Bluetooth Printer App – Bluetooth Printer App. In the past, when we wanted to print a document into a hard copy, we needed a printer and laptop to do it, but now that is no longer necessary.

Even now we can use smartphones in our hands to print. No need for an external cable or USB, just use bluetooth as a connection connecting the cellphone to the printer.

Of course, in this case we need additional applications so that our cellphones can be connected to the printer using bluetooth. The application is also available in many choices on the Google Play Store.

For those who want to know what applications are recommended, we will give you a review. Please see the discussion and application recommendations below.

Bluetooth Printer App on Android

Immediately, without further ado, we can listen to the best and most trusted selection of bluetooth printer applications on Android. Please see the application recommendations below.

1. StarPrint

The first recommendation for the best bluetooth print application on an Android phone is StarPrint. You need to know that this StarPrint application can be used with printers with WiFi, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

However, there are several lists of printer brands that match this StarPrint application. So that not all prints can be connected from Android smartphones using the StarPrint application easily.

This free version of the StarPrint app is available on the Play Store, but with pop-up ads. However, StarPrint users can get rid of these annoying ads by switching to a premium or paid account.

2. PrintBot

Another name for the application that we recommend to you for printing or printing documents is PrintBot. This bluetooth printer application can work using a WiFi connection so it is very easy to use.

In addition, the PrintBot application is also suitable for various printer brands and supports various protocols such as LPR, JetDirect, and IPP. The PrintBot application can also be used for free, easy, and safe and reliable.

The PrintBot app offers to print 3 pages for free in a month. In the future there will be restrictions or restrictions on free printing, and a watermark will appear on the printouts.

3. Mobile Print

The impression displayed on this Mobile Print application may seem simple or outdated. However, this app has the best feature, Mobile Print – PrinterShare, which works with all types of printers.

The trick is to connect the app to the printer using a USB cable, WiFi or Bluetooth. Then, perform the initial printing process. This application can print all types of files, including email text.

The app can also change printing parameters such as paper size, number of copies, color, resolution, black and white printing, etc. This Bluetooth printer application also supports cloud-based storage media.

4. PrintEasy

Another application that we highly recommend for you to use so that you can print from your smartphone easily and safely is PrintEasy. The PrintEasy app works optimally on WiFi-enabled printers.

Therefore, this application already provides a quick search function, and the printout is soft and smooth. Besides being able to print photos and document files, this bluetooth printer application can also print web pages.

Of course, the printing process becomes easier and faster with the PrintEasy application. If you want to use PrintEasy, you can find it for free directly from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

5. Google Cloud Print

Finally, there is Google Cloud Print, which of course is very reliable and reliable for printing documents. This application made by Google is widely used by Android users, because this application supports various types of printers.

In addition, another advantage in this application is that Google Cloud Print can be used with other printers. Google Cloud Print is also compatible with other apps like Dropbox and Gallery.

Google Cloud Print users can also change the desired paper size, resolution, color, resolution and other conditions. Then, press the print button to start the process. How to use this application is easy and fast.


We hope that our explanation of the bluetooth printer application on your cellphone can be used as a recommendation by you. So you are not confused about which application to use to print from bluetooth.

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