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Stornowaybc.com – Bugis Translate App. Translating the Bugis language from and to Indonesia is not a difficult job, because there are many free translation applications available on Android phones.

As Indonesian citizens, of course we need to preserve this cultural heritage so that it doesn’t become extinct or be claimed by other nations. One way is to apply the Bugis language on certain occasions.

If you can’t speak Bugis, you can use a translate application or a Bugis translation from and to Indonesia. Like the Lampung language translate application, this application can be used for free by anyone.

But maybe there are still those who ask, which applications can be used for free, without a subscription, complete, accurate, and can be used offline? Here we will recommend several kinds of applications.

List of Bugis Translate Apps on Android

Like the vehicle tax check application, applications for translating Indonesian to Bugis and vice versa are widely available on the Android Play Store cellphone. You can choose one from the list of applications below.

1. Kamus Bugis

This application, called the Bugis Dictionary, deserves to be the main recommendation for translating and translating the Bugis language. The reason is that this dictionary can translate between Bugis, English and Indonesian languages.

This Bugis dictionary is the result of more than five years of learning the Bugis language, and is still in the process of being perfected. Maybe in it there are words that are not quite right, but in the future it will continue to be refined.

Every update made to the Bugis Dictionary, will be published in book form in South Sulawesi. For now, it is available to the public for free and can be accessed on Android devices by downloading it on the Play Store.

2. Belajar Bugis

This application is very suitable for students and school students who want to learn. Because in Bugis Learning, you can not only use a dictionary, but there are other features such as Script, Pictures, Lontara, and Quiz.

Lontara script is a traditional script of the Bugis community, its shape according to local cultural experts comes from “sulapa eppa wala suji”. Wala suji comes from wala which means separator / fence / guard and suji which means daughter.

Wala suji is a kind of bamboo fence in a ritual event in the form of a rhombus. Sulapa eppa (four sides) itself is a mystical form of Bugis belief that symbolizes the order of the universe, fire-water-wind-earth.

3. Kamus Bugis Indonesia

The Indonesian Bugis Dictionary is also one of the applications which is the most complete Bugis language dictionary. Although it is said to be the most complete, some reviews say that this application is not as complete as stated.

Apart from that, the translation of Bugis to Indonesian or Indonesian to Bugis can be done in this application. Like the Banjarese translate app, you can learn Bugis words and vocabulary online here.

The developer of the Indonesian Bugis Dictionary also provides examples that are often used in the Bugis language along with their meanings and uses in local customs. This dictionary can be used as your reference in learning Bugis.

4. Kamus Bahasa Bugis Indonesia Lengkap Offline

This Complete Offline Indonesian Bugis Dictionary application contains words in the Buginese language that can be translated into Indonesian. It contains information about the Bugis language and Bugis culture which can also be learned.

This application is the most complete edition of the Bugis-Indonesian dictionary that can be used in offline mode. So, you don’t need to use an internet connection to open and use it.

In Indonesia, many Bugis people are scattered throughout the archipelago, and also many people from outside the region have migrated to Bugis to seek sustenance. This dictionary app was created to help you learn Bugis language.

5. Aksara Lontara

Basically, this application is not really a Bugis language translation application, but a Lontara script application. As explained above, the lontara script is the original script of the Bugis people.

By using this application, users can learn the lontara script which is traditionally used in Bugis, Makassar and Mandar languages ​​from South Sulawesi Indonesia.

Of course, users don’t need to pay anything because the Aksara Lontara application is completely free to use. You can find out the original writings of Bugis residents by knowing the list of letters, punctuation marks, and lontara words.

6. Kamus Bahasa Bugis Offline

The Offline Bugis Dictionary is one of the best recommendations as a Bugis translation dictionary into Indonesian and vice versa. This Bugis dictionary can be used offline, so there is no need to use the internet.

The more vocabulary contained in this dictionary, it will continue to be updated every time. This translation application is also one of the best recommendations for learning regional languages, especially Bugis.

The purpose of making this digital Offline Bugis Language Dictionary is to help the Bugis and Indonesian people in general outside the Bugis who want to know the Bugis language. Especially addressed to students and teachers in schools.

The Final Word

The discussion about the Android Bugis language translation application may be enough to get here first as in the review above. Hopefully the above applications will help you understand the Bugis language better.

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