Fire game easily, many users use the FF config application for setting various purposes. Such as diamonds, skins, bundles, and various other important items on Free Fire.

So it’s no wonder that so many people want to use such apps, such as the much-loved distance meter app. But there are many cases of people who have downloaded the application but do not know how to use it.

That’s the reason that underlies us to make an article about the best FF config, including how to use it. You can listen to complete information from us in the discussion and explanation below.

List of FF Config Applications on Android Phones

Without saying much, let’s just take a look and see the list of the best FF config applications on Android phones. You can listen to the full information in the explanation and discussion below.

1. Config FF Skin Clothes and Weapons

If you already have free weapon skins and clothes, you may still not be satisfied. You can try FF skin config for clothes and weapons for free premium flavors.

Download Here

Before downloading the FF config, you should know that if the download is complete, you must follow the installation method. Installation is done using Zarchiver, here’s the tutorial.

  • Make sure you have downloaded the file via the link above.
  • Then you can open the Zarchiver application that you downloaded.
  • After that you can extract the FF Skin Config file into the Zarchiver application.
  • Copy / copy the file that you extracted earlier in Zarchiver and if you have opened Internal and select android.
  • Next you select the data folder and look for com.dts.freefireth.
  • Open the files folder and hit Contentcache.
  • Open the Optimal folder, select Android, then please paste it in the game assetbundles folder.
  • Done, you can now use any type of skin you want.

2. Config FF Auto Headshot

Getting booyah in the Free Fire game is not an easy job, especially if our skills are mediocre. This is what makes players take various ways to get victory, one of which is using the FF auto headshoot config application.

Download Here

This config is very popular among survicors because actually you can easily win with it. If with this setting, you seem to be able to play like a pro gamer even though you don’t have the skills.

After downloading, you have to install the config in the way described below. Please follow the steps as stated in the instructions.

  • First you can extract the Config FF Auto Headshot zip file that you downloaded earlier with the ZArchiver application in the folder on the smartphone.
  • Then Ansa can copy or copy the config file to the /android/data/ folder.
  • Then, then look for the “com.dts.freefireth” folder.
  • Now paste the FF auto headshot config in the “game assetbundles” folder in the /files/Content Cache/Optimal/android/game assetbundles/ folder.
  • If you have the Config FF Auto Headshot installed, you can open the Free Fire game and try to play until you wake up.

3. Free FF Diamond Config Application

You don’t have diamonds in the Free Fire game? Don’t worry because now there is a way to get free diamonds in FF. This diamond can also be used to buy or reload the latest FF game skins.

In addition, you can also use it to buy other bundles that may be needed. First of all, first download the free FF diamond config application via the link below.


When the download is complete, you don’t need to root your Android smartphone to install it. Please follow these steps as an alternative to the installation correctly, don’t miss anything.

  • The first step you have to do is download the config first via the link above.
  • Then open the Zarchiver application which you can get or download through the Play Store.
  • Then you can extract Config FF Unlimited Diamond into the Zarchiver application.
  • Continue by copying the file that you extracted earlier in Zarchiver.
  • Then if you have, click the Internal option and then select Android.
  • After you select Android, please continue to select the data folder then search for com.dts.freefireth and press cache content”.
  • If the folder is optimal then select Android then paste / paste in the folder that has the name game assetbundles.
  • If you have, you can immediately use all the diamonds that have been obtained for free.

4. Config FF Bundle

If you’ve got all the config above, you can also get the config to get the alok and old bundles. The bundle is still the prima donna for Free Fire game players.

Of course, if you want to get this bundle, you must have a lot of diamonds. Because the bundle is a rare bundle, but now to get it is very easy.

From the config above, you can get the alok and old bundles in the following way. Please follow the instructions to make it work.


  • Your first step is to download the file that has been shared via the link above.
  • Because the file is in the form of a zip, then you first extract it using the ZArchiver application.
  • Next you copy the file.
  • After that Paste the file into the following directory.
  • Go to internal storage – Android – Data – com.dts.freefaith – content cache – compulsory – android – game assetbundles – config.
  • The next step is to paste it in that folder.
  • If a notification appears to overwrite the file, just click overwrite to make it work.
  • Done, after that you will get a free Free Fire bundle.

5. Config FF Anti Lag

Playing the Free Fire game does not only require a high-spec smartphone, but also requires a stable internet network. So the game can run smoothly without any problems.

But for those of you who experience cracks when playing FF, you can try installing an application to speed up the game or the FF config application for anti-lag. This config can be obtained for free and to install it use the following method.

  • First of all, please make sure you have downloaded the anti-lag free fire config file that has been provided.
  • Next, please “Extract” the file using the “ZArchiver” application.
  • Next, please continue by copying the extracted file.
  • Then, please continue by opening the “Internal Stronge” folder then please open “Android>Data>Com.dts.freefireth”.
  • If you have, open the “Files” folder then you can also open the “Contentcache>Optimal>Android” folder.
  • Next, just paste the file in the “Gamessetbundle” folder menu.
  • Then, please open and play as soon as possible the free fire game that you currently have.
  • Done!

The final word

Maybe it’s enough for us to explain first about the list of android ff config applications. You can also configure to change the number of diamonds, skins, and bundles on your favorite Android games like Free Fire.

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