Browser Application – Browser Application. When we want to explore cyberspace or the internet, we definitely need a browser or browser and a smooth and stable internet connection.

When we first bought a cellphone, actually there was already a built-in browser installed, it couldn’t even be deleted. But if you want more features, you can download a third-party browser application.

On Android there are many choices of free browser applications that can be safely used on Android phones. Moreover, most of these applications can be accessed and used for free.

If you are curious what is the browser application that can be used by users? We will provide you with a review and discussion. Please take a look and see the reviews below.

Free Browser App on Android

Immediately, without much further ado, maybe we can immediately listen to recommendations for free browser applications that can be used on Android phones. Please see the review below.

1. Puffin Web Browser

First we will suggest you to use Puffin Web Browser application. If you want a browser application that saves data quota and is lightweight in performance, then Piffin Web Browser is the right choice.

Because Puffin Web Browser is the fastest Android-based web browser application with full functionality. Puffin Web Browser uses its own algorithm to save up to 90% bandwidth when browsing the web.

That said, with the algorithm in this Puffin Web Browser, you can save a fairly large monthly quota. Don’t worry about security because Puffin Web Browser comes with encrypted protection.

2. Brave Private Browser

Brave Private Browser is already well known among digital activists around the world. Not without reason, the Brave Private Browser application claims to be a fast access application, so it can save you time.

Apart from saving time, Brave Private Browser’s high access speed also saves a lot of battery power. The ability to limit background data usage makes your battery use more efficient.

Brave Private Browser users also really like some of the special features it has. Like the ad blocker feature, which blocks ads and notifications automatically, making browsing more comfortable.

3. Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser is another application that we recommend you use. Are you often annoyed by the fact that the website you want to visit is blocked and cannot be opened?

The solution is to replace your browser with Vivaldi Browser! The Vivaldi Browser application developed by Jon von Tetzchner has quite advanced security features such as anti-blocking.

Vivaldi Browser is also anti-data tracking and blocking ads. With its features, you can surf anonymously and freely. Apart from that, the latest versions of browsers come with an advanced feature called rest mode.

4. Dolphin Browser

Other browser alternatives You can use and select Dolphin Browser. Among the various browser apps, Dolphin Browser is the one you should try for Android users who support multi-touch gestures.

The gesture recognition feature in Dolphin Browser makes it easy for users to access bookmarked sites in the app. It is enough to just swap apps, and a list of bookmarked URLs will be displayed.

Dolphin Browser is also enriched with a speech recognition feature called Dolphin Sonar. This feature in Dolphin Browser allows users to submit requests for information or keyword searches via voice.

5. UC Browser

UC Browser is another browser that is familiar to Android users. Following the success of e-commerce, Alibaba Group launched its own browser, called UC Browser for free and secure.

This UC Browser application is popular in Indonesia with 40 million monthly active users. One of the advantages that users love about UC Browser is its smart download feature at multiple speeds.

UC Browser is capable of downloading multiple files at once. You can also stop, pause and start downloads at will. So that makes the UC Browser apk selling well and many people are interested in downloading it.

6. Opera Mini

The next best browser recommendation that we think is very good belongs to Opera Mini. With various improvements, Opera Mini now offers a variety of new features to pamper Android users.

One of the new features embedded in Opera Mini is Free VPN. For greater control over online privacy and increased security when connected to public networks, Opera Mini meets these needs.

With Opera Mini’s built-in VPN, user data will be safer when surfing the Internet without any costs and installation of additional applications. Opera Mini can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

7. Mozilla Firefox

Another browser application that is not inferior to UC Browser is the one with the red furry fox icon, Mozilla Firefox. This search engine, designed by the Mozilla Foundation and launched in 2002.

Since its launch, Mozilla Firefox has immediately caught the attention of Internet surfers with more than 500 million downloads. In 2019, Firefox re-released a version called Firefox Browser.

The latest version is equipped with interesting features that are not found in other search engines. Mozilla Firefox is equipped with a Turbo Mode feature that protects from all kinds of ads or pop-up banners.

8. Google Chrome

Many people must be familiar with the Google search engine, right? Google Chrome is the most popular search engine today and the most used search engine with more than 50 billion downloads.

Google Chrome is indeed widely rated as a browser with many advantages, especially for devices running the Android operating system. Including being able to easily move from one tab to another.

Not only that, the Google Chrome application has the advantage of combining two technologies, JIT and Javascript. This feature can display search results quickly and save data.


We have completed a complete review of the Android browser application for you in this article. Hopefully what we have said can be useful, especially for you to know more about the browser application recommendations.

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