Cheap Hotel App – Cheap Hotel Apph. When traveling out of town, region, island, or abroad, we definitely need lodging, right? Unless we have relatives at the destination.

Don’t worry, we don’t have to search here and there around a city to find lodging or hotels. We can easily get cheap hotels just by using the application.

On the Android Play Store, there are many choices of cheap and best and most complete hotel booking applications. Using these apps, you can find hotels according to your interests and budget in minutes.

Similar to the Bible application, this cheapest hotel booking application can be used for free. The cost you will spend is only to book a hotel at the destination, and sometimes the application even offers promos.

Recommended Best Cheap Hotel Applications

Here are a number of cheap and best hotel applications that we recommend and you can use to find and find the best hotels. Please select, download, and install the following applications.

1. Airbnb

The first app recommended for finding cheap hotels is Airbnb. Airbnb’s concept is different from other hotel booking apps. Real estate or accommodation on Airbnb isn’t usually a hotel, it’s an accommodation model.

So, in essence, Airbnb offers more like apartments or villas. The way Airbnb works is that home/villa owners are called landlords and their property will be listed on this website or app.

Therefore, the owner will take full responsibility for guest services. Users can use Airbnb when looking for a unique hotel, or when traveling with family to find an apartment that can accommodate more people.

2. Trivago

The Trivago app is the next best online hotel reservation service. Trivago provides upscale hotel and villa reservation services ranging from one star to five star. You can find it here.

The prices provided are also very diverse, some are expensive, some are cheap. According to your choice, how to choose it You can choose your own current visit You can choose the hotel where you want to stay.

You can also choose the atmosphere of the room and the price you want. At Trivago, you can view pictures of rooms to make your selection easier. In addition to the image, you will also get the address of the hotel or villa, star hotel, etc.


From the name alone, if the site or application is more related to airline tickets, it is very simple. is an online travel agent that is also growing in Indonesia, even Southeast Asia.

The program interface of the application is very easy to use. It also looks very clean. Regarding prices, many are compared, especially for hotel reservations on which are higher than other websites or applications.

You can collect TIX points on the application which can be exchanged for certain items or discounts. According to reports, there is also an installment payment procedure on which clearly eases the user’s finances.

4. PegiPegi

Next is PegiPegi, an application that provides trusted online hotel reservations and cheap airline tickets. This PegiPegi website and application is the best according to many people because it offers customers discounts of up to 30%.

There is a wide selection of attractive cheap hotels to suit your interests. You can even choose a hotel based on the city you’re visiting, so don’t worry if you don’t have a room in either city.

You can download the PegiPegi app and everything will be fine. Depending on your budget, the prices offered range from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah. For beginners, this application is also easy to understand.

5. Traveloka

You must be familiar with this Traveloka application. Traveloka is the main website and application for finding hotels, apartments, or other lodging with the lowest price offers in Indonesia.

Traveloka can provide online booking services, and here you can find the best hotels in Surabaya, Bali, Medan, Kalimantan, and Bandung. There are also hotels in Jakarta, Padang, Palembang, Malang, and many other choices.

Traveloka is indeed the most popular application of choice because it has complete hotel data. Not only that, the Traveloka application is also quite simple and easy to understand, and the price offered is very cheap.

6. Hostelworld

Next is Hostelworld, it can be said that this application is interesting because there are many promos offered. This Hostelworld application is also very suitable for backpackers because the prices offered are cheap.

In addition to very friendly prices, another advantage of Hostelworld is the many choices of hotels. For those who don’t know the difference between hotel and room? Well, the difference is this hotel does not sell room fees.

While the room or bed in one room consists of 2 bunk beds. The advantage of this application is that it has 30.0000 hotel data and 6000 interesting destinations around the world for you to visit at low prices.


The cheapest hotel booking website or application that other Android users use the most is Booking. why? Because has a variety of accommodation options. From hotels, hotels, villas and apartments.

Many people sometimes always order the search from the highest review to the lowest price. Just choose the one that matches the price and review, and the fees listed on the application also include taxes and admin.

Unfortunately, the functionality of the app is somewhat limited and not as comprehensive as the website. On hotel reservation websites, you can view guest reviews. So you can use the website more often than the app.

8. Agoda

The next application that is very worth using to find cheap hotels is Agoda. For an app for travelers looking to visit or exit Asia, Agoda is the perfect answer.

The features and functions on the Agoda app that will display all available hotels in Asia have been completed. The downside, however, is that the cheapest price filter may not be available at your disposal.

So by using Agoda, you have to open them one by one. But considering various hotels are provided in the app, this is not a big problem. The Agoda application can also be downloaded for free via the Play Store.


Finally, there is a platform that everyone is familiar with, namely From the name alone, we already know that can indeed book hotels comfortably and practically, of course with low price offers.

So, for those of you who are planning to spend your vacation somewhere, you can book a hotel through this application. That way, will help you find the best hotel to stay at your destination.

Choose a hotel according to your needs on, from location, price to available facilities. After successfully collecting 10 tickets from this application, you will get interesting promotional information on

The final word

Until here, the discussion about the best cheap hotel applications that we have recommended in the article above. Please just install and download the application above so you can book cheap hotels online.

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