Contraction Counting App – Contraction Counting App. Calculation of contractions during pregnancy is very important to do, it is intended that the labor process in the fetus can run smoothly and normally.

Contractions are one of the characteristics of pregnant women who are trying to give birth, and the condition of the abdomen of pregnant women can become tight and hard. Contraction is an attempt to speed up the exit of the baby from the uterus to the vagina through the cervix (cervix).

In other words, contractions are the sensations pregnant women feel as they prepare to give birth. After all the signs of birth appear, the mother is ready to give birth to a baby or give birth to twins.

There are a number of applications on Android smartphones that are able to help us calculate contractions. We will recommend these applications in the explanation below.

The Best Contraction Counting Application on Android Phones

Launching from various sources, let’s look together some recommendations for the best and accurate contraction counter application on Android. Here are the recommendations that pregnant women can use.

1. Baby Arrives!

Baby Arrives! became the first application that we recommend and can be used for Android users for free. Baby Arrives app! it helps you to calculate contractions accurately with existing features.

The first contraction counter app is Baby Arrives. The screen display provided by this application is very simple and informative for the users. There is a large heart shape that will indicate the time and intensity of the contractions.

The intensity is based on the information entered by the mother. Color markings are also provided to allow users to better understand the information displayed on the screen. The app is very basic and still easy to understand.

2. Contraction Timer & Counter 9

Contraction Timer & Counter 9 is also another application that we recommend to you. Besides being free, the Contraction Timer & Counter 9 application also has a high rating on the Google Play Store so it is very reliable.

Contraction Timer & Counter 9 is a delivery companion application that provides many features for the labor process. The contraction data entered by the mother is processed to produce information about the time of birth.

A notification about when the baby will be born is also a notification about when the mother has to go to the hospital. With notification, parents can prepare for labor faster and more aggressively.

3. My Contractions Tracker

Next is My Contractions Tracker, which is also the best application for pregnant women to calculate the number of contractions. So that the delivery process will be smoother and safer.

On the next list, there is the My Contraction Tracker app. In addition to helping to calculate the number and intensity of contractions, the My Contractions Tracker application also helps record fetal movements or activities in the mother’s womb.

The function in this application will record a lot of input data related to uterine movement. Existing data can also be printed so that parents can use it for birth and fetal monitoring.

4. Full Term-Contraction Timer

Full Term-Contraction Timer is an application that deserves to be included in the list. Because the Full Term-Contraction Timer application is available for free and can be used by Android or iOS iPhone users.

For users of Apple products, the Full Term-Contraction Timer application might be an option. The advantage of the Full Term-Contraction Timer application on Android is that it is compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch.

Users can periodically provide information about contractions in a timely manner. Results published by the Full Term-Contraction Timer app on the number and intensity of contractions will also be more valid.

5. Pregnancy Tracker

The last application is Pregnancy Tracker. Just like the application above, Pregnancy Tracker also provides a summary of information related to the contractions experienced by the mother. The strength of this app is its functionality.

Pregnancy and childbirth education, connections to medical staff, and other support features are included in this app. Therefore, the mother-to-be will know more about the pregnancy she is undergoing.

Therefore, the Pregnancy Tracker application provides sufficient services to help pregnant women give birth during pregnancy. If you want to use it, please download it via the Google Play Store.

The final word

That’s our info about the android contraction counting application that you can use for free. Hopefully you are no longer confused about installing and downloading the apk to calculate which contractions on Android.

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