Chat App with KPop Idols – Chat App with KPop Idols. Do you dream of being able to directly chat with your idols in South Korea, now it is no longer just wishful thinking.

Because we have various chat applications with KPop idols that you can use. The application can also be used directly by downloading it through the Google Play Store.

Not only that, this application also makes it easy for you to choose which K-Pop idols to chat with. You can choose it and start talking to your idol right now.

Well, we will soon see what are the recommendations for chat applications with the best KPop idols on the Android phone. Please refer to the selection of application recommendations below in full.

List of Chat Applications with the Best KPop Idols on Phone

Here are some choices of chat applications with the best KPop idols on Android phones. You can see the full review which can be seen in the explanation below which is summarized from various sources.

1. Lysn

Lysn is one of the recommended chat applications with the best KPop idols for you. The Lysn Apk is one of the fan services provided by SM Entertainment for KPOP idol fans that it has fostered.

SM Entertainment specially designed this Lysn app to unite idol groups with their fans. So don’t be surprised if the Lysn application is so popular among SM Stans because it can be used to chat directly.

Members of this application (ACE) can also find various exclusive content and the latest idol schedules. However, to become an ACE member, fans must pay a registration fee. Even so, ACE gets some facilities when buying concert tickets.

2. V Live

V Live is a live streaming application commonly used by KPOP idols to greet their fans. Through their own official channels, KPOP idols are used to interacting with fans, even live chat.

Whether it’s a promotion, debut or comeback, K-Pop fans are usually notified when their idol is broadcast. Many KPOP idols can be found including Blackpink, BTS, EXO, IU, AOA and many more idols.

V Live is produced by NAVER.corp. It is available on the Google Play Store and has been installed 50 million times with a 4.5 rating. You can use this application by downloading it directly through the Android Play Store.

3. Bubble

The name of the next application that can be used to chat with K-Pop idols directly is Bubble. Bubble is affiliated with Lysn. You could say this application is a place to make fans and idols more personal.

Through this Bubble application, fans can get many benefits. Such as daily idol stories, anniversaries, chats, etc. To be able to enjoy the application, fans have to pay for each idol member.

The price for each member in the Bubble application is also different. For example, Super Junior, the monthly package costs around IDR 53 to 55,000. Please use this Bubble application directly by downloading it from the Android Play Store.

5. Weverse

Weverse also really deserves to be on the list of apps to chat live with your KPop idols. If SM Entertainment owns Lysn, Big Hit Entertainment owns Weverse. Of course, the goal is not much different from SM Entertainment.

It’s all about allowing fans to communicate with their idols. Fans can meet BTS, Gfriend, TXT through this Weverse app. Even these idols already have accounts with their own names.

Fans can easily find exclusive posts from idols through these accounts. Sometimes idols also often hold contests together through this application. Friends who want to buy concert tickets can find them on Weverse.

5. Mydol

This Mydol app is not like the usual chat apps with other KPop idols that we have mentioned in the list above. You can say that this app is perfect for fans who love to have fun.

Basically this Mydol app does not allow fans to communicate with their idols. Instead, idols exist in virtual form. With the Mydol app, fans can turn their idols into boyfriends, chat buddies, and more.

Although it is not realistic the conversation that occurs between you and the idol. Even though it’s only a bot application, it turns out that this application has many benefits. Such as eliminating loneliness, making reminders, or eliminating boredom.


So many articles on chat applications with the best kpop idols that we can recommend. Hopefully the applications that we recommend can be used properly so you can chat with Korean artists from your cellphone.

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