Blackberry Messenger App – Blackberry Messenger App. Blackberry Messenger or BBM is one of the most popular online chat applications in its time, and of course many people use it.

Before WA, Telegram, Signal, Line, and other online chat applications were popular, BBM had become one of the kings of applications in the world. Its users are also very widely spread throughout the world, including Indonesia.

But unfortunately this application has stopped operating because there are no more users. This happened because of the influence of the very rapid development of Android, making BBM dim.

Do you want to know more about the BBM application? About the history, origins, features and reasons why this app stopped? We will discuss it after previously reviewing Arabic applications.

Understanding Blackberry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is an instant messaging application for BlackBerry device users. This application uses functions or activities that are popular among mobile device users.

But soon BBM will become history and will be closed on May 31, 2019. When it was first released, BlackBerry and its flagship application BBM (Blackberry Messenger) left a distinct impression on users.

This is because this application can only be used by other BlackBerry users. Initially, the Messenger service was created specifically for BlackBerry owners and was specifically designed for communication between users.

Of course, many people know it even when using it, namely by connecting the PIN code between other users of this service that is owned by each BlackBerry smartphone owner.

However, the exclusive impression of BBM on BlackBerry mobile devices has not disappeared from mobile phones that are widely used around the world. This is because it is in line with BlackBerry’s plan to showcase this application for a platform that can be regarded as a competitor in the gadget market or mobile phone market.

Android and iOS platform users can use this BBM service on their mobile phones. On October 23, 2013, with the release of BBM for iOS and Android, the new BBM service was officially cross-platform.

Definition of BB and BBMe

BlackBerry Limited (BB) will launch BBM Enterprise (BBMe) to replace BlackBerry Messenger which will be closed on May 31, 2019. So, what is BBM?

BlackBerry Chief Marketing Officer Mark Wilson explained in an official statement quoted by CNBC Indonesia on Friday (19 April 2019) that BBMe is the newest end-to-end encrypted messaging platform.

The goal is for private conversations with corporate customers. BBMe provides 12 months of secure and free private, voice, video and group chat services. Currently, users can download BBMe from the Google Play store on Android.

Blackberry Messenger Indonesia

BBM is part of the Emtek Group. This collaboration is BBM’s commitment to life. BBM collaborated with Emtek on branding, software licensing agreements, and intellectual property rights for the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) instant messaging application in June 2016.

History of Blackberry Messenger

The creator of the Blackberry smartphone is Mike Lazaridis who is currently popular among mobile users, and is a BlackBerry. He was a Greek immigrant from Waterloo, Canada.

The founder of Research In Motion (RIM) was born in Turkey. At the age of 4 (four) years old made Lego dsi record player, and at the age of 5 (five) years made radio, studying at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

BlackBerry is a smart phone. BlackBerry Messenger is software on BlackBerry that allows mobile phone users to switch to BlackBerry to use BlackBerry Messenger.

Therefore, BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messaging program for BlackBerry device users. Applications use the capabilities of functions or activities that are popular among users of mobile phone devices.

Initial Release

When it was first released, BlackBerry left a unique impression on users with its flagship application. Because this application can only be used by smartphone or BlackBerry smartphone users.

The connection between these users is the PIN code owned by each BlackBerry smartphone owner. If in the past Mike Lazaridis was the founder of RIM, then the genius behind BlackBerry’s success with its best platform BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is Gary Klassen.

Gary is a graduate of Geology from the University of Waterloo who is also a pioneer in the development of Blackberry Messenger. Prior to working for RIM, Gary graduated in geology and was studying information technology at the time.

When expressing the idea to create an instant messaging application for other BlackBerry platforms, Garry said that not everyone at RIM agreed with this idea. Many people did not believe that this idea would be as great as it is today.

But in the end he managed to persuade RIM officials and entrust the BBM project to him. The BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) project began in 2005, when a student from Mississauga tried out an instant messaging app he had created.

Competition with Competitors

Then send it to RIM (Research In Motion), and finally recruited by Gary. Initially, Gary Klassen’s team experienced several failures and mistakes. Moreover, the pressure they felt was increasing.

Because they have to compete with similar application projects, such as MSN and AOL Instant Messenger which were on the rise at that time. However, due to several failures at that time, the letters “D” and “R” indicators indicating that the message had been sent (D) and were read by the recipient of the message (R).

To date, BlackBerry users and their flagship application BlackBerry Messenger have been successful, with 60 million users worldwide. From the initial team of only a few people, now the BBM team has become a big team and is still BlackBerry’s mainstay.

