Credit Generator App – Credit Generator App. Making money online today is very easy, the money can also be converted into an e-wallet balance or even credit for all operators.

In particular, if we look at the Play Store, there will be lots of credit-generating applications that are claimed to be able to provide free credit to users. Credits are awarded if the user completes some of the missions ordered.

Similar to the Telegram application, this pulse-producing application can be used for free. Even in the process of getting the money, you don’t need to make a deposit or top up your balance to the application.

But when you want to use such an application, of course you have to be careful with the risk of fraud or scams. Therefore, here we will recommend a trusted free pulse generator apk.

List of Best Android Credit Earning Apps

Immediately, please refer to the following reviews regarding the recommendations for the list of the best, trusted, proven to pay, legit, and original credit-generating applications. Check out the full recommendations in the following discussion.

1. Nusaresearch

The first application that is recommended as the best free credit generator is Nusaresearch. You don’t need to doubt this application because it is trusted by many users in Indonesia.

To get credit on Nusaresearch, you must first collect points. The methods vary, from filling out surveys to inviting friends using certain referral codes.

The main office of the owner of Nusaresearch, Macromill South East Asia is located at Panin Tower Senayan City 15th Floor (Unit 1027), JL. Asia Afrika Lot 19 Jakarta 10270. As for the application, you can get it via the Play Store.

Register Nusaresearch

2. Mega Kuis

Another application with free credit for all operators is Mega Quiz. In accordance with the name of the application, Mega Quiz requires each user to take interesting quizzes.

Users can of course choose various categories of quizzes that must be answered, such as Movies, Games, and others. But each category has a level level that will determine the greater the chance of getting points.

When the coins you collect in Mega Quiz are sufficient, later these points can be directly exchanged for credit. The more quizzes answered, the bigger the chance to get credit, the bigger the credit.

3. Snapcart

Snapcart which is also a money-making and free iPhone application without inviting friends that can be downloaded on the Play Store. How to get free credit on Snapcart is very easy, just by uploading a photo of your shopping receipt to get coins.

For one Snapcart user account, you can save up to 10 struck photos per day. Of course, there will be lots of cashback that you can get by using the Snapcart application.

The higher the struck value you save or upload, the greater the Coins you will get. The opportunity to exchange credit from Snapcart also has a higher nominal.

4. NewSaku

NewSaku is also a recommendation for an application that is claimed to be able to generate credit or cash easily. The trick, users are only asked to do or complete the missions given.

Users can get credit by collecting as many coins as possible first. Points that must be collected as much as possible if you want to get free pulses in large quantities.

You can get coins in the NewSaku application by carrying out easy missions. Missions on NewSaku are not complicated, such as sharing invitation codes, answering questions, reading the latest news, watching videos, and so on.

5. PopSlide

PopSlide is arguably not as popular as other applications. But even so, you need to know that this application available for Android offers generous credit rewards for every user who wants it.

The trick, later after downloading and registering, you only need to do a few tasks to collect rewards to be exchanged for credit. The task in question is also not complicated, such as playing games and filling out surveys.

However, it should be noted that the developer of the PopSlide application, Yoyo Holdings, only promises credit rewards for users with certain providers. Among them are Telkomsel (Simpati & AS), IM3, XL Axiata, and 3 (Three).

6. mCent Browser

Maybe at first many thought n = this is a normal browser application. However, mCent Browser offers users free credit, you can browse while collecting 500,000 points for 5,000 credits here.

It may be quite difficult to do because you have to be extra patient in browsing activities using mCent Browser. However, if you browse casually, it will be easy to get 5,000 credits every day.

But even so the mCent Browser application has a low rating on the Play Store. Even so, you can try the best, trusted, legit, and safe credit generating application mCent Browser.

7. Coin Monster

Another application to get free credit is Coin Monster, you also don’t need a hard way. Because by using Coin Monster, you can get credit for various providers.

The credits distributed by Coin Monster after completing certain missions can also be sent to various operators in Indonesia. Like Indosat, Telkomsel, Axis, XL, Smartfren, and Tri.

The nominal provided when withdrawing is also not too high, making it easy, starting from IDR 10,000 to IDR 25,000. Of course you can collect coins by downloading the Coin Monster application first.

8. GAMEE Prizes

Another credit-generating application that is no less interesting is GAMEE Prizes. You need to know that this application was developed by a Hong Kong developer and has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users.

The highest prize you can get is a MacBook Pro, but usually that’s for certain events only. While the daily prizes that can be obtained are credit from various providers in Indonesia.

Every day you have the opportunity to play the daily spin which turns into points. You can exchange points from the GAMEE Prizes application for credit, or maybe Paypal if you have reached the redemption limit.

9. CashPop

The next credit-generating application that is proven to provide users with free, reliable, and safe credit is the CashPop application. This application is also widely known as a trusted money-making application.

The way CashPop works is also quite easy, because users are simply asked to collect as much gold as possible from this application. The collected gold will later be exchanged for credit.

How to get gold on the CashPop application can be by sharing referral codes, completing certain missions, downloading applications. In addition there are also missions to open applications for a long time, follow events, and others.

10. Cashtree

Another fastest credit generating application is Cashtree. Cashtree specifically on the Android platform alone has so far received more than 10 million downloads from users, of course it is a truly trusted application.

Reward payment support from Cashtree is also very diverse according to the wishes of the users. Including Cashtree points can be exchanged for Telkomsel, Indosat, Axis, XL, Tri, Smartfren credits.

The nominal credit provided when the user makes a withdrawal is from IDR 5,000 to IDR 50,000. After doing many available missions, you will get points to be exchanged for credit.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion about the Android credit-generating application that we can convey on this occasion. Hopefully you can use it to get credit every month.

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