Family Card Printing App – Family Card Printing App. Everyone definitely needs a KK document or commonly known as a Family Card, a very important document for an Indonesian citizen.

These documents are used for various purposes, such as registering for education to employment. As a result, we need a large number of copies of the Family Card at this time.

Don’t worry, if your KK document is lost or tucked away, we can print it easily and practically. The trick is to use the KK print application available for Android.

What is the application in question and how do I use it? Here we will explain to you about the application and how to use it, please see below.

Free Family Card Printing App on Android

The Family Card Printing Application can be accessed directly on the official website of the Ministry of Communication and Information. Family or KK cards can now be digitally printed independently at home, this is how we will explain.

You also need to know that the Family Card or KK is a document that every Indonesian citizen must have in order to record his name and deposit at the Population and Civil Registry Office (Disdukcapil).

When you want to make a KK or Family Card, you have to go to several agencies before you can go to the Disdukcapil office to get the Disdukcapil validity for the KK file. However, now it is no longer necessary to come to Disdukcapil.

This is because an Electronic Signature (TTE) has been issued to facilitate document access. The report from the page, Monday (22/7) TTE itself is a signature consisting of various things.

Includes electronic information attached to, related to or related to other electronic information used as data through electronic certificates. Indonesian PSRE verification and certification facilities.

With the use of certified TTE, various electronic system services will become more effective and efficient. In addition, Disdukcapil uses a QR code (Quick Response) to complete the validity of the population file.

With this TTE, people can more easily fill out data or print important documents such as family cards at home. So how do you download and print your KK from home using the Family Card Printing Application?

How to Download KK Online from Home

We will explain how to print and download KK online from home. Residents’ electronic documents can be viewed and downloaded by scanning the QR code contained in the document with a smartphone.

To ensure the authenticity of the residence document that has been signed with a certified TTE, please upload the electronic document to the PDF verification menu on the official Kominfo website at the address

Then information will appear including the identity of the e-Cert signer, the e-document has not changed, the time the document was signed, PSR Indonesia issued the e-Cert and the validity period of the e-Cert.

How to Print KK from Home

The way to print or print family cards from home is that applicants submit a print application through Dukcapil Go Digital. In addition, if you want to come directly to the local Dukcapil office.

After processing the population service application, the document will be approved by the head of the local Disdukcapil with a certified TTE. In addition, the Population Management Information System (SIAK) application will send an SMS.

The contents of the SMS are notifications and links to the population files that have been compiled. The public will receive confidential electronic documents in the form of a Portable Document Format (PDF) along with a PIN.

Once the file is opened, the public can print the file on white HVS paper. However, this independent printing cannot be applied to e-KTP and Child Identity Cards (KIA), so residents need to visit the local Disdukcapil office.

The final word

Until here, our discussion is about a free family card printing application that can be used on Android smartphones. Please use our recommended application so you can immediately print a family card.

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