Online Attendance Application

aplikasi absensi online – Online Attendance Application. The use of paper for attendance or student attendance lists to employees is rare nowadays. Many have used a website-based timesheet application. Moreover, nowadays there … Selengkapnya

Antivirus App

aplikasi antivirus – Antivirus App. When we browse web pages, our laptop or PC has the potential to be exposed to viruses or harmful mallware that can damage the screen display, … Selengkapnya

Video Editing App

aplikasi edit video – PC Video Editing App. For a YouTube content creator, of course, you need a reliable application for video editing. So that the video uploaded later can be better … Selengkapnya

Study Schedule App

aplikasi jadwal pembelajaran – Study Schedule App. For teachers and schools, or lecturers and campuses, making lesson schedules must be considered carefully, thoroughly, and well organized. There should be no clashes between … Selengkapnya

Wifi App

aplikasi wifi – Wifi App. A PC or laptop without an internet connection is something useless, even though it’s a bit rough but that’s the reality. That now life has shifted … Selengkapnya

PDF Application

aplikasi pdf – PDF Application. Currently we can easily manage PDF files on PCs and laptops by using free applications available on the Google Play Store. Starting from opening files, editing, … Selengkapnya

Photo Compress App

aplikasi kompres foto – Photo Compress App. Reducing the size of digital photos on a PC can be done easily using a photo editing application. But for some people sometimes the application … Selengkapnya

Flowchart App

aplikasi flowchart – Flowchart App. As a programmer, you definitely need a flowchart that is used to represent how the system will run. Flowchart is a graphical depiction of the steps … Selengkapnya