Digital Scale App – Digital Scale App. Nowadays, we can weigh a vegetable, fruit, or other item digitally using only a smartphone with a special sensor.

If your cellphone has this special sensor, of course we can install the application to start weighing. These applications can also be used for free or without paying any fees.

Of course, the use of these applications can be used as one of the easiest means of weighing the weight of an item. To be sure, the items being weighed must be ensured that they will not damage the cellphone.

On this occasion we will also explain to you some recommendations for digital weighing applications on Android phones that can be used. Please see the full review in the explanation below.

Collection of Android Mobile Digital Scales Applications

Here are some choices of digital weighing applications on Android smartphones that can be used. Please refer to some of the application options directly in the review below.

1. Weight Scale Estimator

First, there is a digital scale application that can also be used as a gold or weight scale. However, users should be aware that the accuracy of this application may be lower because the results are only in kg.

For the reasons described above, this Weight Scale Estimator application is best used when the user has more than 1kg of gold. The reason was disclosed because it does not match the value of grams or ounces of gold.

Weight Scale Estimator is recommended for Android users as it can be downloaded on Google Play Store. In fact, iPhone users can also use the application if it is available on the App Store for free at no cost.

2. Precision Digital Scale

The Precision Digital Scale is probably the most recommended because it has real functions and is dedicated to weighing. After downloading, users usually go directly to the Precision Digital Scale application.

Then in the Precision Digital Scale application, you can immediately see the shape of the ruler with the number attached as a measure of weight. Now users only need to put Android on a flat base, in a flat position.

The goal is to ensure that there are no abnormal weights when weighing. Then try to weigh the gold by placing it on the Android screen. The figure will start moving and wait a while until it stops.

3. Sensoscale Lite

Sensoscale Lite is also another online weighing application that you can use for free on your Android phone. With over 1 million downloads, the Sensoscale app is free to download on the Google Play Store.

As the name suggests, this Sensoscale Lite application is a digital scale that uses the gram weight level. Even if there is already a weighted item, the user can perform the tare function or return to the initial value for more accuracy.

Users of the Sensoscale Lite application can also do a tutorial first to understand how the application works. Once this is done, you will be able to take advantage of Sensoscale Lite more easily and quickly.

4. Timbangan Digital Gratis

Next, you can weigh your smartphone using a free digital weighing platform. Maybe not many people know it, but if you only weigh the small things, it is very efficient and very easy to do.

You can now enter the actual weight of an object before you weigh it directly. How to use the Free Digital Scales application is also easy and can be done by anyone.

In fact, Free Digital Scales will also provide accurate information about what you weigh and other information about when you should start weighing or limit weighing with your phone in the app.

5. Monitor Your Weight

Monitor Your Weight is the name of the next application that we highly recommend to you. With Monitor Your Weight, you can monitor your weight as well as the next suggestion for weighing items online.

The Monitor Your Weight application was originally developed by Husain Al-Bustan for Android users. Please note that the Monitor Your Weight application is specially designed to help someone weigh weights or weights online.

Plus, using the Monitor Your Weight app you’ll get all kinds of important weight loss motivation, especially if you’re on a diet. So, Monitor Your Weight is really worth a try.

6. Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight is the name of the next best and free digital weighing application. Online scales are more practical because they save time. This app will give you a fairly accurate weight measurement.

In addition, you will get a variety of information that will support the motivation to eat more appropriate and healthy. By using the Ideal Weight application, you can find out your weight accurately and precisely.

The Ideal Weight application also has very good reviews on the Play Store specifically for Android users. Not only that, the Ideal Weight application can also be had for free by downloading it directly through the Play Store.

7. Gram Scale Simulator

Gram Scale Simulator is not actually an accurate weighing app. With this app you can easily determine the weight (in grams) of any item. However, be careful not to store heavy objects on top of the HP.

This app Gram Scale Simulator works like this: Hold a small item on your phone screen and click its weight in grams. So, basically the Gram Scale Simulator application is just a joke that can be used to play.

Keep in mind that the results given by this app are not real, so you only use it for fun and joke with your friends. If you want to download, just go to the Play Store.


That’s all the discussion from Stornowaybc regarding the HP digital scale application that we can convey. Hopefully our explanation can be understood so that you can only weigh items from your cellphone.

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