Calculator App – Calculator App. For students, students, students, teachers, lecturers, shop owners, or others, they definitely need calculations in carrying out their daily activities.

Because sometimes these calculations involve complicated numbers and formulas, sometimes humans need a calculator. And the calculator can be owned and used online via a smartphone.

Basically there are tons of calculator apps that have different functions. Such as weton calculation applications, mathematical calculators, scientific, offline, logarithms, hidex, secret codes, and many more.

And on this occasion we will give you recommendations on what applications can be used to perform complex calculations. Please see the recommendations below.

Best Calculator App Recommendations

Unlike the Centralized Record Meter application, this online calculator and calculation application is widely available on the internet. You can listen to the complete information in the following discussion below.

1. HiPER Scientific Calculato

If you are looking for a scientific calculator with a beautiful design and easy to understand, HiPER Scientific Calculator is one of the best. This app is available for Android with more than 10 million downloads.

Not only that, HiPER Scientific Calculator also has a rating score of 4.7 based on more than 180,000 users on the Play Store. Another plus is its size, which is only about 8 MB, so it is very light.

This is the best scientific calculator capable of graphing so that it is easy for you to understand. HiPER Scientific Calculator supports many basic and innovative features, making it suitable for elementary, middle and college students.

2. Photomath

You may have recommended the Photomath app on several occasions to friends. Or at least you’ve heard someone talk about it, a free, automated math problem-answer app.

Photomath stands apart from the other apps on this list. Not only for scientific calculator functions, but also for scanning documents, texts and sheets to help you solve mathematical equations and their functions.

Photomath will not give you the results of the questions in question; Instead it will show you the procedure for solving math problems, making it suitable for elementary and middle school students as well as college students.

3. Scientific Calculator Free

This Scientific Calculator Free application is lightweight, even measuring no more than 6 MB. Although it is very light, its features can cover the calculation of extensive accounting activities.

Its reputation as one of the best alternatives for students, ranging from basic education to advanced careers such as accounting engineering. Its interface makes it easy to use, without complications, and of course the app is free to use.

In Scientific Calculator Free we can use a calculator for various needs. Such as basic arithmetic, unit conversion, fraction resolution, logarithm, linear equations and hyperbolic functions.

4. Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator is ahead of other scientific calculator apps that are capable of graphing. The advantage of Scientific Calculator is that it can turn your Android phone into a platform that can perform complete calculations.

In fact, almost any calculation you want can be done by Scientific Calculator. Thus, making Scientific Calculator one of the best solutions for low-level and more advanced students.

Some of its functions are very useful, including: full color graphics with details for clear and concise interpretation, polynomial calculations, fractions, algorithms, algorithms, to basic arithmetic.

5. TechCalc Scientific Calculator

This TechCalc Scientific Calculator is one of the best application which has high quality. In addition, the TechCalc Scientific Calculator application is also one of the most comprehensive for complex calculations.

Not only that, the TechCalc Scientific Calculator is intended for use in innovative studies involving engineering, mathematical, and physical properties. With a variety of interesting features, the application can be used for free.

For basic and scientific calculations, TechCalc Scientific Calculator supports algebraic and mathematical operations and notation. The app also supports solving complex numbers, equations, derivatives, fixed and indefinite integrals.

6. HiEdu He-580 Scientific Calculator

Another app on Android that can be used for both basic and advanced calculations is the HiEdu He-580 Scientific Calculator. This application is of course very useful for students and users.

Because the HiEdu He-580 Scientific Calculator has a linear programming calculation purpose. It includes over 1,000 math formulas, making it one of the most interesting tools in the collection and one that students can rely on.

So you don’t have to memorize every formula to complete different tasks. If you take a look at this app, you can definitely find what you need. This application is very reliable as a learning application.

7. Panecal Scientific Calculator

If you are looking for a scientific calculator that is useful for showing, checking and correcting mathematical formulas. Then, this Panecal Scientific Calculator application might be the most right choice for you.

This is not surprising, because the Panecal Scientific Calculator application has a specialization aimed at mathematical formulas. This application also edits and modifies as a correction that has been given.

The Panecal Scientific Calculator application can solve basic and advanced math and algebra functions. In addition, it also calculates trigonometric formulas, logarithmic operations, angle units, and computing base-n numbers.

The final word

An explanation of the best calculator application as discussed above may be enough to get here first. You can use one or more of the applications above to calculate numbers, mathematical formulas, and more.

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