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Stornowaybc.com – FF app. Nowadays, playing online games is a very exciting thing to do, especially to fill spare time and get rid of fatigue in the brain.

One of the most widely played online games at the moment is Free Fire (FF). This game has exciting gameplay and storyline, so many people are interested in using it.

Not only that, the FF game is also available in mod and original versions. You just have to choose whether you want to use the modified version or the original version when you want to play the FF game.

Here we want to share the legal and real FF game download link with you. We will also review what are the meanings and features available in the FF application.

FF (Free Fire) App on Android

The word Free Fire comes from English, Free means free or free, and Fire means shoot or shoot. Therefore, Free Fire can be interpreted as a free or free shooting game.

But Free Fire also has the meaning of a game released by Garena which is very popular, especially on Android devices. Garena Free Fire or FF is a battle royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio.

This Free Fire game is published by Garena for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Free Fire is a survival genre with a third-person shooter. In this game, 50 paratroopers will fight on one map.

Each player has to survive by killing each other’s opponents to survive till the end and win the game. This game looks very interesting, with a lot of player characters and a choice of weapons.

The large selection of characters and weapons in the Free Fire game is available to users. In addition, there are various variants of clothing to choose from. In Indonesia, this game is so popular that it has become one of the eSports game categories.

Free Fire Game Features

An exciting game certainly has many powerful features to make users feel at home playing it. What are the features in the Free Fire application or game? We can see it in the explanation below.

1. Gameplay

This Free Fire game is easy to understand. In this Free Fire game, you will be thrown from a jet plane with a parachute along with about 50 other players, forcing you to compete against each other to be the last survivor.

Free Fire game players are also free to choose where they want to start the game, increasing their chances of survival by killing other people, and choosing a vehicle. To be a winner, a player must kill another player.

2. Game Control

Game control in the Free Fire application is very easy because the virtual joystick can be moved in the game. To shoot a target in the Free Fire game, game players must move the crosshair towards the opponent.

You can walk, run, jump and dodge to survive. However, the control settings have not changed much, nor have they changed. The point is you need to practice a lot playing the Free Fire game.

3. Skin

Free Fire game players will be able to customize the appearance of their character by using the clothes they have in the vault. However, it seems that not all items obtained can be used permanently.

In terms of appearance, the leaderboard and stats of Free Fire-Battlegrounds players are very good and complete. Solo, duo, and squad stats are also different. In addition, there are also many other skins to choose from.

4. Compatible

Another advantage or feature offered by the Free Fire game to users is that it is compatible. This means that this game can be run on various Android devices, both the old version and the latest version.

If your Android smartphone has limited specifications, don’t worry. Because, Free Fire is very good to play on mobile phones with limited specifications. The Free Fire application has also become very reliable.

5. Unique Characters

Some of the characters in the FF or Free Fire application games are unique and interesting. Free Fire characters can be a selling point for developers, making them more attractive with skins and various cosmetic accessories.

The Free Fire game has various characters and accessories, and of course it will make you more comfortable playing it. In addition to the above advantages, Free Fire also has a large community in Indonesia.

This can be seen from the number of teams and communities in several cities. Loyalty of community members is also high, so many events related to FF such as tournaments and meetups are often held.

Download Free Fire Games

Play Store is the official place to download Free Fire for Android users. Play Store is where we recommend you to easily download the latest version of Free Fire, with the following steps.

  • Open Play Store
  • Click the search bar
  • Fill in Free Fire in the search field
  • Click Install or Update

How to Play Free Fire Games

Before going any further, this time it’s a good idea to discuss what beginners need to do in Free Fire. Let’s see the Free Fire Beginner’s Guide below so that you can become a professional FF gamer.

1. Pay Attention to Landing Position

By opening the map in the FF or Free Fire game, pay attention to the direction of the plane’s reach and where the end point of the plane’s flight is. Choose a location that is very quiet but has sufficient buildings or houses.

The purpose of selecting the landing position in the Free Fire game is to ensure good loot there (such as farms and seasides on the Bermuda map) Also, the approximate speed at which it reaches the landing site.

2. Bring Any Weapon

Hurry up and grab any weapon once you land safely on Free Fire. If you have melee weapons first, such as SMG and SG, because these weapons can quickly knock out enemies.

Choose a weapon based on your abilities (in this case it is recommended to choose weapons with wider damage such as AK47, SCAR, M14 and melee weapons such as Shootgun or MP40 Submachinegun).

3. Use Scanner

If you find it difficult to know how many enemies are breaking in together at the location you specify. So, you can use the Scanner item to get enough information.

By using the scanner in the Free Fire game, you can also choose to attack your opponent, or prefer to wait for the opponent to fight first, or you move and look for another, quieter area.

4. Maximize Glowal

If the Free Fire game player is seen by the enemy and starts shooting at you, don’t panic, find a good hiding place to fight. If there’s nowhere to hide, don’t panic right away!

When you’re stuck in an area where there’s nowhere to hide from enemy fire, protect yourself with a wall of shadows. Do it carefully so you can get out of trouble.


We have completed a complete review of the Android FF application for you in this article. Hopefully what we say can be useful especially for you to know more about the Free Fire Apk.

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