Chinese Drama App – Chinese Drama App. Many people like Chinese dramas because they have interesting, unpredictable storylines, and clear, handsome, and beautiful actors and artists.

Of course, in Indonesia, Chinese dramas are rarely shown on national television, especially the newly released dramas in the Panda Land. But don’t worry, in the era of technology now you can enjoy it.

By using streaming applications and watching Chinese dramas, we can watch our favorite dramas or movies. In addition to being watched online, we can also download and watch it in offline mode.

What are some Chinese drama applications that we can use to watch? Here we will provide recommendations to you, please refer to the full review in the following discussion.

Recommended Best Chinese Drama Applications for Android

Without talking about this again, we can immediately listen to the selection of the best and most trusted Chinese drama applications on Android phones. Please refer to the application options directly in the following explanation.

1. Viu

This application to watch the latest and online Chinese dramas called Viu is very popular among Korean drama fans because it is full of Korean movies and dramas. Besides Korean dramas, you can also watch Western, Thai, Chinese, and Indian movies.

If you’re a user of the free Viu app, don’t be surprised if you suddenly see an ad in the middle of a movie. The great feature of this app is that every movie has Indonesian subtitles so you can watch it comfortably.

If you are interested, you can find and download the apk for free on the Google Play Store app store. If you want to be free from ads, you can pay the subscription fee in the Viu application.

2. Popcornflix

Do you already know this Popcornflix app? If not, you should try this cool app. Because in the Popcornflix application you can enjoy various kinds of Chinese dramas and films with Indonesian subtitles.

Popcornflix is ​​an application that displays a fairly complete collection of Asian films, from Korean, Chinese to Japanese, and films from various countries. Of course, it makes your life easier if you don’t know what you want to see.

You can watch the most watched movies by Popcornflix users. You can also bookmark these films for later viewing. When it comes to Chinese films, you often think of vacationing in China.

3. MAXStream

MAXStream is another great Chinese movie streaming app to try. You must be familiar with this application. This is an application sponsored by one of the Indonesian providers, Telkomsel.

This application allows you to watch various Asian films and films from various other countries with very clear quality.

This MAXStream app is also completely free for you to download on your smartphone. Not only that, MAXStream also offers a lot of Chinese movies that can be watched for free although some have to pay a fee.

You just have to look for it on the Google Playstore and download it, then open it and enjoy the various movies that are already available. The MAXStream application also supports automatic in-video Indonesian translation.

4. CatchPlay

Next up is an application called Catchplay. This application to watch Chinese dramas or the Bamboo Curtain Country is from Taiwan and this application is one of the best Chinese drama watching applications that you can try.

You can use this app at a very cheap price of only 45k with a subscription. You can enjoy various Chinese, Mandarin films, and many other very interesting dramas on CatchPlay.

As well as foreign films that are satisfying to be able to watch various films from abroad. The CatchPlay application also has a very high rating and proves it is a trusted application and deserves to be chosen.

5. Cinema Box

Next is an application called Cinema Box that you can install on your respective Android smartphone. This app is one of the free movie watching apps that you can download to your Android or iOS device.

You can also use HD quality movies and choose the best TV series and download them for offline viewing. Cinema Box offers a lot of Chinese dramas equipped with accurate Indonesian subtitles.

You can also connect it to a Google Chromecast so you can watch it on a big screen like your TV. The Cinema Box application can be obtained for free by downloading it through the Play Store for Android.

6. Iflix

Who does not know Iflix, an application to watch streaming movies is one of the best at the moment. This Iflix application has various genres from Indonesian, Western, Thai, Korean, Chinese to Japanese films.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand English. iflix provides subtitles in various languages, including Indonesian. Some movies cannot be watched by users for free without paying a subscription fee.

However, you can watch lots of good movies in high resolution by purchasing a premium subscription plan from the Iflix app. You can find and download this app for free on the Google Play Store.

7. Duta Film

The last one is DutaFilm. This website provides many movies and TV series from various countries including China, gangster. The Duta Film application offers very clear streaming quality and is interesting to watch.

The collection of Chinese films and television dramas in the Film Duta application is also quite complete. In the Duta Film application, users can watch Chinese dramas in HD quality with Indonesian subtitles as much as they want.

Regarding the advertising problems in the Duta Film application, we consider the DutaFilm website to be reasonable, not too many. The ads that appear on the Duta Film application are not too distracting and cover up the content so that it can still be enjoyed.

The final word

Stornowaybc has explained to you the recommended selection of the best Chinese drama applications that can be used on Android phones. Hopefully this Chinese drama apk recommendation helps those of you who want to install it.

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