Compass App – Compass App. In ancient times people used a compass to determine the direction of the wind and Qibla, the compass was used because it could show where the north, south, west, and east were.

This tool is of course very useful, especially in areas with low signal, because the compass can be used without the need for an internet connection. In addition to carrying a physical compass, we can also use applications on Android.

True, there are many choices of compass applications that can be used to show directions accurately and correctly on Android smartphones. Just like a regular compass, this application can be used to show the cardinal directions and Qibla.

So, the way the compass apk works is different from the maps application, because the compass is used to determine directions, while maps are used to view regional maps. However, both can help you get to your destination.

List of Best Directional Compass Apps on Andorid

Not much different from the OJK stock application, you can use the compass application to show the direction for free and even offline. But the application will only work if your cellphone has a special sensor.

1. Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro is an application that you can use when traveling, be it picnics, hiking or vacations to other areas. This best Compass 360 Pro application is developed by David Januzai.

The accuracy of the Compass 360 Pro app is unquestionable, and many Android users have downloaded it. Of course they also don’t miss giving good reviews on Google Play.

The functions available in Compass 360 Pro are very easy to use. The size of the Compass 360 Pro application is also very light. To be able to use the Compass 360 Pro application, you do not need an internet connection.

2. Super Compass

Of course all can agree that getting lost in the wild is very different from getting lost in the city. If you get lost in the city, you can order an online motorcycle taxi, and business is done. If you get lost in the wild? There are no online motorcycle taxis.

Therefore, if you experience this often, please install Super Compass. With Super Compass, you will never get confused which is north and which is south. Therefore, you can easily return to the origin.

In appearance, the application called Super Compass is also very pleasing to the eye. You can change the view so you don’t get bored. Another advantage of Super Compass is that it can be used for free, no subscription is required.

3. Smart Compass Pro

Smart Compass Pro is a compass application with a metal detector function and can show the cardinal or Qibla direction very accurately. Of course there are many other Smart Compass Pro features that are very useful for people who like to take risks.

This Smart Compass Pro application can be used in landscape and portrait mode. No matter which mode you use on Smart Compass Pro, the compass will always point north. If you want to share data, you can send it via SMS or email.

This way your friends can find out your location and then find you. Smart Compass Pro is very reliable to use, besides that the size of this application is also quite light so it doesn’t burden the cellphone.

4. Digital Compass

Digital Compass is a lightweight directional app, but it’s pretty good and full of features. Features that are easy to use, and the size of this application is very light. The Digital Compass application is developed by

To use this Digital Compass app, you must have Android 4.1 or higher. You can directly download the Digital Compass application for free via Google Play easily and quickly.

Of course the Digital Compass app can work well on any Android device. So, if you want to install a direction and Qibla application on your cellphone, then don’t miss Digital Compass.

5. Compass Steel 3D

Another option is Compass Steel 3D, which is also one of the best compass apps and worth trying on your phone. This 3D Compass Steel application has the coolest look among similar compass applications.

Not only that, Compass Steel 3D has a variety of display changes that can be tailored to your needs. There are many interesting features embedded in the application, one of which is sunrise and sunset times.

No wonder the Compass Steel 3D application is very popular with nature lovers, climbers and sailors to support other activities. The reason is, this application is equipped with several features to make it easier for users.

6. Wildcard : Compass Galaxy

Then there is Wildcard: Compass Galaxy which is highly recommended for people who travel a lot. The appearance of the Wildcard: Compass Galaxy application is very simple and makes it easy for beginners.

But the difference is that this Wildcard: Compass Galaxy application does not require any permission when using it. And how to use it is very simple. In addition, this compass apk also has various interesting features.

Including the Wildcard feature: Compass Galaxy which can be used for calibration for more accurate measurement results. As we all know, Wildcard: Compass Galaxy made by Szimon Dyja is very accurate.

7. Compass by Fulltime Software

Do you like traveling to places with poor internet signal? Compass by Fulltime Software deserves to be installed on your Android smartphone. The reason is that Kompas Fulmie Software can still run without an internet connection.

The reading instructions displayed in the Compass by Fulltime Software application are very clear and easy to understand. This is because of the very simple and simple user interface of Compass by Fulltime Software.

Not only can display directions accurately, the Compass by Fulltime Software application can also be used to determine the difference in altitude of a location. Compass by Fulltime Software can also be used for free.

8. Compass Pro

Compass Pro is one of the best directions app on Google Play. This application clearly has the best features in its class, because as the name implies, Compass Pro brings pro features to similar applications.

In appearance, the Android Compass Pro application is still quite beautiful and simple. Remember, if you want to download this Compass Pro application on Google Play, make sure the PRO is big or capital letters, that’s the original.

When using Compass Pro for the first time, you must configure this application by placing your smartphone on a flat place. In this way the Compass Pro application can work more accurately.

9. 3D Compass Pro

From the name alone, we can recognize that an application called 3D Compass Pro is a compass application with 3D display capabilities. In contrast to other compass apps that only provide a two-dimensional view.

Besides being pleasing to the eye, using the 3D Compass Pro application is also very interesting, especially when browsing. That’s because you can see the cardinal directions in 3D, Compass Pro’s 3D graphics are also very pleasing to the eye.

Now you know that 3D Compass Pro can be a very good choice to install on your cellphone. 3D Compass Pro is perfect for those of you who like to climb mountains or explore the outdoors to accompany your trip.

10. Accurate Compass

Unlike other directions applications, this application made by Abc Apps called Accurate Compass looks simpler. The Accurate Compass application in it has a variety of advanced features that make it even more impressive.

Accurate Compass will help display the magnetic field strength function so that it can guide you to your destination. The green signal bar indicates whether the network is good, and if it is yellow, it indicates that the network is not good.

There is also a map service in this Accurate Compass application, so you can check your location more accurately without worrying about getting lost. Accurate Compass can really be relied on to show the direction accurately.


That’s all the explanation about the android compass application as we have conveyed in the explanation above. Please just use the applications that we have recommended above so you can find out the direction of the wind or Qibla.

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