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Stornowaybc.com – Face Changer App. Everyone needs entertainment, one of which is by changing the face into something else, for example the face of an artist, prediction of a partner’s face, and others.

Luckily, there are many applications on Android phones that can meet these needs. The features listed in the face changing application are very entertaining and suitable for fun

Like any face merging application, this application to change or edit faces is widely available for free on the Play Store. So, all you have to do is download, install, and open the application to use it.

Then what are the applications that can change a person’s face to be more attractive? Instead of being confused, here we will explain to you some of the recommendations as in the review below.

List of Best Face Changer Apps on Android

Not much different from the Bugis language translation application, apparently there are many applications to edit and change faces into artists or wedding couples who are going viral. Like the applications below.

1. FaceApp

FaceApp went viral when it released the aging filter as a feature in the app, and is still popular today. Apart from these features, this app also offers unique features that other face changing apps don’t have.

You can start changing by taking a picture of your photo through the camera, then you can smile at yourself. Later you can set whether you want to look older or younger.

In addition, from these photos you can also change gender, change hair color, and see yourself through glasses. The aging filter is based on machine learning and AI, so the results are guaranteed to be accurate.

2. Reface

Furthermore, there is an application to change the face and another face, namely Reface. This free, offline, AI-based face swap app lets you swap faces with artists or celebrities in popular movies and video clips.

Reface also has tons of popular memes that you can swap your face for then turn it into a GIF. So you can create a viral and famous meme using your face or your friends’ faces.

This app lets you save the photo directly in local storage or share it on social media with a watermark. Reface also offers the option to easily upload your own GIFs.


The name of the application is indeed MRRMRR, that’s not a typo in this article. This application has many interesting and unique filters, because it is a Facebook application provided by DeepAR that offers the best filters.

This app has 4 main feature categories, such as Emoji creation, Masks, Filters, and Effects. Emojis don’t make a significant difference to the MRRMRR app for changing your face, it’s more like a photo editing app.

With this application you can create animated emojis that are similar to moving emoticons in Telegram. Thanks to its face tracking algorithm, MRRMRR can capture your facial expressions and turn them into interactive emojis.

4. Face Blender

Another app I really recommend is. Face Blender. For the uninitiated, Face Blender is a fun selfie poster maker app that lets you turn your face into any image.

Face Blender is simple enough to use that you don’t have to spend time learning it. How to use it, just click on the image and select a template to match your face with the template.

This application will work automatically detecting the face in the template and adjusting the angle and orientation of your face to fit the frame. Apart from that you can add images from your camera roll or gallery app.

5. Cupace

Cupace is another best light face changer app that offers face retouch or editing features. Best of all, Cupace lets you manually extract faces and then paste them into another image.

The Cupace app has a simple three-step process when it comes to changing someone’s face. The trick is to cut the face, select the image, and paste the face into the image, very short and practical to use.

When cropping a face image, you can use the zoom feature so that part of your ear does not disappear when cropping. After cropping, the face image will be saved in the app and you can start pasting it on other people’s faces.

6. Face Swap by Microsoft

This app is quite different compared to all the other apps we’ve seen so far. Face Swap by Microsoft allows you to swap faces with other people or pictures from your camera roll.

Face Swap by Microsoft lets you swap your face for almost anything. How to use it, just take a new picture, edit it a little better, then use keywords to find pictures from the internet.

After that, you can paste or change your face into a celebrity, animal, astronaut or even a wall. This application will work automatically to adjust the tone and texture of the surrounding skin, so it looks natural.

7. Portrait AI

Portrait AI is a simple application that allows you to turn your photo images into 1980s portraits. This app works really well and the paintings don’t look like the real thing.

You can put some filters on your face to make it look more natural and attractive. An AI algorithm has been developed to examine your face in a painting, so the results will not disappoint.

Of course this application can be used for free on the Android platform, but maybe its features will be limited. Meanwhile, if you want the premium version, you can subscribe for only $3.99/month.

The final word

The discussion about the android face changer application may be enough to get here first as in the review above. Hopefully, the explanation that we have provided above can be useful and you can use the application easily.

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