Comic Maker Apps – Comic Maker Apps. There are many types of work that can be done online from home, one of which is being a digital online comic creator.

The difference between digital comics and printed comics is that the creation of digital comics is done using a special application. The media used are usually laptops or tablets and ipads.

Now to make comics, there is a special application that you can use for free. Many applications for Android smartphones are also available for free on the Play Store.

We will give you recommendations on what are the preferred applications for creating free Android comics. Please see the full explanation in our review below.

Free Android Comic Maker Apps

Let’s just listen to reviews of recommendations for applications to make comics for free that can be used. Please see the full review and explanation in the description below.

1. Comicsat

Comicsat is the first cartoon or comic drawing application that we recommend to you because of the various interesting features in it. The reason is, the Comicsat application has a feature that can create comic memes from photos.

Later Comicsat application users can insert photos and edit them first, such as changing hair color. This Comicsat application can also be used for free, aka without paying any fees.

Then Comicsat app users can start adding cute text and stickers or emojis. Interestingly, Comicsat can not only create comic memes in one photo, but also create funny short stories from 2 photos.

2. Photo Talks

Photo Talks is one of the best comic maker apps that you can use on any other Android smartphone. In Photo Talks, you can also rely on photo conversations to create comics from multiple photos.

The Photo Talks app, designed by Fueneco, provides a feature that lets you create speech bubbles on your photos with text. Users can take advantage of all the features in Photo Talks for free.

Not only that, Photo Talks users can also add photo filters, frames, and stickers. But unfortunately, this application does not yet offer a comic layout feature to create several comics with the same story in one layout.

3. Rage Comic Maker

Next is an application that may be familiar to your ears, because the Rage Comic Maker application has been widely used. Besides being free, the Rage Comic Maker application also has a small size so it is very light.

Rage Comic Maker lets you easily create comic memes. Initially, you can specify the number of comic boxes in the count panel. You can then select a meme image with a different facial expression.

You can also draw with simple tools like Lines to create straight lines, Draw to draw freely, and Type to add text. With its complete features, now you no longer need to use a PC.

4. Comic & Meme Creator

This comic and meme creation application by Tilted Chair called Comic & Meme Creator provides more than 100 images of people, backgrounds, and objects that you can later use in your comics.

In addition, in the Comic & Meme Creator application there are also very diverse narration fonts available. The use of these features allows you to freely choose which font is the best in Comic & Meme Creator.

Interestingly, you can also use photos from your phone’s gallery for memes and comics. Once you are quite satisfied with the final result, you can save it on your Android memory and share it on social media.

5. Comic Puppets Lite

Comic Puppets Lite has a light size but very complete features and can be used to draw comics easily. If you are a beginner and want to learn to make comics like a cartoonist, but in a very simple way.

Then, you can use Comic Puppets Lite from Touch Multimedia for this purpose. You don’t need to draw characters for your own manga, here you can choose from various objects that Comic Puppets Lite provides.

Its purpose is none other than to use and then set the correct position. Add narration text after it to make each image look like it has a story using the Comic Puppets Lite app.

6. Comicize

Unlike the comics creation apps above, in the Comicize app created by Graphicalize, you can create comics from your own photos (pictured above). Of course, making comics in Comicize is absolutely free.

With this Comicize app, you can turn your photos into comics with a story to tell. The Comicize application can also be found easily by downloading it directly through the Google Play Store.

The features presented are quite complete, such as photo filters for a strong cartoon effect, so you can easily create high-quality cartoons. Since there are no ads, it seems that this app is liked by some users.

7. Drawing Tutorials

This drawing application from Funjoy called Drawing Tutorials offers interesting features, drawing guides. So you can start drawing by following the tutorial provided. The tutorials also vary.

Among them, there are tutorials on Drawing Tutorials for creating manga, drawing anime, animals, and various other characters. This makes it easier for users to use this Drawing Tutorials application.

The tools or tools in the Drawing Tutorials for drawing are also quite numerous and sufficient to support drawing activities even for beginners. This can be seen from the 4.7 rating and positive reviews on Google Play.

The final word

Our discussion of the application for making comics has been explained in full. Hopefully our application recommendations can help you for those who want to download it.

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