Car Buying App – Car Buying App. Buying and selling cars nowadays is very easy to do, this is inseparable from the many choices of online car buying and selling applications that can be used on Android.

Of course, these applications are also available on Play Store devices, so they are clearly safe to use and reliable. You just upload a photo and a description of your car, later offers will come from many people.

But you also need to choose a platform or application to sell cars, because each offers different advantages. For this reason, we will take this opportunity to review it.

Previously we also discussed the photo frame application, now we will review the car buying and selling application. You can see the application recommendations in the review below.

Recommended Best Car Buying Applications

Here are some recommendations for the best car buying and selling applications on Android. Please choose and use one of the applications that we recommend in the reviews and explanations below.

1. OLX

Everyone, of course, is familiar with this one application, namely OLX. The pioneer of online buying and selling sites in Indonesia is now available in the form of an application so that users can access OLX more easily.

The OLX app platform sells a wide variety of goods, including used and new cars. Therefore, Carissignal also recommends OLX as a fairly complete auto trading application with easy prices.

By using the OLX application, you can find your dream car on OLX with the right price, color, brand, and specifications. OLX’s simple interface also makes this app available to everyone.

2. Carmudi

Other recommended places to buy and sell cars can be found on the Carmudi application. Are you looking for a private car, pickup truck or used truck? You can take advantage of Carmudi, an application that has a 4.3 rating on the Play Store.

For those who want to sell cars and motorbikes, you can also take advantage of this Carmudi application. In just 2 minutes, the vehicle you are going to sell will be seen by thousands of potential buyers through this car buying and selling application.

Not only that, the Carmudi apk also provides vehicle reviews and information about the latest cars. Carmudi not only provides used cars, but also new cars with applications that have been installed 5 million times.

3. OTO

The next best platform reference for buying and selling cars on Android is By using this car buying and selling application, it will be easier for you to see the various cars available in the application.

There are various pricing details and based on your budget, so you can find the right car according to your wishes and budget. Since you can determine the price that is friendly to you, choose the car you want.

If you want a cheap car, the app is a very good solution for you to use. Because in this OTO application, credit and low down payments can be used to pay for various types of cars.

4. Mobil123

Another option as a car buying and selling application on Android can be using Mobil123. In the Mobil123 application, there are already many types of used cars or several categories that you can choose as your travel companion.

All car prices ranging from affordable prices to the highest prices are in the Mobil 123 application. Don’t worry, you can find Japanese, Korean, European, and American cars on the Mobil123 application platform.

When you want to select your target car type, all the information that includes the car has been registered, and you can pay by cash or credit card according to the conditions set by the car seller.

5. Garage24

One of the best used car buying and selling platforms in Indonesia is Because the display and interface provided by this application looks simple and beautiful, making it easier for users.

Buyers can easily find the car they are looking for, whether they are Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, and others. In fact, there is a price statement in every corner of the ad. However, if you are a used car seller, you will need to register first.

By registering you can place ads in this app. Don’t hesitate to register at, because the application does not charge any fees. You can advertise your vehicle for free through this application.

6. Otosia

Is it difficult to sell a used car? Why not try advertising a car on The Otosia application is a car news portal application that also provides buying and selling facilities for used or new vehicles.

Not only selling used cars or new cars, you can also sell or search for motorbikes in this Otosia application. Because Indonesia has the best car buying and selling applications, placing car sales advertisements is easier.

So, are you looking for a new car or planning to sell an old one? Please select one of the recommended applications or applications for selling and searching for a car called Otosia on this Android platform.

7. Trovit

Then there’s Trovit, basically this app is based overseas. Therefore, if the price of the car is given in US dollars, it is reasonable. Although from abroad, the cars they sell are very diverse and quite complete.

Inside Trovit there are price cars and some super expensive ones. In addition to a fairly complete car collection, Trovit also provides features that make it easier for buyers. To find your dream car, you can search for it specifically.

Car searches can be done by car brand, price, city, and country where the car is sold. That way, you can more easily buy your dream car at the right price and not far from where you live.

8. Raja Mobil

The next car buying and selling application on Android is the King of Cars. The Raja Mobil platform application provides various types of motorized vehicles or cars with old and new conditions, and of course at quality prices.

Prices for cars and motorbikes already exist and are listed in the Raja Mobil application and a credit payment method or monthly installment is also provided. In the car king application there is also a function to add the type of car you want to buy.

Before using Raja Car, you are asked to fill out a form when we really want to buy a car through this application. So that later if the car we want is available, the Raja Mobil application will contact you.

The final word

Until here the discussion about the best car buying and selling applications that we have recommended in the article above. Please just install and download the application above so you can buy and sell cars online.

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