Study Apps

aplikasi belajar – Study Apps. Online learning makes some students at the elementary, junior high, or high school levels experience problems, especially in terms of internet access and learning materials that … Selengkapnya

VC App

aplikasi vc – VC App. The term VC or video call has become increasingly popular lately, plus the pandemic situation has caused many activities to be changed from offline to online-based … Selengkapnya

Menstruation App

aplikasi menstruasi – Menstruation App. Menstrual cycles do need to be known and calculated regularly, this is very important for women, especially those who are married. Because of the menstrual cycle … Selengkapnya

Instagram Filter App

aplikasi filter instagram – Instagram Filter App. When we browse through a friend’s IG Story, maybe sometimes we feel impressed because they display interesting, unique, funny, beautiful, or aesthetic IG filters. It … Selengkapnya

Quran Application

aplikasi al quran – Quran Application. Nowadays, there are many digital Al-Quran applications that can be read online or offline, even distributed for free on the Android platform for Muslims. Not only … Selengkapnya