Diet App – Diet App. If you want to diet to lose weight by maintaining a healthy diet, you can’t overdo it. There are special portions and rules that need to be applied.

If you are confused about how to live a healthy eating diet, want to hire an expensive instructor, then you can just try a diet application. This application can be used for free on Android smartphone devices.

Please note that this diet application can help you maintain your diet, exercise, and daily activities so that your diet program can run smoothly. This app will work as your personal instructor.

Previously, we also discussed a little about the application for buying and selling houses, and now we also want to go back to discussing applications that are no less useful. The application is useful for losing your weight.

List of Best Food Diet Apps

Check out the direct explanations that we have compiled from various sources regarding the best food diet applications, in Indonesian, free, and online. This is the information that we can see together.

1. Food Intolerances

Food Intolerances is a diet app focused on helping people with food allergies and sensitivities. This app is targeted at people with histamine intolerance, gluten sensitivity, mastocytosis, fructose malabsorption, sorbitol intolerance, and lactose intolerance.

The app contains a database of hundreds of foods, and will tell you whether a particular food matches your food allergy or sensitivity. One of the drawbacks of this app is that it contains a wide variety of foods, not a database of specific products.

For example, this app cannot tell the difference between macaroni and kraft cheese from Annie’s brand of macaroni and cheese. But just like the fingerprint pregnancy test app, the downside is also noticing that the iOS version of the app is more feature-rich than the Android version.

2. Fooducate

Fooducate is a slightly different diet apk. On the main page, it’s a diet and weight loss app that does the basics of a weight loss program like counting calories and tracking exercise.

What sets Fooducate apart is that it not only helps you count your calories, but also helps you analyze the caloric value of what you eat. This app means to help you consume calories better which leads to more weight loss and a healthier diet.

Fooducate has a product database of over 250,000 items and a community forum for further assistance. This app has some free features. There are several optional add-ons that can be obtained by subscribing to premium features.

3. Waterlogged

In fact, water is neither a nutrient nor a food, but proper hydration is essential for your health. Waterlogged allows you to ensure that you are getting enough water.

The way this app works is that it lets you take a picture of your glass of water so you can measure its health. The app also lets you set reminders to drink fluids, and helps you evaluate your hydration.

Some features in Waterlogged require upgrading to the premium version, one of the drawbacks is that the app is now only available for iOS, not Android.

4. FatSecret Calorie Counter

FatSecret Calorie Counter has more basic diet features than many other apps. Features include a diet diary so you can log the food you eat and the calories you burn.

They also have a barcode scanner, weight tracker, diet calendar and reference guide for finding healthy foods to diet. This application can appear with a widget on your smartphone homepage if needed.

FatSecret Calorie Counter is completely free to use. But apart from that the app also provides an optional premium subscription which includes more features if you want.

5. Nutrients

The healthy diet program app contains a nutrition database and another popular diet tracker is Nutrients. Nutritionists have included a wealth of nutritional information for various foods and food journals in Nutrients.

Thus, using Nutrients will simplify tracking your diet. A favorite feature of Nutrients is the ability to feed your recipes and achieve instant nutrient breakdowns.

If you want to go on a diet program, then the Nutrients application really must be installed on your device. This application can be obtained for free through the Google Play Store on Android.

6. Lose It!

Another diet apk that is no less popular is Lose It!, this app can do everything you need. The app comes with a food database, a diet plan based on your needs, and a barcode scan.

Not only that, this application has hardware support that allows you to connect to the application. As with Fitbit and Jawbone hardware, to analyze more statistics.

Other than that Lose It! can also connect to MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and Google Fit for more data. Lose It! is a decent and simple all-in-one fitness and wellness app.

7. MyPlate Calories Tracker

MyPlate Calories Tracker is a full featured premium subscription based diet app. This one app contains a nutritional database of more than 2 million items, as well as the ability to track calories, macronutrients, and water intake.

Not only that, the MyPlate Calories Tracker app can see if you’re meeting your diet goals or not. You can create graphs and charts to help you visualize and evaluate your eating habits.

But unfortunately, you can’t use this application to track sports activities like running applications. Like other applications, if you want more complete features then you can buy a premium package.

8. Lose Weight Without Dieting

Lose Weight Without Dieting, is an application that informs you about the nutrients you need and a diet program that makes everything simple. There is a database of foods you can add to Lose Weight Without Dieting.

This app is also very useful. Because there are already calorie and fitness trackers, weight loss plans, weight trackers, and other metrics to help you find positive dieting experiences.

One great thing about this app is that you get rewards for using the app regularly. If you get enough rewards, you will get an ad-free version of the app without paying.

9. Lifesum

Lifesum is a very popular diet app. This app has many features including diet plan, calorie counting via barcode scanning, tracking your diet progress, macro tracking, recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and much more.

There are many kinds of diet programs that are supported on the Lifesum application. Like starting from the keto program, 5:2, low-carb, and many other diet programs that can be accessed for free.

This application is integrated with Google Fit and S Health, and the interface design makes it easy for users to operate it. The free version is fine, but the Lifesum app also provides a premium version.

The final word

Maybe it’s only up to here for the discussion, thank you for listening to the article about recommendations for free diet applications. Hopefully with the help of this application, we can live a good diet program.

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