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Stornowaybc.com – English Question Answering Application. Answering English questions cannot be done carelessly, because we need to pay attention to grammar.

Of course, we also need to learn English grammar and vocabulary well in advance. So, every question we have will be able to answer easily and quickly.

But we can also use the instant method, which is to use a special application to answer questions in English. These applications are widely available on Android smartphones.

On this good opportunity, we will provide recommendations to you regarding several application options to answer questions from English properly and maximally. Please see the following direct review.

Recommended Android English Question Answering Application

Without further ado, let’s just look at the selection of applications to answer English questions on Android. The full review and recommendations can be seen below.

1. Penerjemah Inggris Indonesia

The first recommendation is the Indonesian English Translator because it is able to provide answers to several questions contained in the topic. However, with the help of a language translator, at least students will find it easier to understand a foreign language.

Mainly to know what the question is about so that in the end they can write down the answers asked in the question. Students will get the convenience of an English to Indonesian dictionary and vice versa.

Students can enter questions directly on the whiteboard provided or copy them. This is the same function provided by Google Translate and the app will display the translation results in no time.

2. Answered

Another application that we recommend to users as an application for answering English questions is Answered. One of the advantages of this application is that it provides a more practical way of translating.

With the voice recording feature, students can translate instantly just by reading long sentences. Having lots of English homework is not a problem for students with this Answered app.

Because, the Answered application will help make it easier to work on questions. Includes English questions that are difficult for beginners to understand. To make it easier to understand the questions, students can directly take pictures of the questions asked.

3. U-Dictionary

U-Dictionary is an application of choice to answer English questions more practical and faster. Because, U-Dictionary has complete translation capabilities and of course it is very updated and accurate.

This U-Dictionary application can even be used when the user has the opportunity to travel abroad. The built-in features provided in this U-Dictionary app include Oxford dictionaries in 12 languages.

U-Dictionary also has a magic translation function that can translate English words instantly. Not only what is written, U-Dictionary also helps users translate user conversations.

4. Google Translate

While Google Translate cannot give definitive answers to questions, this app will help students. Because in general, students will easily answer questions if they understand the meaning of the sentence being asked.

This English question answering application helps make the translation process shorter and more accurate. In fact, Google Translate can also be accessed directly through the official website without having to install an application.

However, the application platform will greatly help the translation process to be more practical. In addition, this application is not only available in English, users can also translate various languages ​​from other countries.

5. English Dictionary CAM

One of the recommended applications to answer English questions is English Dictionary CAM. The way this application works does not directly answer the questions given as homework.

You need to know that the English Dictionary CAM application is more intended for English translation. Especially the translation that can only be done by scanning or photographing the English sentences in the questions.

English dictionary CAM app shows the question translation immediately. Based on these results, students can understand the meaning of the question. Therefore, students will be more likely to answer the questions.

6. AI Grammar Checker

Students and students often find school assignments related to grammar in English subjects. For students who have mastered the material, of course, there will be no difficulty in doing English homework.

Even though completing school assignments is certainly a challenge in itself compared to students who still do not understand grammatical material. Students are strongly advised to use this AI Grammar Checker.

Because AI Grammar Checker acts as an application to answer English questions. Especially when getting a task to check the correctness of the syntax used. Because, AI Grammar Checker can check English grammar.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo is the next application that is highly recommended for students to use. Because when they want to do their English homework, students certainly need to add a wider English vocabulary.

Students after using the Duolingo application will certainly find it easier to understand the meaning of the questions being tested. The presence of the Duolingo application helps deepen understanding of foreign language vocabulary through pictures.

So that students will more quickly master English. According to Play Store data, Duolingo has received a lot of positive reviews from users. This application is free and can be accessed on all types of smartphones without registration.

The final word

Stornowaybc has explained to you the recommended choices for the best English question answering applications that can be used on Android phones. Hopefully the apk recommendation to answer this English question helps those of you who want to install it.

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