Creating Android Applications Without Coding – Creating Android Applications Without Coding. Everyone knows that normally to make Android applications we have to do coding or software programming.

Coding is an activity to write a set of code to communicate with a computer. Using this code, we can ask the computer to do something according to its instructions.

For those who don’t know, we will explain again. The purpose of coding activities is as a form of communication between humans and computer machines to perform certain tasks or solve problems.

Well, there are some tips and tricks that can be done to create applications without coding, you know, just drag and drop. How to? Let’s see our explanation in the review below.

Tips on How to Make Android Applications Without Coding

Here we explain carefully about tutorials and how to create Android applications without coding. You can follow the following tutorial so you can create an apk without coding easily and quickly.

1. Thunkable

Thunkable is an option for those who want to create Android applications without coding. To create Android apps without coding, Thunkable is a reliable web-based online coding site that is free or open source.

One thing that is special about what we discussed earlier is that Thunkable can be cross-platform. That is, when you create an Android-based application, we can also export to iOS at the same time in Thunkable.

At first glance, Thunkable has a more attractive and more responsive display model. For manufacturing systems, you can drag and drop code blocks as needed. So what’s your interest in making apps on Thunkable?

2. AppMachine

Another equally good option for building Android apps without coding is AppMachine. AppMachine apps use web infrastructure to build apps, so you need to be logged in before building apps.

AppMachine not only supports Android applications, but also iOS. The interface features drag-and-drop functionality and incorporates building blocks to make the app creation process easier.

To be able to enjoy all the features in the AppMachine application, you must subscribe on a monthly basis. The cheapest price is $49/month with app preview features, live updates, plus blocks, analytics and more.

3. GoodBarber

Making Android applications without coding with the APK format can also be done with GoodBarber. GoodBarber App is an online app builder with lots of interesting themes that all users can take advantage of.

At GoodBarber, there are many attractive icon designs and support for over 600 Google fonts that you can choose from to enhance the appearance of your app. In addition to Android applications, GoodBarber can create iOS applications.

GoodBarber Apps currently has more than 30,000 user published apps with over 40 million downloads. Unfortunately, to try this application it is not free, you have to pay a fee of 30 EUR/month.


Next, there is which is a product of the nation’s children. The next application recommendation is, this application is different from the previous one because it comes from original Indonesia, not from outside.

So for those who are limited by foreign languages, you can choose Jagel according to your Android application needs. The advantage is that the application made by Jagel is more user friendly and does not need to rent a server.

You can even create Android apps even if you don’t know programming. The cost of the package is relatively cheap, the price of 100,000/month is enough, and you can apply according to your own needs in making the application.

5. Appy Pie

Another good no-code APK maker recommendation to use is Appy Pie. Appy Pie is the next free coding app builder site that is worth a try for those of you who want to build quickly.

Appy Pie users just drag and drop directly on the website, and when finished, you can choose to upload it to the Play Store or App Store. Apart from apps, App Pie can be used to create websites.

The Appy Pie application can also create task automation, chatbots, and graphic designs. There is also a free version, but your Android app will embed ads from Appy Pie. For the paid version, prices start at $18/month.

6. MIT App Inventor

Next, there is the name MIT App Inventor, which may be familiar to some developers. MIT App Inventor is a beginner-friendly project from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

MIT App Inventor MIT Apps Inventor uses block-based programming tools to make it easy for even beginners to create Android apps. MIT App Inventor can also be used easily.

To date, MIT App Inventor has 8.2 million users and 34 million applications have been created. Regarding costs, don’t worry, because MIT App Inventor courses from well-known universities, so you don’t have to pay.

7. AppMakr

Finally, there is AppMakrAppMakr which as the name implies AppMakr is the first product that is recommended for creating applications without coding. You can use the AppMakr application for free or open source.

Even you publish the application on your behalf. But every android app you make has ads from AppMakr, if you don’t want ads to appear then you have to pay $1/month for 1 user.

AppMakr supports 14 international languages, including Indonesian. So for those who are constrained by foreign languages, there is no need to worry because AppMakr supports Indonesian. Are you interested in using the AppMakr application?

Final Conclusion

That’s all maybe our discussion about tips on how to make android applications without coding that can be used as recommendations. Hopefully what we discussed above can be useful for those of you who want to make an Apk without coding.

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