BI Checking Online Application – BI Checking Online Application. Doing BI checking nowadays can be done online, and this makes it easier for us to do it.

There is a special application for BI checking online, the validation process is also fairly fast. As long as we are connected to the internet, we can do it easily, easily, and very quickly.

But there are some people who are still confused about what the application is, how to download it, and how to use the application. Because this is very fundamental.

Here, incidentally, we will explain to you some of the recommended options for online BI checking applications that can be done. Please see and see the full discussion in the following description.

How BI Checking Online Works

As previously mentioned, BI Checking is an information record in the Debtor Information System (SID) that contains the payment history (collectibility) of the debtor in good or bad credit.

Remember, this SID is a database of debtor information and credit facilities that can be shared or exchanged between each financial institution.

The BI or Historical IDI inspection contains data on search information data, primary debtor data, owner/manager column, facilities and summary of credit and guarantees provided, credit/financing column, collateral and last resort guarantor.

Based on this data, banks and non-bank financial institutions can decide whether to continue lending to debtors.

Anyone can apply for access to debtor information through the OJK official website, as long as there is still a quota in the queue schedule. As for financial institutions registered as members of the Financial Information Authority, all data can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Not only that, members of the credit bureau will use the Debtor Information System to provide monthly debtor data. Then the data will be processed and stored in the database.

OJK SLIK Substitute for BI Checking Online

The Financial Information Service System or SLIK is an information system assisted by OJK to monitor financial information as an alternative to BI Checking. The transfer of Debtor Information System Services (SID) from BI to OJK is regulated in the Law.

The Act in question is Law Number 21 of 2011 which discusses the transfer of duties and functions. BI was previously responsible for the management, supervision and development of the interbank information system.

These roles and functions were transferred to OJK from 31 December 2013 to 31 December 2017. OJK SLIK now connects BI and LPS, making it easier to share data between applications, to obtain bank records, bank inspection reports and other relevant information.

Advantages of SILK for BI Checking

BI Checking online check application called SLIK offers a website and application version for easy online use. Since the main purpose of SLIK is to scale SIDs, the amount of data collected by SLIK is also larger and more accurate.

SLIK domains can include banks, non-banks, and court financial institutions. The BI Checking online SLIK check application also provides wider loan options for MSME actors and makes it easier to obtain loans.

How the BI Checking Online Check Application Works

How to apply for BI Checking Online is very simple because it can be accessed online via SLIK via cellphone. You can request debtor information by visiting the official website and start verifying your credit details.

1. Prepare Documents

Personal Debtors:

  • Photocopy of identity and original identity in the form of KTP (for Indonesian citizens)
  • For foreign nationals, a photocopy of personal identity and original identity in the form of a passport
  • Photocopy of identity attached to the original power of attorney (if authorized)

Business Entity Debtors:

  • NPWP
  • company contract
  • Amend the Bylaws to include the structure and jurisdiction of management, as well as the originals (or certified copies) of the management and business entities; and
  • Bring original power of attorney, photocopy of business unit and original ID card, photocopy of power of attorney and original ID card (if authorized).

2. Fill in the Queue Form

The next way to check BI checks is to open the following OJK online queue form link: Then fill in the IDEB application form and select Queue in the form of a schedule and description of the queue slot.

3. Online Queue Hours

The next way to use the BI Checking Online SILK check application is to see the online queue hours. You need to know that the online queuing service opened by OJK is divided into several sessions as follows:

08:00 – 09:00
09:00 – 10:00
10:00 – 11:00
11:00 – 12:00
13:00 – 14:00
14:00 – 15:00

Requests for information about SLIK debtors are only available from Monday to Friday.

4. Data Validation

After filling out the online queue form, you will receive approval via email. To complete the data verification stage, you will be asked to contact the OJK-SLIK Whatsapp number listed in the email.

Pay close attention to the content of the email to avoid errors and you can follow the guide to complete the verification process. How to use OJK SILK as the latest online BI checking application is very important.

5. Check email

After completing all the steps above, check your account for incoming email. SLIK OJK will submit details of the SLIK debtor to the email address. If you have difficulty reading the debtor’s content, OJK has provided a guide on how to do it through its official website.

The final word

Up here first, our explanation about the best online bi-checking application. Hopefully the reviews we convey can be useful, especially for those of you who want to get an apk to check the best BI checking online.

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