Comic Reading App – Comic Reading App. Many people like to read comics online, such as novels, manga, light novels, short stories, and various other types of comics are also available and can be read for free from the application.

Not only that, Android users can also take advantage of this free comic reading application easily. Because, usually such applications already provide English and Indonesian subtitles.

If you want to find a comic reading application on the Play Store, there will be many choices from the search results. Of course each offers advantages and a different reading experience.

As with job vacancies, you do not need to pay any fees to this application. Because, the application is completely free to use by any Android user.

List of Free Comic Reading Apps on Android

For those who want to read comics from online applications, you can use the recommended applications that we convey below. Please select and use the application as you wish.

1. Webtoon

Webtoon is a comic reading application that is often advertised on TV, even LINE Webtoon is very popular. The types of comics provided in this Webtoon application are very diverse, including horror, fantasy, romance, action, etc.

This app has a “Push Notification” feature so you can receive notifications when a web comic episode is released. There is also a “Share” feature so you can share your favorite comics and “Share Language” on social media.

The webtoon is free for users to use, and you can download any web comic series you want to read without going online. Although the drawback is that some operators have to pay to access it.

2. MangaToon

Another comic application that is recommended and commonly used by many users to read comics on Android devices is MangaToon. In this MangaToon application there are many choices of comics and complete comic titles.

As well as comics with the genre of action, comedy, fantasy, horror to romance, you can read them on MangaToon which is updated every week. You can download the name of the comic you want to read when there is no network.

So you can read comics on MangaToon offline later. You can also save more on your quota, or continue reading comics in areas where the signal is difficult. MangaToon also allows you to easily share your work.

3. Crunchyroll

The next alternative is an apk called Crunchyroll, which is an anime and Asian content streaming application that is very popular in Japan and can be accessed in Indonesia. This app will be the leading digital comic release.

Crunchyroll’s manga and comics app gives readers unlimited access to Japan’s most popular manga and can view the entire catalog of manga series. This application is free and has the advantage of full mobile support.

Thus, the Crunchyroll application can be opened easily on Android and iOS devices with the largest proportion of each panel. The drawback is that the translation function can only be from Japanese to English.

4. ComicRack Free

Want to read comics online for free on your smartphone or Windows device? ComicRack Free app is the right choice for you to use. You can also use a wider screen device to read comics more comfortably

Like MangaToon or Crunchyroll, the ComicRack Free app also allows you to download the comic titles you want. However, users need to know that the downloaded comics are only in zip format.

So when you want to read it you have to unzip it first. But don’t worry, because now there are many RAR and ZIP extract applications that are widely available on Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

5. Comica

Another recommendation is that Comica is a digital comic reader app for Android devices with a beautiful graphical interface. A distinctive feature of this application is that it provides a complete dual-pane mode.

In the Comica app you can take a snapshot of an enlarged image and save it separately. Each comic also has a bookmark function, which can mark the page you last read.

Another advantage of Comica is that it can scan comics and can be moved to an SD card. The drawback of the Comica application is that it is neither free nor paid. You have to buy this app for around IDR 38,000.

6. Manga Reader

The Manga Reader – Free Comics APP application does provide thousands of free and unlimited comic titles. You can also download chapters of manga or digital comics that you want to read for later access in offline mode.

Various kinds of manga and comics in Manga Reader also use many sources including mangahere, mangafox, mangapanda, mangatown, readmanga, etc. So, this app is really complete to use.

Apart from that, the comic reader free comic app also has an easy-to-use search function. So that by using Manga Reader users can filter the name of the comic, genre, author name, and desired rating.

7. CIAYO Comics

Another recommended comic reading application is CIAYO Comics. The following best applications contain many interesting manga comics from Japan and have been translated into Indonesian.

In this way, of course, CIAYO Comics application users can read easily without being confused by difficult to understand language. In addition, CIAYO Comics can be used for free on Android devices.

In addition, the CIAYO Comics application also provides various types of comics, such as action, comedy, romance to horror. You can find your favorite comics on the CIAYO Comics application.

8. WeComics

WeComics is a comic app with a variety of interesting genres launched almost every day. This WeComics application has a function to save your reading history, so for those who forget which chapter was last read.

Even more interesting, WeComics will automatically record your reading history. WeComics application can be downloaded for free. The advantage of this application is that you can read offline without internet.

This can happen because you can download and read comics offline. Unfortunately, the downside of this app is that you have to have a lot of coins to unlock the locked chapters.

9. Ragasukma Comic

Ragasukuma Comic is a recommendation for the best, free, and Indo sub comic application made by Indonesian children, and you should download it. The types of comics available in this application are only action and mystery.

You can download the Ragasukma Comic application for free on your favorite smartphone. The advantage of this application is that it provides a very imaginative story, different from other manga applications.

If you like anti-mainstream comics, you can download this Ragasukma Comic application. The disadvantage of this Ragasukma Comic application is that sometimes the application can be difficult to open and suddenly crash or not responding.

10. WebComics

Another option is to use WebComics, an application that provides comics from various countries and can be downloaded for free. Many kinds of genres are provided in this application, and you can enjoy them for free.

Various features of this application, including “favorites” to mark your favorite comics, “history” to save the last page you read, and “download” to save comics you want to read offline.

The advantage of this WebComics application is that there is an interactive space between readers to greet each other. Unfortunately, on the platform the Indonesian language is not yet available in this WebComics application.

11. Manga Geek

Manga Geek App – Free Manga Reader App is an app that lets you read manga and comics online. Of course this application can be installed for free from the Play Store on Android.

Besides being equipped with a comfortable and friendly interface for every user, this Manga Geek application is also equipped with interesting features. Its features definitely make it easier for users to access their favorite comics.

The Manga Geek platform also has a sizable comics database with over 40,000 comic book titles available for offline reading and download. You’ll have no trouble finding your favorite comics on Manga Geek.

12. Komiku

The recommended comic reading application in the next point is Komiku. As the name suggests, this Komiku application provides thousands of comics, comics, and comic titles for free without having to pay a subscription fee.

Interestingly, the Komiku application also released an Indonesian version to make it easier for us to read. Like the previous application, Komiku Baca comics, comics, manhua and Webtoon also has an offline reading function.

There are lots of interesting and popular comic titles that can be read in this application. Not only that, in the Komiku application the image quality is also HD, so it won’t hurt your eyes to see it.

13. Marvel Unlimited

Another application that can be used on the Android platform, namely Marvel Unlimited, is Marvel’s own comics service. If you subscribe, you’ll be able to instantly access over 27,000 digital comics at low prices.

You can read comics and stories about Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. The feature of this app is that you can download up to 12 comics to read everywhere.

There are also personalized comic recommendations. The advantage of this paid application is that it displays about 27,000 Marvel comics, and there are no promises when you subscribe because you can cancel at any time.

The final word

Just get here first a review of the comic reading application on Android as reviewed in this article. Please just use the applications we mentioned above so you can read Indo sub comics well.

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