Blur Photo Clarifying App – Blur Photo Clarifying App. Photo images that look blurry and blurry don’t delete them first, we can fix them so that the photos can be clearer and clearer.

On Android, there are many photo editing applications that are specifically designed to clarify blurry, blurry, or blurry photos. This application is also available for free on the Android platform which can be downloaded via the Play Store.

Like reading manga applications, this blur photo clearing application can be a solution in the midst of our worries. By using it, we will not hesitate to upload it to social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

So what are the recommendations for the best applications to clarify blurry photos on Android phones? For those who are curious, it is better to see the explanation and information in the description below.

List of Applications to Clarify Blurred Photos on Android Phones

Without further ado, we can listen to complete information about apk recommendations to clarify blurry photos on Android smartphones. This is a series of applications that are summarized from various sources.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a free editing app that can make blurry photos clear on Android phones. The app was developed directly by Google and has 29 features and filters that are easy to use.

Once you open a photo in the app, you can choose a view (filter) to apply to your photo or you can edit it with the various filters built into it. The app includes some basic features like cropping or adjusting images.

Snapseed also has more advanced editing options like tone curves or white balancing. Then how to make blurry photos clear with Snapseed? Here’s the full tutorial.

  • To sharpen and clarify a photo, you need to select details in the features menu.
  • Then you can choose Structure or Sharpness. Do this by tapping the configuration icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • It is recommended to start with Sharpness to enhance the image edges. You can do this by swiping right anywhere on the image.
  • Then switch to the structure slider and increase the values ​​in the same way. The resolution structure slider is a Snapseed feature to clear up blurry photos
  • You may have to play with these two sliders for a while until you get a result you like.


PIXRL is a great editing app for opening photos to be clearer and clearer. Like other applications, PIXRL has features for adding effects, overlays, filters, and collages. You can even do a double exposure.

  • To clarify blurry photos, you must choose the editing tools feature. You’ll find it under the suitcase icon.
  • To get rid of your photo blur, look for the Sharpen Toolt. When we sharpen an image, we are actually increasing the edges of the object and making it clearer.
  • Too much sharpening will create an unnatural look. It is important to apply the right amount of sharpening. You can control the number of PIXLRs between 1 and 100 with the slider.
  • PIXLR has another slider, called radius and you may not find it in many applications. With this option, you can control the size of the area to sharpen around the edges.
  • A larger radius means a thicker edge. But pay attention to this slide, because small changes can have a big impact on your photos.
  • You can significantly enhance your photos by combining the effects of these two sliders.
  • Another great feature is that you can select a brush tool and “paint” with your fingers where you want to sharpen your photo.
  • If you make a mistake, you can correct it with the Eraser feature.

3. Fotor

Fotor is a recommended bluer image clarifying application that offers photo editing features. Fotor also has a community for sharing photos, finding inspiration, and viewing tutorials. You must register to receive all the benefits of the community.

  • If you are interested in the possibility of removing photo blur from this app, you can get access to its editing tools without having to register.
  • You can increase the sharpness of blurry photos with the Sharpness Tools. You’ll find it in the Adjust section.
  • When you access it, you will find it with a value of 0. A negative value will obscure your photo. Positives make it sharp, and that’s exactly what you need.
  • Fotor is a powerful tool, so with a small change, you should already see the effect. If you reach +100, your photo may look unnatural.
  • Fotor has another feature to help you remove blur from your photos, namely Structure which removes texture without affecting the edges of the image.
  • This feature has two options: detail and gradation. You need to add detail to get rid of the blur in your photo.
  • These apps can darken your photos. You need to increase the brightness (located in the Adjustments section).

4. Lightroom

Lightroom is a very good photo editing app. While easy to use, Lightroom is not as intuitive as the others mentioned on this list. You need to sign in with your Adobe, Facebook or Google account to enjoy it.

One great thing about this app which is also an iPhone photo editing app is that you can import photos into the app and organize them into albums. So you no longer need to browse through the gallery to find your photos.

  • You can create albums by clicking the + icon in the Lightroom library
  • Most of these apps are free, but have some features that you have to pay for. Lucky for you, because removing blur from your photos is not one of them.
  • Once you’ve got a photo in a bright room, look for the details icon in the Strip menu.
  • This app has multiple sliders. The first three sliders are the same as we’ve seen in the other three apps: sharpening (amount), radius, and detail.
  • But Lightroom has something special, namely slider masking. This feature allows you to control which areas of the photo should a sharpening effect be applied.
  • While working with the slider, tap on the photo and you will see a black mask covering it. As you move the slider, a white sharpener of the lighter part will show the affected part.
  • Masking is very useful to avoid an unnatural look because it is too sharp.

5. Fotogenic

Fotogenic is a free version of the basic version that offers some great photo or image editing tools. The paid version offers an extensive list of devices, but you can also focus on using the free version.

This app has a very simple and friendly interface. Once you’ve selected a photo, all you have to do is tap the “P” button at the bottom of the screen. Then you can select the effect you want to add.

  • To remove the blur of your photo, select “Details”.
  • After that all you have to do now is point your finger at the area you want to highlight.
  • You can zoom with two fingers on the screen.
  • You can adjust the brush size, hardness, and opacity in the settings menu below.

6. Photosoft

Photosoft is a free camera photo editor and photo compress app. This application can be used as a camera application and an image editor at the same time, including to clarify blurry photos.

  • As an editing app, Photoshop offers great tools including a noise remover, sharpening tool, and HD effects tool.
  • Photoshop allows you to adjust the detail and color intensity to give your photos a clearer, HDR-like appearance.
  • This app is very intuitive and easy to operate. But when using complex features like focal effects, it has some drawbacks and sometimes delays.
  • If you’re ready to experience procrastination, this app will come in handy.

The final word

Maybe it’s enough to first explain from us about the list of applications to clarify blurry photos on Android. Hopefully the information that has been shared above can be useful, especially for those who want to make blurry photos clearer.

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