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Stornowaybc.com – Bus Simulator App. Playing games is indeed quite fun, and nowadays the choice of online or offline games that can be played on Android cellphone devices is also very complete.

We can also see in the application on the Play Store, there are lots of bus simulator games that we can use. However, for buses that usually exist in Indonesia, games on the Play Store are very difficult to find.

At least we can use Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk. In this mod application, the buses in the game are modified to follow the styles of Sinar Jaya, Sumber Alam, Haryanto, and others buses.

We will share the download link for the bus simulator application with you. In addition, here we will also explain to you about the reviews and features in the game.

Bus Simulator Apk Review Android

This Indonesian bus simulator game application is different from other games. In this Indonesian Apk bus simulator game, you will be invited to become a bus driver who transports passengers around Indonesia.

Not only that, with the Indonesian bus simulator game, you will also be invited to learn about Indonesia’s natural wealth. The bus design in this game is based on the famous traffic in Indonesia.

The bus travel route in the Indonesian bus simulator game Apk is also inspired from various regions of the archipelago. This game is also designed in 3D so it feels more realistic, the interface is simple, so it’s easy to play.

Beginners, both adults and children, will quickly master the Indonesia Apk bus simulator application. This game is great to play in your spare time and is great for relieving boredom.

Next time, just try the app, will you be able to explore this fertile Indonesia while playing? The great thing about this game is that it doesn’t involve any fights, battles or war scenes.

It definitely brings a new vibe to the game genre and is definitely very safe for kids. This Indonesian bus simulator application is liked by online gamers because of its unique and interesting features.

How not unique? Throughout the game on the bus simulator Indonesia Apk, you will enjoy various buses and other vehicles in Indonesia. Another thing that appeals to players is the freedom to change the type of vehicle.

Bus Simulator Apk Features

Each emulator game definitely has features designed to speed up and enrich the game with its various advantages of extraordinary features. Including Bus Simulator Apk, by having features:

1. Free Design

When playing Bus Simulator Apk, users will decorate the vehicle you are playing with according to your wishes. This modded version of the game already offers various vehicle designs that can be used as needed.

When playing Bus Simulator Apk, users will decorate the vehicle you are playing with according to your wishes. This modded version of the game already offers various vehicle designs that can be used as needed.

If the user dresses up the bus, the user doesn’t have to worry about the cost you have to spend. All the designs used are available for free, i.e. no need to spend money on coins, etc.

2. Complete Vehicle

Another excellent feature provided by the Bus Simulator Apk application is being able to choose a very complete vehicle. Starting from the vehicles that we often see on the roadside, to the modifications.

Even though this Bus Simulator Apk game has a bus theme, many other types of vehicles are also available, such as trucks, buses, etc. Better yet, all the vehicles in Bus Simulator Apk are accessible for free.

3. Local Route

By playing this Bus Simulator Apk, you will feel how to be a driver through typical Indonesian highway routes. This is called learning by playing. Interesting right?

Of course, the advantages of the Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk application make many people interested in downloading and using it. They prefer this Indonesian version over other Bus Simulator Apk games.

4. Hom

Without the horn, it will be difficult for the driver to warn the vehicle or other people who are blocking its speed. Depending on the type of vehicle used, the sound will also vary.

All vehicles in this game are equipped with various horn sounds. Like other features, the sound can be accessed for free for free. Not to mention how cool it is to try all the features in this game.

5. Other Functions

In addition, there are many additional interesting features from Bus Simulator Apk. Other additions that make this Bus Simulator Apk game more interesting can be seen in the explanation below.

  • You can design your own uniform.
  • Execution controls are very simple and can be based on intuition.
  • This bus route will go around various cities and unspoiled places in Indonesia.
  • There is a fun and interesting horn sound, even a horn sound you know.
  • The Indonesian bus simulator game is designed with detailed and high-quality 3D graphics.
  • There is a scoreboard that shows the points you have earned,
  • The data you collect will be stored online alias stored in the game system
  • You can use 3D modeling when using the selected vehicle mod system.
  • There is an interesting feature, namely an online fleet that can be played by many players at once.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk

To play Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk on an Android phone, you must first download it. Well, make sure your phone has enough space to download the Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk game.

The file size of the Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk game application is quite large. So if you use it on a device with only a small amount of RAM, your game will be limited. After all, the effect of using other applications will be disrupted.

The RAM standard that must be met to play Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk smartphone is at least 2 GB, and requires a minimum of 16 GB of internal memory. If these specifications are not met, it will most likely hang in the process.

In addition to capacity and memory, there are other specifications that must be met, namely the screen size. It is recommended that your phone screen size is at least 4 inches. The goal is to make your vision wider and more focused.

This large capacity is balanced with the excitement that you will get when playing it. What’s more, this BUSSID application is equipped with an ODD file. The ODD file you get is used to get all the items.


How to Install Bus Simulator Indonesia

The first step after downloading this Bus Simulator Indonesia emulator is to make sure it is installed correctly on the device. Installation will use a special method. Of course the question is, why use a special method?

Of course, because it is not downloaded from the Google Play Store, but using an internet site. The app will not install automatically as usual. In addition, because this game comes with an OBB file.

Thus, the Bus Simulator Indonesia game must be decompressed first. Before installing, don’t forget to download the Zarchiver application so you can extract the OBB file, the complete method is:

  • Open the Settings menu on your phone.
  • Next, if you are finished, Click Install Application.
  • You have to make sure the download and installation process runs smoothly in order to play the game. If this process is interrupted, the game will not function properly.

How to Play Bus Simulator Indonesia

Basically the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk game application is very easy to play. This is because this game is designed to be played by everyone from children to adults.

If you like simulation games, then you should try the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk game. Be careful not to get addicted huh? Well, follow these steps to make your game more fun.

  • Open this bus simulator game that has been downloaded and installed on your cellphone.
  • After entering the game, select “Select Bus Vehicle” to use it.
  • If you are sure, just select “Select Vehicle Route”.
  • Next, start from the “Start Bus Riding” menu based on the travel route you previously selected.
  • Just like the actual bus routes, you will have passengers at each stop.
  • Select “Use Control Tool” available in this game.
  • Take your passengers according to the itinerary shown on the map.
  • You can control the game by pointing left and right.
  • You can also tilt the phone for additional control.


The discussion about the bus simulator application on Android has been completed, we have discussed it in full and in detail. Hopefully the bus simulator apk information can help those of you who want to know the recommendations.

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