Clock App – Clock App. Knowing the time is a necessity that must be done by anyone, because it determines when we start and stop our activities.

Not only domestic time, some people also need to know real time in other countries. Because it might be useful for the work that is currently being done.

Even though Android or iOS actually has a timer feature, some people are not satisfied. So, the clock application can be a solution for those who want to get more features.

Even on the Android Play Store, there are actually a large selection of applications to show the complete world time. We will recommend some of the application options below.

Choice of the Best Clock Apps on Android

Immediately, here it is a selection of applications to show the best time on Android. Please refer to the application recommendations that we have summarized from various sources below.

1. CPU Widgets

The first hour, minute, and second indicator application that is highly recommended for Android users is CPU Widgets. Even though it’s called CPU Widgets, this app offers an attractive and customizable clock face.

For only IDR 3,000 you can get all the full features available in CPU Widgets. As the name suggests, this application will display a widget with a CPU concept. So you can see Android screen with many themes.

Includes widgets in the form of RAM, CPU, battery, etc. In addition, this CPU widget offers a choice of widget size variants. Oh yes, if you plan to use this CPU Widgets application, make sure your Android has a minimum OS of 4.1.

2. XWidget Pro

Another very good application that could be an option for you to use is XWidget Pro, but this application is not free. Since this is a paid application, of course XWidget Pro guarantees no ads.

Apart from that, one thing that makes this app special from SuperDesk Software is that you can connect XWidget Pro from PC to Android and vice versa. Not only that, the article XWidget Pro has prepared more than 1600 widget mockups.

The widget display is very cool, of course you can use it on a PC or Android. In addition, the application claims that XWidget Pro will not drain too much power from your HP/PC battery. Interested? You can download it on the Play Store.

3. Allah Clock Live Wallpaper

Especially for Muslims, you should use Allah Clock Live Wallpaper to display Islamic time. Previously, the wallpaper application and clock widget provided a clock widget with wallpaper in the form of photos and colors.

Then it is different from Allah Clock Live Wallpaper. As the name suggests, this app will display an analog clock widget with Allah wallpapers on your phone screen. You can choose the background prepared by Allah Clock Live Wallpaper application.

In addition, with Allah Clock Live Wallpaper you can also choose the analog clock shape according to your wishes. You can also install various animations to enhance the appearance of the clock widget as wallpaper.

4. Light Analog Clock LW-7

Another very good apk platform that can be used as a main recommendation is Light Analog Clock LW-7. Still an analog clock. This time the Light Analog Clock LW-7 wallpaper and clock widget application presents a simple analog clock display.

A simpler display on the Light Analog Clock LW-7 makes it look simple without any bright effects. Even so, the Light Analog Clock LW-7 application is quite good as a wallpaper application and time widget as usual.

Like the previous application, Light Analog Clock LW-7 also provides the ability to manually specify the size of the clock to be displayed. In addition, the Light Analog Clock LW-7 will embed the date, month and year.

5. Live Clock Wallpaper

The name of another wallpaper app and clock widget is Live Clock Wallpaper app. This application is an analog clock application that you can use as wallpaper. Here you can change any wallpaper.

So that it will still make the live clock wallpaper as wallpaper. Users of the Live Clock Wallpaper application can also embed unique effects that do not exist in previous applications which are not much different from this apk.

In fact, the live clock wallpaper guarantees the HD quality of the wallpaper display on the cellphone screen. This app caught your attention? Download and get the app on the Play Store. The rating owned by Live Clock Wallpaper is also fairly high.

6. Photo Clock Live Wallpaper

The name of another application that can enter the list is Photo Clock Live Wallpaper. To decorate the clock wallpaper on your phone screen? You can do this with this best Photo Clock Live Wallpaper application.

You can edit or decorate the clock that will appear as wallpaper in Photo Clock Live Wallpaper. Embedding your photo as wallpaper when installing an analog clock in it is one of the advantages of photo clock live wallpaper.

In addition to analog clocks, Photo Clock Live Wallpaper also provides a digital clock. So you can choose between an analog clock or a digital clock that will appear as a wallpaper with your photo that you can choose at will.

7. LED Digital Clock LiveWP

Another very good application to use is LED Digital Clock LiveWP. Still about wallpaper applications and clock widgets. This time we recommend the LED Digital Clock LiveWP application especially to Android users.

As the name implies, this LED Digital Clock LiveWP application will display a digital clock on your phone screen, which is then used as an Android smartphone wallpaper. You can change the color of the digital dial LED.

Not only can you change the color of the digital dial, but you can also change the color of the text that you want to display as wallpaper. Digital clock size and time format settings are also embedded as functions in LED Digital Clock LiveWP.

8. Analog Clock Wallpaper

From the name alone, this wallpaper app and clock widget brings and displays an analog clock as wallpaper on your Android phone. Compared to previous applications, the analog clock that is presented is more attractive.

Especially when you choose the analog clock form variant, there will be lots of choices that Analog Clock Wallpaper suggests to use. There are 54 analogue shapes or clocks to choose from, which you can then modify.

You can also set as wallpaper on your phone. Users can also set the size of the analog clock according to their own wishes. Of course, you can count on an alarm clock by using Analog Clock Wallpaper.

9. Super Clock

Another great app name to use is Super Clock. Digital clock to use as your phone wallpaper? Of course, you can try the Super Clock digital clock wallpaper and widget app for free on Android.

This Super Clock application will display the clock digitally on the Android-based smartphone screen. Just like the previous app, Super Clock will display the date, month, and year on your Android phone’s wallpaper.

To use this Super Clock app on an Android smartphone, at least your phone or tablet must have Android Kit Kat OS or higher. However, the Super Clock app will only display in English.


Those are some of the recommended Android clock applications that can be used. Hopefully this article will help you to more easily choose and use an accurate timekeeping application.

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