Coordinate Point App – Coordinate Point App. Surely calculating mathematical formulas is very difficult, right? One of them is a formula to calculate a point coordinate of a certain axis.

It is true, one of the high school mathematics materials cannot be underestimated, because its uses in everyday life and Physics lessons are numerous. For that, students are expected to master it.

You must study diligently in order to master the material. But the lesson also has to be proven whether it works or not, therefore you can use the math coordinates point application on your cellphone.

The application is useful to help you calculate a point coordinates. But do not use this application for doing homework, but only used to make sure whether your answer is correct or not.

List of Mathematical Coordinate Point Counting Apps

Like health apps, math coordinates calculator apps are available on Android phones, iPhones or PCs and want to use them, here we are going to share them with you. Check out the full information below.

1. Grapher – Graphing Calculator and Function Plotter

Grapher is an automatic mathematical coordinate point calculator application. This app also acts as a small, lightweight and useful graphing calculator and plotter.

Of course Graper can help solve math function formulas for all pupils and students. The simple interface helps students and students create any graph or function on the Cartesian coordinate system in just a few seconds.

Not only that, you can also draw simple, parametric, polar, or table math functions. Users can even build multiple functions with Grapher simultaneously on the same screen using different colors.

2. Geogebra

Another application that can solve your Cartesian point function is Geogebra. This application is available for PC devices and can be accessed online through the official website.

GeoGebra is a dynamic, free and multi-platform math calculator school app. This application combines various functions of calculating geometry, algebra, tables, graphs, statistics, and calculus in one package.

Geogebra was originally developed by Markus Hohenwarter (June 24, 1976) starting in 2001. Markus is an Austrian mathematician and a professor at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz.

3. Graphmatica

One of the lightweight software on PC that is devoted to drawing graphs and can be used to calculate coordinates is Graphmatica. This application is available on Windows devices on PC.

Not only serves to draw graphs, but this application can also be used to draw tangents to a curve. Graphmatica can also be used to draw the derivative of a function.

In addition, Graphmatica can be used by users to draw integration areas as well as calculate them. So, users will find it easy to draw here quickly, practically, and hassle-free.

4. Microsoft Mathematics

Finally, there is Microsoft Mathematics, which is actually a mathematical calculation feature found in the Microsoft Word application. This app can graph a quadratic function or a linear line easily.

Graphs of quadratic and straight-line functions created in Microsoft Mathematics are created in MS Word. So this software is ready to use but you need to buy a license first from Microsoft.

After being able to blindly graph the coordinates, you as a teacher or teacher can teach the material to students. To be more interactive, you can use applications to make learning videos.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion that we have discussed on this auspicious occasion regarding the application of coordinates on android. Hopefully with this application, your math learning becomes more fun.

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