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Stornowaybc.com – Centralized Meter Record App. Everyone definitely needs electricity at home because electricity is a basic need whose function is very broad to power electronic equipment.

But we cannot use electricity for free, but need to pay according to the use of electricity. If you use it often, it’s expensive, if you don’t, it’s cheap.

Now to find out our total electricity bill every month or per day, we can use ACMT. ACMT itself is an abbreviation of the Android-based Centralized Record Meter Application.

What is ACMT and how do you use it? Instead of being confused, we better look at the reviews below.

Free Centralized Meter Recording App on Android

Centralized Meter Recording Application or better known by the acronym ACMT PLN is an Android and web-based apk dedicated to meter recording. ACMT was created with a focus on rural areas.

Especially developed for customers who still use old-school (postpaid) kilometers at home. Prior to the ACMT, officials were often plagued by complicated bureaucracy.

In fact, officers must visit the nearest PLN office to deposit data before sending data to the center from the local PLN office. This of course takes a lot of time and effort.

The PLN Centralized Record Meter Apk was developed to make it easier for field officers to digitally record electricity meters. Then automatically send customer kilometer data to PLN Center.

Therefore, staff at the head office can directly process report data received from field officers, considering that everything is automatically recorded in the system and no manual input is required.

Later in the Centralized Record Meter Apk, the data entered will be more accurate. This is because it has photo evidence of meters and GPS tags entered by authorized personnel.

Download the Centralized Meter Record Application

As we said above, the Centralized Record Meter Application application is not made for the public. But for PLN officers who want to access this application, they must first have an official account on the official PLN website.

Only after this officials can download the Centralized Record Meter Apk. Then how to download and use this application? Here we explain the guide for downloading and using ACMT PLN:

  • Open the official PLN ACMT website portalapp.iconpln.co.id/acmt/.
  • Enter your account username and password.
  • Press the enter button.
  • Done.

Latest ACMT Apk Features

As an application that is directly integrated with the central database, ACMT PLN has several features to simplify the work of officers and make accurate measurements. Here is the list.

  • Master data about customer status.
  • Usage meter reading data.
  • RBM data for each customer.
  • Claims or corrections submitted by customers.
  • RBM correction step sequence data.
  • Abnormal/abnormal power consumption data.
  • The customer’s KWH summarizes the results.
  • Summary result of the message code used by the client.
  • Officers control meter readings.
  • Information about monthly customer fees and amounts owed.

The final word

Until here, our discussion is about a free centralized meter record application that can be used on Android smartphones. Please use our recommended application so you can immediately record the meter.

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