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Stornowaybc.com – English Learning App. English is a global language that we should learn well, moreover, English is actually quite easy to learn.

In addition to taking online courses, we can also learn English using only an Android smartphone. There are a number of applications to learn English on Android phones that can be used.

By using English learning apps on Android, we don’t even need to spend money to study. We can learn English for free at no cost.

You may also be curious about what applications we mean. Don’t worry, because here we will give you a complete review.

Learn English App on Android

Launching from various sources, we have compiled a selection of recommended applications for learning English reliably on Android. Please see the application recommendations directly below.

1. Simply Learn American English

First we will suggest that you use the Simply Learn American English app. Below is the first application that we recommend so that you can be proficient in English on an Android phone.

Simply Learn American English provides a wide variety of words, sentences and phrases that you can actually use. This application is perfect if you plan to visit Uncle Sam’s country or outside Europe.

You can learn more than 1000 words and phrases in 30 categories. Once you’ve memorized easy phrases in Simply Learn American English, you can level up to learn more difficult vocabulary.

2. Learn English Grammar Quickly

Another English learning application that can be used on Android phones is the Learn English Grammar Fast App. In Learn English Grammar Quickly you will get help in learning English.

Not only is it easier, but you can learn English quickly using Learn English Grammar Quickly. Learn English Grammar Fast will train your English skills starting from grammar and speaking.

After that, users will also face a number of exams such as quizzes. How, do you want to learn English quickly? You can download the Learn English Grammar Quickly application on the Play Store.

3. Learn English Phrases

Learn English Phrases is another app that we recommend for you. Apart from being a medium for learning English, Learn English Phrases can also help you communicate with local residents abroad.

This Learn English Phrases app is more dedicated to learning common English phrases like asking for directions, greetings, etc. Now traveling abroad is not necessarily a language barrier.

Although our English is still mediocre. In a pinch, you can also use the search bar to search for specific phrases. Do you want to try this app? Just download Learn English Phrases on Play Store.

4. Voxy

Voxy is great for beginners who want to learn English quickly and easily. Whether you are a beginner or a long-term English learner, this English learning app is perfect.

The Voxy application seems suitable for you to use on an Android phone. Because Voxy is an application that creates personalized learning materials that can be tailored to your interests and goals.

Voxy also offers tutoring, a unique feature where you can get feedback on your learning progress. So you can focus on improving your English speaking skills.

5. English Listening & Speaking

English Listening & Speaking is the next name that deserves to be included in the list. If you’re only good at grammar, English isn’t enough. You will also need listening skills.

You can also speak English. If you enjoy learning and want to hone your listening and speaking skills, you can download the English listening and speaking app from developer Miracle FunBox.

The reason is, one of the English learning applications in English Listening & Speaking will invite users to explore English listening, speaking, reading and writing in a fun way.

6. Learn English Daily

Learn English Daily is another top recommendation on this list. We know English has become an international language and everyone needs English to communicate with people.

Especially communicating with various kinds of people from all over the country in the world. Learn English Daily is an English learning application that makes it easy for you to understand English.

At Learn English Daily you can practice your English skills with daily exercises provided by the Learn English Daily app. During practice, there is dialogue and grammar to hone your skills.

7. Beelinguapp

Then we can use the Beelinguapp application on Andorid to learn English. Even if you can understand spoken and written English, you may not be able to translate well.

To do this, use the Beelinguapp app, so you can read stories in two different languages ​​at the same time. You will also know the right word equivalent, the right way of learning.

The Beelinguapp app is also suitable for people learning two foreign languages ​​at the same time, with English subtitles at the top and other languages ​​at the bottom. Beelinguappi can also generate pronunciation from text.

8. English Conversation Practice

Want to practice your English speaking skills? Then you can choose the English Conversation Practice app on Android. The English Conversation Practice application can be used for free.

English Conversation Practice is an application that can help you practice speaking or conversational English. In the application, English Conversation Practice has prepared 200 conversational lesson materials.

So that later it will be given to test your understanding of the lessons offered by the English Conversation Practice. So, are you interested in using the English Conversation Practice app?

9. Learn English, Speak English

Learn English, Speak English is also suitable for you beginners who want to learn English. Minimum budget doesn’t mean you can’t speak English well. With internet quota, you can learn English.

Learn English, Speak English is one application that helps you practice your English skills. This application is an application with many features, ranging from learning grammar, memorizing vocabulary.

Not only that, you will even learn English phrases. Interestingly, the Learn English, Speak English application has artificial intelligence to guide you in learning your English.

10. EWA

You may already be familiar with the name of the EWA application. Do you like to learn English through novels, movies and TV series? EWA is here to package well-known TV series and novels into learning materials.

English novels with the help of the EWA application can also be translated into Indonesian word for word. With the features of EWA, you don’t have to worry about not understanding what it means.

EWA users can see your learning progress on the graph provided to make it easier for you to set goals, or to get you more excited. This EWA app is available on the Google Play Store.

11. Babbel

Learning English can be difficult if we can’t spend a lot of time on the busy side. So here’s the Babbel app, which offers a variety of short courses that can be completed in 15 minutes.

Whether it’s reading, listening, grammar or vocabulary, you’ll get a better understanding of English in every way. In fact, you can learn English in other contexts.

By using Babbel, you can easily learn English in an easy and practical way just from home. The Babbel application can also be used without the need to pay any fees on an Android smartphone.


Hopefully our explanation of the English learning application on your cellphone can be used as a recommendation by you. So you are not confused about which application to use to learn English.

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