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Stornowaybc.com – Different Operator Credit Transfer Application. You might be thinking whether you can convert credit from Telkomsel to XL or Indosat or other telecommunication operators?

Transfer of credit between different operators is now not a figment. There are several applications that allow this task to be carried out, including for AXIS, Smartfren, IM3, Simpati, By.U, and other providers.

The applications in question are available on Android devices and can be downloaded for free via the Play Store. Just install, register, and immediately transfer the credit you have to another operator card.

On the last occasion we have also reviewed the vent application, now we also want to discuss an application that is no less interesting and useful. You can listen to the info on the best different operator credit transfer applications below.

List of Best Different Operator Credit Transfer Applications

Without talking much more nonsense, here’s a complete explanation of the best, complete, free, and online credit transfer application for different operators. Check out the discussion below.

1. Coowry

The first application that is recommended to be able to transfer credit for all operators is Coowry. This application is available for Android and iOS devices, and can be used to exchange credit for free.

You can even send or receive credit from overseas users. How to use this application to share credit for all operators is also very easy, follow the steps using the following Coowry application.

Pulsa is a mobile payment that is used to pay for phone calls, SMS and internet quota purchases on mobile phones.

Usually, every cellular operator provides credit transfer services for its users, but unfortunately it can only be done to other operators, not to different operators and subject to shipping/transfer fees.

The problem again is not necessarily the person we want to transfer using the same operator. Then how can we send credit to other people with different operators, and free of charge?

Departing from this problem, Coowry created an Android and iOS application that can help you to be able to send/transfer credit to different operators and for free! you can even send and receive credit from foreign user numbers, cool isn’t it? Check out the following tutorials:

  • First, install the Coowry application on Android and iOS on your cellphone.
  • To download it, you can download it on the Play Store or App Store.
  • Then you can run the application, after that you will see the dashboard display of the Coowry application.
  • If you have entered the main menu, you can tap Skip, then select Start.
  • Next, please register the phone number you want to use to send credit.
  • Don’t forget to enter the verification code from the OTP which will be sent via SMS.
  • After registration is complete, you will be directed to the Coowry main page.
  • Then if you have, of course you don’t have a balance, aka your balance is still Rp. 0.
  • Then you can tap on the number Rp 0 to enter the balance into Coowry or go to Settings, then select Add to Coowry.
  • Tap “Add” and enter the amount of credit you want to enter or send.
  • You can add any amount to your Coowry account, but to withdraw the credit sent, there are only options for credit worth 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 (only tri operators can withdraw 1,000 rupiah)
  • After the balance enters your Coowry account, then tap the icon.
  • Then if you have, enter the nominal you want to send, tap the “SEND” button.
  • Then allow the Coowry application to access the contacts on your cellphone
  • Just wait a moment until you see all the contact lists on your respective cellphones.
  • After selecting the contact of the person you want to send credit to, then enter a note for the recipient.
  • If so, please tap “SEND Rp. (total amount)”
  • The recipient of the credit will then receive an SMS from Coowry.
  • Then you can tap / open the url link provided via the SMS.
  • If you have, then you will be directed to the Coowry page, tap the “Withdraw Rp. (total nominal)”.
  • Done, congratulations you can send and receive free and free credit.

2. Bima+

Actually Bima+ is an application from the Tri provider. But in this application, you can transfer credit from different operators from your own balance or from the iPhone application that generates credit easily and the process can be sent directly to the recipient in a short time.

Not only that, the security features in this application are also very capable, because it uses an OTP code. But for those who don’t know how to transfer credit for all operators from Bima+, here are the steps.

  • First, you open the Bima+ application on your Android or iOS cellphone.
  • If you don’t have the application, please download it first via the Play Store and App Store.
  • Then you can choose on the BFF menu – additional income #At home.
  • After that, two options will appear, then select KiKiPu (Send-Send Credit).
  • Select the send button to transfer credit.
  • In the Credit Transfer submenu, you can enter the destination cellphone number and the desired credit nominal.
  • Then if you have, continue by selecting the Transfer button to send the OTP code and bring up the Authentication Code column.
  • OTP code will be sent via SMS.
  • Enter the OTP code in the Authentication Code field and then click the Transfer button provided.
  • Done.

3. MySmartfren

By using the MySmartfren application, you can also transfer credit to all operators. Credit transfer from Smartfren can be done quickly, safely, and of course directly to the destination number.

In addition, this application is also equipped with MPIN security features, so it will be easier to use. The following are the steps for transferring credit from different operators in the MySmartfren application.

  • Open the MySmartfren application that you have installed or installed
  • Then open the E-Toll menu
  • Fill in the destination cellphone number as well as the amount of credit you want to send
  • Then don’t forget to type the MPIN you get
  • If you have, then you can immediately make the transfer
  • Then after the credit transfer process is done, you will receive an SMS notification.
  • Done.

The final word

Maybe it’s only up to here for the discussion, thank you for listening to the article about the recommendation for a different operator free credit transfer application. By using this application, of course you can get or get credit for free.

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