Digital Invitation App – Digital Invitation App. Nowadays invitations are no longer given to other people using letters or paper, but usually in the form of digital invitations.

Whether it’s wedding invitations, aqiqah, circumcision, salvation, and others, many use digital platforms. Moreover, how to make it is also very easy for anyone to do.

Because now there are many applications that can be used to create digital invitations. The application can also be used easily, free of charge, and of course friendly for beginners.

You must also want to know what digital invitation applications can be used on laptops and PCs, right? If you want to know, it would be nice to read the following article to the end.

Best Digital Invitation App on Laptop

After launching from various sources, we found several free digital invitation applications that can be used on PC. What are the digital invitation applications? Look directly at the description below.

1. Movie Maker

The first digital invitation app that we recommend to you is Movie Maker. If you want to choose a medium for creating creative and anti-mainstream invitations for invitations, give Movie Maker a try.

Users of these applications can use the features in Movie Maker to design their own invitations in the form of animated images or videos. Of course this will be interesting as your wedding invitation or aqiqah.

Movie Maker also has many complete and interesting features. Take advantage of the existing facilities in the invitation publishing media as well as possible so that the resulting invitation will be noticed by the invitee.

2. Invitation Maker

The next application that can be used to create digital invitations is Invitation Maker. Invitations come in many forms, and digital Invitation Maker can be created in almost any form.

Many people are now using digital invitations in the form of videos. This kind of invitation is indeed more interesting than the one in the form of a sheet of paper, the Invitation Maker application is able to make it for you.

Invitation Maker can be the best choice to design your own unique design invitations through videos. Media can also be easily manipulated by users because the functions presented are also very easy to use.

3. Corel Draw

Next, there is Corel Draw, which must be familiar to you. This design application can indeed be used for various things, including making digital invitations easily, practically, and quickly.

For those who are in the field of graphic design, of course, they are familiar with this Corel Draw application. CorelDraw can also be used as a medium for designing your own digital invitations.

Making digital invitations can be done based on the desired theme. Users can also use the design facilities that are available for free. Users can of course make creative and unique invitations.

4. Elli

Furthermore, there are applications that may be rarely known but both have the ability to make digital invitations. The existence of media like Elli can be a reference for a simple digital invitation-making application on a PC.

The Elli app is also very easy to use, even for beginners. Elli application users can freely use the facilities provided by this media to make cool and attractive digital invitations.

Of course, making invitations at Elli can be in accordance with the desired concept. Elli also offers a variety of fun and unique templates to make it easier for users to determine which theme to use.

5. Canva

Canva can also be used to create digital invitations in an easy, practical, and easy-to-do manner. Canva’s media application is very popular with editors in the graphic design field.

The facilities provided in Canva’s media are very simple, making it very easy to use for users, especially beginners who want to design their own invitations. Users get a number of advantages in Canva.

Especially when choosing this media for invitations, because there is no charge to access this media for free. Users don’t need to worry if they don’t understand the concept of how to choose usage for invitations.

6. Power Point

Power Point is a versatile Microsoft Office built-in application, you can use this application to create invitation videos for free. As we all know, PowerPoint has many slides.

Slides in PowerPoint can be combined into a video. You can also add animations to make the invitation video more interesting. Video invitations made with PowerPoint might be the best choice.

Those who accept the invitation will definitely be more interested in reading the information provided. Various categories of invitations are provided in this PowerPoint, so users don’t have to worry about the invitation concept.

7. Video Scribe

Finally, there is Video Scribe which is also the best digital invitation application and is free for anyone to use. For some people, this Video Scribe application may be difficult to operate.

In fact, the user interface in the Video Scribe application is easy to use, especially when it comes to making wedding invitation videos. In addition, this application can create videos with a capacity of more than 50 MB.

Of course the size of the Video Scribe application is large enough to accommodate the size of the video. This Video Scribe application is very easy to use and has simple functions and various invitation templates are available.

End of Article

The article review regarding the recommendation for a laptop digital invitation application has been completed, we have explained it to you. Hopefully the discussion that we explained to Ana can be understood, especially those who want to find a digital invitation apk.

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