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Stornowaybc.com – English Dictionary App. The international language recognized by the entire world today is not Indonesian, but English, which is often used in Great Britain and America.

So it is not surprising that we must master the language, because now is the era of globalization. All activities, work, learning, and business are carried out by optimizing globalization.

If you feel that you are not good at using English, don’t worry because it is easy to learn. One of them is using an English dictionary application on an Android phone.

Google Translate is indeed the best choice in this case, but maybe you are looking for an alternative. Don’t worry because on this occasion we will share more than one application recommendation.

Recommended English Dictionary Applications on Android Phones

Here are some recommended choices for English dictionary applications on Android phones that users can use. Please take a look and see some of the options listed below in full.

1. Google Translate

It is undeniable that the best English Dictionary application language today is Google Translate. This application can be run online or offline if the user has downloaded a certain language dictionary database.

Apart from being directly accessible via browsers on phones, tablets and computers, Google Translate is also available as an app. It can be said that Google Translate is the most popular translation platform on Android.

With Google Translate, you can translate between 108 languages ​​by typing, translate without an internet connection (59 languages), just point your camera to instantly translate text in pictures (94 languages).

2. Oxford English Dictionary

Next is the Oxford English Dictionary, which is another popular and trusted English dictionary. With over 150 years of research, the Oxford English Dictionary is globally recognized as a trusted authority.

Oxford English Dictionary app if you know it was developed by MobiSystems. Its Dictionary app contains Oxford University Press’s latest word database for 2020, with over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings.

The Oxford English Dictionary also includes audio pronunciations of over 75,000 common and rare words, including those that are pronounced differently. Apart from that, support for other features is quite diverse and of course very useful.

3. Kamus Bahasa Inggris – Offline

If you like to translate offline, then this application is highly recommended. English Dictionary – Offline is a free offline English Dictionary app which explains the meaning of English words accurately.

The vocabulary in this English Dictionary – Offline is based on the English Wiktionary. More than 10 million Android users have installed the app on their devices, with very positive reviews.

English Dictionary – Offline offers quick search functionality, a simple and functional user interface, and is optimized for tablets. This app works offline without downloading more files.

4. Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster is one of the most popular and trusted dictionaries in the world for translating English to Indonesian. Apart from the physical dictionary, you can also use this online dictionary to improve your English skills.

This dictionary is perfect for those who are developing and improving their English skills. In addition to the usual English Dictionary, Dictionary – Merriam-Webster has added word games to its app.

With this feature, you can learn new words and test your vocabulary in a fun way. Hundreds of words ready to test your skills. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster is free to use for free despite ads.

5. Kamus Bahasa Inggris

As the name implies, English Dictionary is an application specifically for those who want to translate English to Indonesian and vice versa. This application can be installed for free on each Android phone.

This application called English Dictionary was developed by GTIS Indonesia. This application can be used offline because in the apk database you can see thousands of popular words without an internet connection, aka offline.

There is one interesting thing about the English Dictionary, the translation results can be directly shared to social media directly from the application. In addition, this application can be moved to a microSD so it does not drain smartphone memory.

6. LINE English Dictionary

Maybe you are already familiar with an application brand called LINE, one of the most famous social media. This social media app developer also has a dictionary app that you can use offline.

The features in the LINE English Dictionary application are complete because they are equipped with useful features. As well as features for conversation, dictation, listening and speaking practice, quizzes and more.

With LINE English Dictionary, you can easily translate thousands of English words in one offline application. Also, it can translate sentences with readable results via the translation function in the app.

7. Kamus Offline Lengkap

There is also a Complete Offline Dictionary application, which is a dictionary application on Android that does not only provide English to Indonesian translations. But it also provides translation features for many other languages.

To be able to use the Complete Offline Dictionary app offline, you must first download the databases for each language. Only then can you use this dictionary without internet connection.

When you want to use the Complete Offline Dictionary application, you can immediately look for it on the Google Play Store. There you can also see the number of high ratings and positive reviews from its users.

8. Kamusku: Inggris (Indonesia)

Furthermore, there is a lightweight application that can be used to help translate in English-Indonesian or vice versa. The best English dictionary application in question is Kamusku: English (Indonesian).

This application made by Lumut Studio has quite a lot of vocabulary storage. The great thing is Kamusku: English (Indonesian) works even without an internet connection, aka offline.

This dictionary app will help you to translate English to Indonesian word by word or sentence by sentence. Interested to try it? Please directly download via the Play Store for Android smartphones.

9. Kamus Offline Eng-Ind

The appearance of the Eng-Ind Offline Dictionary application is quite unique, like a book-shaped dictionary, with various words neatly arranged alphabetically. It can be said that the appearance of the application is similar to the Kamusku application in a bag.

Using the Eng-Ind Offline Dictionary, you also receive suggested words as you type certain letters or words. Of course this is very helpful for those of you who like to forget the correct spelling of English words.

If the desired word already appears in the suggested words of the Eng-Ind Offline Dictionary, simply click on the word to learn its meaning. So you don’t have to type too much to get the translation of a word.

10. Indonesian English Translator (Online)

As the name implies, the function of the Indonesian English Translator application is to translate Indonesian word by word into English and vice versa. This application can also be used for free or at no cost.

With this Indonesian English Translator (Online) application, you don’t have to bother carrying a physical dictionary in the form of a large and heavy book. It also makes Indonesian English Translator (Online) very simple to use.

How to use it just type the word you want to describe, and suggested words will appear, which you can choose as you like. However, you can only use this app online with an internet connection.

11. U-Dictionary

U-Dictionary is a free dictionary and translation app. With more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store, this dictionary is perfect for those of you with intermediate to advanced levels of English.

U-Dictionary is developed from previously developed dictionaries such as Collins Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, Native Example, Synonyms, Antonyms, etc. The app also offers videos, games, and question and answer quizzes.

The app offers features such as being able to view the Oxford dictionary in 12 languages, being able to translate between two of the 108 languages, translating using the phone’s camera which can detect 93 languages, and much more.

The final word

We have explained the review of the discussion of the best English dictionary application articles in full in the discussion above. In addition to the English dictionary apk, we also have many other interesting readings, don’t forget to read other articles on Stornowaybc.com.

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