Clone App – Clone App. Some people need two mobile devices to be able to install the same two applications on different devices. But this method is actually less effective.

The reason is that compared to buying another cellphone, it would be better if the application was duplicated on the same device. Maybe not many know, but there are many ways to duplicate applications on Android phones.

The best way, of course, is to use the default cloner application of each cellphone. But for some cellphones that don’t have this feature, you can download third-party applications for similar functions on the Play Store.

No different from the doctor’s check application, there are lots of cloner applications on Android phones that can be used for free. These applications can be directly installed on Android devices without having to pay a subscription fee.

List of Best Android Cloner Apps

Here are the recommendations for the best cloner applications on Android phones. You can immediately see the full review in a series of discussions that we have adapted from various trusted references.

1. Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts

Multiple Accounts is one of the best Android cloner apps on the Play Store. This application not only allows you to run several of the same application at the same time.

Another feature of Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts allows you to have a certain space. With this application you can easily use multiple social media accounts such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

You can also automatically separate your personal and business accounts into self-created double spaces. Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts is very secure, efficient, free and easy to use.

2. DO Multiple Accounts

DO Multiple Accounts is one of the best options for using multiple accounts and the same app on Android. You can run more than two accounts at the same time using DO Multiple Accounts.

This application is supported by the most lightweight and efficient Android application clone feature. Thus, DO Multiple Accounts allows you to be able to duplicate applications directly to separate parallel locations.

Of course to get this application can be obtained for free on the Play Store. Don’t worry about trust, this application has been downloaded by more than 5 million users on Android devices.

3. 2Accounts

The two cloned apps above this app have similar features, each one is popular because of its simple and simple UI. Similarly, 2Accounts can duplicate applications in parallel space.

This app can work very well for cloning social media apps, gallery apps and various game apps. The cloning process also doesn’t take long, it can be completed in seconds.

Not only that, 2Accounts can also let you quickly switch between two accounts on one phone. All data is stored separately so they don’t interact with each other, and allows you to create a secret and locked space securely.

4. Super Clone

The next cloner app that Android users can use, Super Clone is a very stable and 100% free app. This app is very reliable to use so you can run more than two accounts on Android.

Super Clone allows users to run multiple application accounts such as WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, Telegram, to online games. This application is also practical, because it supports logging in with a Google Account on every application clone that is created.

With Super Clone, you can run multiple accounts of social media apps and play games with multiple accounts. In it there is also a Privacy Locker feature to protect your cloned account to keep it safe.

5. Dr.Clone

This apk named Dr.Clone is one of the most downloaded and highly rated Android cloning applications. Dr.Clone is an application that has been released for a long time with regular updates every period.

Dr.Clone has a function to duplicate applications, and can run on almost all versions of Android. However, some people often don’t use it, maybe because the UI seems old-school compared to new applications.

You can use it by logging into your second account and saving your personal space. Interestingly, this app also supports all major social media apps as well as login features with Google Play Games allowed.

6. Multi Space

If you want to clone Android apps with clean UI space, then Multi Space app might be the choice. This app provides all necessary cloning options on Android devices, including for cloning game download apps.

Not only that, Multi Space also comes with a lightweight application design that you can navigate easily. In addition, Multi Space also has a simple and user-friendly UI.

You can run multiple online accounts at the same time using Multi Space. In addition, this application can also run most Android applications such as some games, applications, and standard office.

7. Parallel App

As the name suggests, this Android cloner application can run multiple accounts at once in parallel space on Android phones. You can easily switch between multiple apps without much hassle.

Parallel App can show a list of all the apps installed on your device. In addition, the main advantage of the Parallel App application is that it can easily clone applications one by one.

You can use multiple accounts on one Android device as well as clone multiple Android game apps and play them at the same time. In addition, it can also manage several different account data in the same application.

8. Parallel Space Multi-Account Cloning

Parallel Space Multi-Account Cloning App is designed to provide all major app cloning features for better user experience. This creates a parallel space for your multiple accounts.

Then, by using Parallel Space Multi-Account Cloning you can customize the theme of the originally cloned app and the parallel space. Of course this is more value than Parallel Space Multi-Account Cloning.

All application cloning features are present in Parallel Space Multi-Account Cloning so that it makes you more pampered. The simple user interface and style options are present to make the display more varied.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion about the Android cloner application that we can convey on this occasion. Hopefully the above review helps those who want to duplicate the application on an Android phone.

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