BBM Application Bankrupt

PT Elang Mahkota (EMTK) will close the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) instant messaging service on May 31, 2019. Information on the closure of the BBM application has been announced on the official BlackBerry Messenger blog.

In a written statement, BBM closed its platform because it was difficult to get new users and many users switched to other instant messaging services. In addition, intense competition with other instant messaging services was also a major factor in the closure of BBM.

Just look at WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line, they can be said to be the leader of instant messaging services today. Starting in 2016, BBM has embarked on a new journey, updating the platform, making the platform fresher and more feature rich.

The company is interested in providing a cross-platform service that allows users not only to send messages and share stories, but also to enjoy various content and even pay bills.

But over time, that ambition is now only a memory. For your reference, Creative Media Works Pte. Ltd. and BlackBerry Limited have legally signed a BBM license agreement to run BBM Consumer Cross Platform services.

Blackberry Messenger Featured

There are lots of features offered by this Blackberry Messenger application. Some of them can even be said to be superior because they don’t exist in other chat applications, namely:

1. Live TV

BBM users don’t need to be afraid to miss their favorite shows, because there is already a live TV function in the application. You don’t have to worry about running out of quota because BBM has collaborated with telecommunications service providers.

For example, like Indosat, they work together to provide 100% free TV viewing services. In addition, there is BBM News to ensure users do not miss the latest information.

2. BBMoji Islami

If you want to see your personalized avatar look, there’s no need to waste money. BBM presents many complementary innovation variants for its users in the form of BBMoji.

If there is no hijab avatar feature in other chat applications, BBMoji is actually more inclusive by displaying accessories related to Ramadan, so that people who wear hijab can express themselves more freely.

3. Grup BBM Lebih Besar

Don’t worry, BBM is preparing a team that can accommodate up to 300 people. Another function is to use the voicemail function to send audio messages to multiple contact groups.

It is said that this feature is especially effective when the user is driving on the road, doesn’t have time to type, or feels the text isn’t enough to express himself. Equipped with a large number of words in BBM.

4. BBM Channel

There is also a BBM channel that is very useful, if you are interested in a particular brand or organization, you can directly use this function to get the latest news from that party.

In the eyes of influential people, companies, and online sellers, this feature is also a bonus for BBM. This feature can provide benefits by bringing their brand closer to the public.

5. BBM Desktop

Another feature offered by Blackberry Messenger is BBM Desktop for PC. For professionals who are always focused on the keyboard and screen, BBM Desktop will be very helpful in all their work and communication.

BBM Desktop is still in beta, but will soon be available to a wider audience with the latest update. BBM Desktop can be used on supported Windows, Linux, or Mac OS PC devices.

Important Terms on Blackberry Messenger

This application has indeed ended its struggle, and is no longer available on Blackberry, Android, PC, or other smartphone devices. However, there are some terms that users can remember, including the following:

1. DP (image display)

This term refers to the profile picture of a BBM user. After its popularity began to weaken for a while, many people still use the term DP to refer to profile photos of social media users.

2. DN (display name)

The DP is the avatar, and the DN is the user’s avatar, which will appear in the chat room of his chatting friend. It’s usually a little odd to add a buzzing decor, I don’t know what this means.

3. PM (personal information)

Complementary DN and DP. It’s located just below the user’s profile photo. Starting from the user’s mood, the content may be different. Sales, on behalf of loved ones. Its function is more or less the same as the situation in various messaging applications today.

4. PIN

PIN is a combination of numbers and letters that becomes the unique identity of each BBM user. If anyone remembers, the PIN code at the beginning of the number “2” is BBM users on BB phones, and the PIN code before “5” is BBM users on Android phones.

5. BC (Broadcast)

This is the term used to send the same message to multiple contacts. Currently, the name has been transferred to BM (Broadcast Message).

6. Sending/reading

This is what always makes me nervous at PDKT. BBM users can see whether the status of the message is sent (sent/sent), marked with the letter “D”, or recently read (read) marked with the letter “R”.

7. TC (Contact Test)

TC is usually done by BBM users when sending a message to a new contact for the first time.

8. Delcont (delete a contact)

One of the “scarest” in BBM. If the friendship is broken, this usually incurs the anger of the people involved, because it will delete the friend’s contact from BBM.

9. Auto Text

This is one of BBM’s biggest entertainment activities. One has to remember the auto text of the missing shape emoji. Usually there are so many auto texts in the user’s save list. You could say this is more “advanced” than emoji, because here there is no limit to user creativity.

The final word

Enough to get here first a review of the meaning of the BlackBerry Messenger application as reviewed in this article. Hopefully this article will make you know more about the Blackberry Messenger application.

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