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Stornowaybc.com – E-Commerce Application. In this world, there are indeed many online shop or online shopping applications, because digital developments have entered into human life.

With just a few clicks from a cellphone, we can shop for various kinds of necessities. Including shopping for fashion, electronics, household goods, to food ingredients.

But of the many e-commerce in Indonesia, there are several applications that are said to be the best. The indicator is that the application has a high number of transactions, often offers promos, and discounts.

As a result, many Indonesians use these applications to shop online. What are the best e-commerce applications on Android phones? Here we provide some recommendations for you.

List of the Best e-Commerce Applications on Phone

Here are some choices of the best e-commerce applications on Android phones that can be used. Please see and see the full explanation in the descriptions and reviews that we have summarized from these various sources.

1. Shopee

The first best e-commerce application is Shopee. Since the fourth quarter of 2019 until now, Shopee is still the No. 1 best e-commerce site in Indonesia. More than 93 million visits to Shopee in just one month.

In the Playstore and Appstore rankings, Shopee is still the number one online shopping application. Shopee is an e-commerce company from Singapore, part of the SEA Group (formerly Garena), founded in 2009 by Forrest Li.

The bright orange e-commerce or online shopping site was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has recently expanded to surrounding countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia.

2. Tokopedia

Another highly recommended application name is Tokopedia. The Tokopedia application currently occupies the second position in the market competition in Indonesia, replaced by Shopee. Around 86 million website visitors open the Tokopedia website every month.

The Tokopedia application as an online shop ranks second on the App Store and Google Play, and second on Shopee. Tokopedia is a website created in 2009 by Indonesian children William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison.

Now, Tokopedia has become one of Indonesia’s unicorns. This site is uniquely green and also promotes business by inviting individuals and MSME businesses to join in marketing their products through Tokopedia.

3. Bukalapak

Bukalapak is the third best e-commerce site. This e-commerce site founded by Achmad Zaky has been around since 2010, initially only an online store dedicated to starting sales on the internet for MSMEs.

Now Bukalapak has transformed into e-commerce with many different business lines. The Bukalapak application can also be used for free, directly downloaded from the Google Play Store Android or App Store iOS and iPhone.

It is recorded that around 35 million visitors open their website every month, a number that is far from the first and second ranks on the Indonesian e-commerce map. In the Bukalapak application, there are also many choices of discounts and promos.

4. Lazada

Another best e-commerce in Indonesia is Lazada. This online shopping platform is headquartered in Singapore since 2012, the company operates in several Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia.

Lazada is a Chinese e-commerce company under the Alibaba Group, so it’s no wonder there are so many Chinese sellers. Judging from the monthly visits to Lazada’s e-commerce website, there are around 22 million visits every month.

Uniquely, Lazada has 29 million followers on Facebook, the most Facebook-like e-commerce company. The Lazada application has also been named as one of the other best online shopping applications on your Android phone.

5. BliBli

The online shop application Blibli is currently ranked as the 5th best e-commerce site in Indonesia by Lazada. The BliBli website, which is dominated by blue, belongs to the Djarum Group, reaching 18 million unique visits every month.

From the outside, the Blibli website or platform is attractive with its modern design, and the products sold mainly include electronics, gadgets, home life, fashion, events, ticketing, and many more. The BliBli application is also highly recommended.

Blibli is a website that often gives promos to its loyal customers, try checking every day and get interesting promos. You can shop for various kinds of goods with cheap deals.

6. JD ID

JD.ID is an e-commerce originating from China. JD.com or JD.com is one of the largest online B2C retailers in China. The JD ID application also offers certainty so that buyers can get abundant benefits.

Various products are sold on the JD.ID website, including fashion, electronics, gadgets, household appliances, sports, health, and others. So, you no longer need to doubt the validity of the JD ID application.

If you want to use it, you can also directly download it from the Play Store for free for Android devices. In addition, specifically for iPhone or iOS users, you can download the JD ID application on the App Store site.

7. Orami

Another e-commerce platform name that is recommended to you is Orami. Orami is very different from other e-commerce stores because the Orami segment is more for baby products, pregnant women, household appliances and beauty.

First of all, this e-commerce site from Orami was founded by two great people, Ferry Tenka and Gusmantra Ekamukti Himawan. Various brands of your daily necessities can be found in the Orami ii application.

At the beginning of its appearance, Orami only offered products for babies and pregnant women, but over time, the Olami website complemented it with several additional categories. Now the Orami application users are becoming more and more.

8. Bhinneka

Bhinneka E-Commerce is an online store that has been around for a long time, recorded to have been established around 1997. The Bhinneka application has also become the best digital shopping platform that can be used by the people of Indonesia.

Initially, Bhineka sold various electronic products and became a distributor of IT products. Of course, various kinds of goods or products that are traded in Bhinneka have guaranteed authenticity, not KW or counterfeit goods.

Now, the Bhineka website already has other categories, not only electronics such as agriculture, cars, hobbies, and fashion. You can directly use the Bhinneka application by downloading it on the Play Store and App Store.

9. Zalora

Zalora is a dedicated e-commerce for specialty fashion and beauty categories. Thus, the Zalora application is only intended for those who want to shop for various kinds of fashion products easily, quickly, and reliably.

According to iPrice, about 2 million website visitors each month are looking for a variety of fashion and beauty needs. You can also see on the Play Store, that Zalora has positive reviews and reviews from various users.

To be able to start buying various needs on the Zalora e-commerce website, the method is actually quite simple, all you need is to register or register an account, then immediately look for the items you want to buy.

10. Matahari

Now the last one is Matahari’s e-commerce site. Who is not familiar with Matahari Department Store, there is Matahari Department Store that sells all kinds of fashion products in almost every big city in Indonesia.

Over the past few years, you have been able to shop online through Matahari.com. Matahari Department Store has also become an e-commerce platform that is very feasible for you to use to shop for various kinds of daily necessities.

In addition to the top 10 best e-commerce sites above, there are actually many other e-commerce sites that are not inferior, such as Sociolla, Montaro.id, AliExpress, Jakartanotebook, Elevenia, Blanja, Jakmall, and others.


So many articles on the best e-commerce applications that we can recommend. Hopefully the applications that we recommend can be used properly so that you can buy various items from your cellphone.

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